Truckin Trav

Travis Moore brings his food business, Truckin Trav, back to the Mansfield area.

MANSFIELD ─ With more determination, Travis Moore brought his food business ─ and a new truck ─ back to the Mansfield area.

The owner and chef of Truckin Trav Street Food wheeled out the first food truck in August 2018. He served nachos, fresh-cut fries, chicken bowls and some vegetarian options, including fresh cucumber salad.

Moore said the Indian-inspired Halaback chicken bowl is his signature item. There is seasoned rice, grilled farm-raised chicken, cucumber salad and the signature sauce. The sauce, with an Indian spice, is made with fresh lime and green onion.

He is also serving the “peanut butter falcon,” which Moore said is a little experimental and crazy. It is a burger topped with Sriracha peanut butter, bacon, caramelized onion and cheese.

The Richland Area Chamber and Economic Development held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the business on Wednesday.

Moore said he typically brings the food truck to The Phoenix Brewing Company every Friday. He has been doing business at the parking lot of some AutoZones around Mansfield as well.

Customers can check Truckin Trav’s schedule and menu on Street Food Finder or its Facebook page. Moore said people can download Street Food Finder’s application and place an order. When it is time, they just walk to the truck and pick up the meal. It saves customers the time to wait and do not need to stand around others.

The menu might look a little different from time to time. Moore said he would rotate the items once in a while. He likes to cook with the seasons. For example, he usually makes soups in winter. He wanted to provide customers with an option for fresh food other than cooking for themselves.

The business came to a halt in late September, when a fire completely burned out the food truck on U.S. 30. But it did not stop Moore at all.

“It actually motivated me more than the last time I had the truck. I'm just even more motivated, more passionate, taking it just a little bit more seriously," he said. "So yeah, there's definitely an energy behind this time around. And I want to be successful."

Moore got the second food truck with the money from the insurance. He said he painted the truck himself and designed the new logo with a fire on the truck. He reopened Truckin Trav in early December.

It was his dream to have a food truck, Moore said. He did not want to work in a restaurant and stay still. He likes to move around.

“I open year-round … a lot of trucks aren't open year-round. I always look at myself as a billboard. I want to be out there, out there working every day,” he said.

Even a day in 20 degrees would not stop him.

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