Pat and Jana Mulherin

Pat and Jana Mulherin, owners of the Mansfield Dairy Queen, set up their own charitable fund through the Richland County Foundation in order to give back to their community and continue to see it grow. 

The Richland County Foundation has served its community for 75 years, and as more years pass it continues to find ways to get more community members involved with giving back. 

The Friendly House was one of the very first recipients of RCF back in 1948. With the foundation’s help, the Friendly House was able to move into the building they’re in today and continue to make enhancements to it. Today that relationship still holds strong.

“It's not just Friendly House. Richland County Foundation’s name is all over the place,” said The Friendly House Board of Managers and Executive Director Terry Conrad. “They're trying to help as many people as they possibly can. We're just grateful for everybody that contributes to the Foundation because I think a lot of the other agencies would not be able to do what they can do today without the Foundation.” 

Charitable funds can be created by anyone looking to donate, and an easy process to go through. 

The Friendly House

The Friendly House has worked with the Richland County Foundation since 1948 and continue to receive many benefits. 

Pat and Jana Mulherin set up their own charitable fund through RCF. Both were born and raised in Mansfield and own the Mansfield location Dairy Queen, a fourth generation business. Because of how good the community has been to them, they felt it most prudent to help grow the community for the others who will come after them. 

Jana has been a board member at RCF since 2017 and learned first hand how the Foundation works with the leaders of non-profit agencies. She’s seen how leaders are the voices of those they serve, how donor money is spent and what emerging needs must be met. 

For those reasons and more, Jana and Pat established their own donor advised fund in 2018. 

“The community got behind us and supported us from the very beginning and that's what made us a success,” Pat said. “We feel that after all these years our family owes a lot to this community, and we want to give back. The way we've decided to is by starting our donor advised fund.”

RCF provides financial management of the fund and the Mulherin’s can add to it at any time. A portion of the earnings can then be used toward community grant requests that are special to them.

“I've had really close up encounters with the other board members and how the Foundation works so I feel very confident in setting up a donor advised fund and contributing to it over the years and growing it so that it can continue to foster more growth for the future,” Jana said. 

For more information and to learn how to set up a fund, visit the Richland County Foundation website. To learn more about the mission and local impact, visit the 75th Anniversary website.

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