RB Print Shop

The printing company formerly known as "Richland Blueprint" will now move forward as RB Print Shop. 

After 85 years in business, Richland Blueprint has a new name! Through many discussions over the past year, the printing company will now move forward as RB Print Shop. 

“We thought, a lot of people know us because the business has been around since 1935, but they don’t know all that we do,” said general manager Kristen Lackey. 

Part of the issue was because up until Lackey’s mother, Mary Beth Behrendsen-Motta, took ownership in 2014 RB Print Shop (previously Richland Blueprint) provided only blueprint services. After acquiring the business six years ago, the mother-daughter duo quickly realized they could dramatically expand their printing and blueprinting services.

Together, Behrendsen-Motta and Lackey, quickly began to update their equipment, become EDGE certified and become a certified women’s business enterprise as well as a certified small business enterprise. Soon they were able to not only serve the blueprinting industry, but they could also print posters, business cards, menus, flyers, banners, yard signs and so much more. But because they were known as the blueprint company many people didn’t realize they had expanded their services.

With the help of local digital marketing agency, Source Brand Solutions, Behrendsen-Motta and Lackey moved forward with rebranding the business as RB Print Shop to better reflect all that they do. 

“Our expectations are to keep our printers updated as we always do and add more as the business is changing and growing,” Behrendsen-Motta said. 

Although the name “blueprint” has been removed, Lackey and Behrendsen-Motta have not forgotten the company’s roots. 

“Blueprinting is still a big part of our business, a very large part of our business, so that’s definitely here to stay, for sure,” Lackey said.

RB Print Shop is located on 1069 Park Ave W. Contact Behrendsen-Motta or Lackey at (419) 524-2781. 

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