Crosswalk Alley

The crosswalk alley is located on West Fourth Street in Mansfield.

MANSFIELD – The Richland County Regional Planning Commission is launching a lending program that will be directed towards helping local organizations and government to perform active transportation related pop-up events, the group announced on Tuesday morning.

To create the program, RCRPC said it built enough of an inventory through grants for the Fourth Street project that took place in August 2019 from Richland Public Health and Richland County Foundation. RCRPC was also awarded a Creating Healthy Communities grant from Richland Public Health to further expand and complete an inventory of supplies. 

“As an organization, we had a great time putting on the Fourth Street project last summer and following it we had extra material and outdoor furniture that we wanted to share with others who are doing similar projects," said Jotika Shetty Execute Director of RCRPC. “We decided that we would use the extra supplies to create a lending program to give others in the community a helping hand through the process of doing a demonstration project.”

The RCRPC Lending Program is officially open, and RCRPC is ready to be a helping hand to anyone who is looking to do an active transportation demonstration project. All of the available materials to borrow can be found at

Due to Covid-19, anyone planning to use the equipment in the Lending Program should anticipate following any relevant and timely state and local guidelines.

"We encourage people to still contact us with their interest in borrowing supplies, however, pop-up projects that could draw a large crowd to small areas will need to be postponed or handled according to all guidelines in place at the time of the event," the commission stated in a press release. 

This is different than what RCRPC envisions for the future.

The Lending Program is primarily designed for government entities to experiment. But for this summer, RCRPC would like to extend the opportunity to local businesses and interested community members who might contact the agency with potential ideas for this summer and fall that would help the community recover.

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