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A facility that houses Sunbelt Rentals in Ontario recently sold for $1,850,000, according to property transfer records filed with the Richland County Auditor's Office.

ONTARIO -- A facility that houses Sunbelt Rentals in Ontario recently sold for $1,850,000, according to property transfer records filed with the Richland County Auditor's Office.

Sunbelt Rentals, 2145 Walker Lake Road, offers an extensive variety of tools and equipment rentals to serve the needs of commercial, residential, industrial, municipal, and specialized service industries, as well as homeowners and do-it-yourselfers.

Its offerings include aerial work platforms, air compressors and tools, concrete and masonry, compaction equipment, earth moving equipment, floor and carpet care equipment, generators, heaters and dehumidifiers, lawn and landscape equipment, light towers, pressure washers and a complete line of safety and rental accessories.

According to the public records, TTG Properties, LLC, sold the property to Sunbelt Rentals, Inc.

Other recent property transfers include:


196 Kinkel Ave., Mansfield; Nathanael Westfall to Duane and Jackie Holland; $65,000.

390 S. Linden Road, Mansfield; Adrian Grapenthin to Melissa Houghton; $57,900.

1094 W. Fourth St., Ontario; Marengo Auto Parts to Washington Enterprises VI, LLC; $650,000.

479 Crescent Road, Mansfield; Frederick and Arlene Schepflin to Brian Joyce; $141,450.

1519 Hess Circle, Mansfield; Michael and Karla Cline to John Constance and Joanne Musselman; $377,500.

419 Shepard Road, Mansfield; Bradley Hocker to Larry Merwine; $70,500.

580 Woodhill Road, Mansfield; Klupp Investments, LLC, to Brett Toward; $330,000.

610-612 Bigelow Road, Mansfield; ARC Property Management, LLC, to Evan and Kara Mumea; $132,000.

1206 Briarwood Road, Mansfield; Edwin and Leah Cook to Rebecca Metcalf; $150,000.

1300 Cedarbrook Court, Mansfield; Loriann Reynolds to Cray and Susan Falde; $190,000.

58 Glenbeck Lane, Mansfield; James Sparks to Joshua Plenge; $44,000.

660 Brae Burn Road, Mansfield; Sharon Granter to Karen Bierly; $145,000.

1494 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; Denise Stemple to Charma Ortolf; $40,000.

561 Crescent Road, Mansfield; One House At A Time, LLC, to Jessica and Craig Titley; $121,000.

1594 Nantucket Drive, Mansfield; Edward and Jan Schick to Ruth Auker; $194,900.

670 Dirlam Lane, Mansfield; The Owens Family Trust to Gary Clever; $136,900.

148 W. Cook Road, Mansfield; Kathy Tackett to Ideal Property Holdings, LLC; $36,250.

100 & 102 Pheasant Trail, Mansfield; Aaron and Danielle Kubasek to Kenneth and Mary Lee Myers; $172,000.

369 Seventh Ave., Mansfield; Dianna Conn to Cody Rush; $10,000.

1155 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; Scott Family Trust and Ross Family Trust to Ronald Weaver, trustee of the Ronald Weaver Living Trust; $1,100,000.

60 W. Longview Ave., Mansfield; Wickham Family, LLC, to William and Amy Tenoever; $60,000.

30 Ridgewood Blvd., Mansfield; Linda Fraley to Haley and Joshua Sheriff; $104,000.

620 Gilbert Ave., Mansfield; Kay Grant to Legacy Properties of North Central Ohio, LLC; $40,000.

780 Poth Road, Mansfield; David Grimm to Johnny Greer; $8,000.

97 Reba Ave., Mansfield; Keith and May Higgins to Wells Fargo Bank; $36,141.

60 W. Prospect St., Mansfield; Gerald and Linda Czernewski to U.S. Bank National Association; $34,000.

42 Sherman Ave., Mansfield; James and Mary Donaldson to Fifth Third Bank; $23,334.

472 McPherson St., Mansfield; Nancy Heath to Renovate 1st, LLC; $16,000.

422 Louis St., Mansfield; Mechanics Bank to Larry Merwine; $12,000.

836 Forest Drive, Mansfield; Sharon Stevens to Raymond and Ada Davis; $60,000.

16 W. Second St., Mansfield; Ralph Bove and Mark Cockley to Mechanics Bank; $78,000.

921 Evans Ave., Mansfield; Haley Niswander to Angela Mathys; $105,000.

269 W. Sixth St., Mansfield; James Jamieson to Beth Shambaugh; $22,000.

2 Dunbilt Ct., Mansfield; Wells Fargo Bank to Larry Merwine; $25,500.

117 Massa Ave., Mansfield; Carol Ryder to Larry Merwine; $24,000.

30 S. Mulberry St., Mansfield; MPW Redux, LLC, to First English Lutheran Church; $49,500.

780 Poth Road, Mansfield; Harbour Portfollo VIII, LP, to U.S. Bank Trust National Association; $14,535.29.

11-13 Williams Avenue, Mansfield; Harbour Portfollo VIII, LP, to NORCAP 1, LLC; $8,382.62.

1125 State Route 314 South, Mansfield; Renovate 1st, LLC, to Modern Property Management, LLC; $20,000.

124 S. Adams St., Mansfield; Renovate 1st, LLC, to Modern Property Management; $65,000.

341 S. Main St., Mansfield; Renovate 1st, LLC, to Modern Property Management; $30,000.

845 S. Main St., Mansfield; Lawrence and Geneva Yeater to Jon and Cynthia Wynia; $85,000.

340 Wayne St., Mansfield; Kimberly Moton to Sylvain and Kimberly Herve; $1,500.

484 W. Fourth St., Mansfield; Randall Holbrook, Steve Holbrook, David Holbrook and Russell Holbrook to Reinhard Klett; $5,000.

610 Holiday Drive, Mansfield; Jennifer Reuss to Tiffany and Jason Perry; $185,000.

603 Arlington Ave., Mansfield; William and Amanda Clawson to Kelly and Stephen Parker; $81,500.

485 Fourth St., Mansfield; ETC Custodian FBO "Reinhard Klett" Roth IRA to James Peaks Sr.; $6,700.

906 Danwood Ave., Mansfield; Richard Hagar to Jocelyn and Kameron King; $82,500.

Crestline Avenue, Mansfield; Carolyn and Mark King to Westside Towing & Salvage, LLC; $5,000.

1550 E. Lindaire Lane, Mansfield; Wanda Smith to Timothy and Sandra Toth; $80,000.

467 Sherman Place, Mansfield; Lester Hood to Brian and Kristy Ling; $36,000.

1502 Lascerne Circle, Mansfield; Angelo and Diann Klousiadis to Johann and Sandra Wiseman; $149,900.

325 Lexington Ave., Mansfield; Michael Scodova IV to Global Cost Solutions; $161,250.

75 Shaffner Blvd., Mansfield; Samuel and Deborah Renfroe to Donna Dee Love-Furr; $133,000.

16 Stewart Ave., Mansfield; Jeremiah and Chelsea Phipps to Hannah Haas; $47,500.

20 Helen Ave., Mansfield; Renovate 1st, LLC, to Leecrest Holdings, LLC; $208,500.

533 S. Main St. and 20 State St., Mansfield; Edith Peay-Flippin to Ms. D. Milburn; $10,000.

1430 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; Premiere Auto Detailing & Quick Lube, LLC, to Scott Sherk; $125,000.

300 S. Main St., Mansfield; Michael and Juanita Thompson to Walt Bonham; $1,000.

215 Gerke Ave., Mansfield; Linda Price, fka Linda Chatman, to Diane Ferrell; $33,000.

881-883 Hollywood Lane, Mansfield; Houbler Homes, LLC, to Antonio Yasiin Ihsan Graves and Zakiya Tate; $125,000.

259 Marion Ave., Mansfield; Shirley Sauder, nka Shirley Smith, to J. Drew and Patricia Rader; $60,000.

653 Barnard Ave., Mansfield; Donald McAllister to Joseph and Hannah Motter; $112,000.

451 Overlook Road, Mansfield; Sharon Granter to Tiffany and Alan Mitchell; $77,000.

686 Barnard Ave., Mansfield; Gloria Crawford to Alec and Samantha Schaaf; $61,000.

1194 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; Mansfield Square, Ltd., to Scholer ZK Dallas, LLC; $642,783.

191 W. First St., Mansfield; Juan Gonzalez to Brook and Marjoe Taylor; $7,000.

139 Lind Ave., Mansfield; Carly Rentals, LLC, to Mark Bolles and BeiBei Wu; $23,000.

1277 Silver Lane, Mansfield; Matthew and Ashley Hanning to Paul Harper; $119,500.

327 High St., Mansfield; David Burkholder to Ada Homes, LLC; $10,000.

259 S. Linden Road, Mansfield; Cory and Madeline Ellis to Brian and Nancy Joyce; $85,000.

111 S. Glenn Ave., Mansfield; Charles Allison Davis, Kay a Randall-Harris and Rosalie Thomas to Kim Randall-Fordham; $6,400.

350 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; William and Laura Anliker to Gregory Mead and Richard Mead; $189,000.

104 Grasmere Ave., Mansfield; Estella Konves to Darrell Miller; $30,000.

37 Brentwood Road, Mansfield; George Keffalas to Denver Gray; $72,900.

Multiple properties, West Sixth Street, Mansfield; Benjamin and Tomi Ward to A&M Properties of Mansfield, LLC; $43,000.

243 S. Mulberry St., Mansfield; Harry Diesk to Ryan Diesk; $82,500.


3460 Mabee Road, Ontario; Teresa Holzworth, Connie Eberst, Giuseppe Sorrenti, Angelo Sorrenti and Antonio Sorrenti to Shane and Monique Eberst; $160,000.

3424 Park Ave. West, Ontario; Timothy and Roma Oakley to Fabriciano Ocampo; $100,000.

1121 Bogey Drive, Ontario; Willard Home Improvements to E. Steven and Phyllis Rhodes; $256,569.39.

3473 Oakstone Drive, Ontario; Marc and Kathleen Wilkins to Kris and Lori Porter; $320,000.

92 Home Road North, Mansfield; Thomas and Melanie Briner to Christian and Karra Cline; $104,000.

1854 Park Ave. West, Ontario; Jerry Smith and Earnest Ingold to Dennis and Teresa Mosley; $119,000.

774 State Route 314 South, Mansfield; Patrick Cosca to Cory and Melinda Booth; $156,000.

1909 Teakwood Drive, Ontario; Teakwood Properties, LLC, to Virginia Fisher and Martin Gruver; $168,400.

1802 Park Ave. West, Ontario; Eric Clark to Pamela James and Brian Williams; $130,400.

1911 Teakwood Drive, Ontario; Teakwood Properties, LLC, to Patricia Sesco; $166,900.


41 Sunset Drive, Shelby; Estate of Albert Giese to Bradley and Morgan Schneider; $127,500.

64 W. Smiley Ave., Shelby; Donald Adkins to Raymond and Josephine Ong; $80,000.

1 Earl Ave., Shelby; First Federal Bank of Ohio to S.F.R. & P., LLC; $24,000.

27 Plum Ave., Shelby; Brett Reynolds to Nicole Mills; $78,000.

20 Woodland Road, Shelby; U.S. Bank National Association to Kenneth and Melinda Burrous; $102,000.

14 W. Park Drive, Shelby; CLH Rentals, LLC, to Broadview Mansfield, LLC; $43,000.

53 W. Main St., Shelby; S&J Investments to Link LG, LLC; $34,000.

29 Bradley Ave., Shelby; Kenneth and Paula Ritchie to Mark Argo; $109,000.

109 Broadway St., Shelby; Patricia Fox to Jon and Mary Willard; $59,000.

18 Bradley Ave., Shelby; Robert Schlemann to Donald Fraley; $82,000.

14 Grant Drive, Shelby; James Wagoner to Brett and Kristin Eikleberry; $265,000.

86 Broadway St., Shelby; Roger Ramey to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB; $42,000.

65 Renfrew Drive, Shelby; David and Tonya Bishop to Bryan and Angella Lambert; $220,000.

22 Steele Ave., Shelby; Edmund Klopfenstein to Tyler Barnhart; $52,000.

58 Edgewood Drive, Shelby; Thomas Emerson to David and Tonya Biship; $199,000.


385 W. Durbin Circle, Bellville; Ronald Sautter dba Ronald Sautter Bldrs. to Marcia Kasper; $217,000.

317 W. Durbin Circle, Bellville; Leveta Campbell to Bonnie Palmer; $140,000.


106 Cleveland St., Butler; Jeffrey and Peggy Rumbarger to Matthew and Richara Proper; $50,000.

11 Traxler St., Butler; Christopher Craddolph to PennyMac Loan Services, LLC; $50,540.


132 Gables Blvd., Lexington; C. Motter Properties to Justin and Chelsi Lamb; $366,000.

500 Delaware St., Lexington; Kurt Stimens to Cory and Julie Roth; $200,000.

165 Clever Lane, Lexington; Karen Bennett to Mark Reynolds; $71,400.

168 Otterbein Drive, Lexington; Katie Alonso to Aaron and Jocelyn Beeman; $183,500.

14 W. Main St., Lexington; KeyBank National Association to 3rd Day, LLC; $137,500.


167 W. Main St., Lucas; Keith and Mary Carr to Paul Staats; $75,000.


321 Plymouth St., Plymouth; Wayne Hale to Joseph Barnett; $41,995.25.

56 Mulberry St., Plymouth;  Renovate 1st, LLC, to Modern Property Management, LLC; $35,000.

65 Mill St., Plymouth; Mid America Mortgage, Inc., to Carlton and Dorothy Runkle; $46,000.


2145 Noble Road, Shiloh; Tamra Naumann and Julia Poth to Gregory Nolt; $315,000.

2291 Adario East Road, Ashland; David Keim, Verna Keim and Annie Keim to Albert and Edna Keim; $260,000.


State Route 13, Greenwich; Richard and Bobette Dudley to CCK Property Management, LLC; $20,000.

64 State Route 603 West, Shiloh; Harley Yoder to Nelson and Faith Zimmerman; $304,500.

739 Ganges Road, Shiloh; Cletus and Elnora Sutherland to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FBS; $46,667.


2770 Miller Road, Shelby; Estate of Frank Kososky to Elvin Nolt; $280,000.


448 Five Points East Road, Mansfield; Kenneth and Sandra Williams to Pamela Lintern-Rider and Earlene Nelson; $155,000.

3272 Amoy-Ganges Road, Mansfield; Christy Holsinger to Derrel Hall; $37,797.

441 E. Chesrown Road, Mansfield; Linda Clark to Karry Gee; $145,000.

2759 Amoy-Ganges Road, Mansfield; Rebecca Jones to Jayson and Jacqueline Barber; $12,000.


5121 Plymouth-Springmill Road, Shelby; Erica Medley to Rebecca Whittier, Catherine Whittier and Matthew Tridico; $104,000.

3604 Plymouth-Springmill Road, Shelby; Wayne Johnson to David Gerhart; $89,900.

3900 Plymouth-Springmill Road, Shelby; Kevin and Abby Herring to Jonathan and Kandis Amicone; $270,000.


4581 O'Possum Run Road, Bellville; Estate of Frances Truax to Adam Brokaw Construction, LLC; $35,000.

Mishey Road, Bellville; Timothy and Tamara Smith to Shane and Jennifer Gess; $62,000.


424 Lee Lane, Mansfield; Barbara and Harold Hootman to Bigelow Enterprises, LLC; $48,688.

1197 Mayfair Drive, Mansfield; Carrie Kegley to Steven and Bonny Sechler; $97,300.

1174 Lucas Road, Mansfield; Charles and Shirley Russell to Christina Cunitz; $37,000.

1270 Melrose Drive, Mansfield; Patricia and Derrick Johnson to Misty Smith; $115,000.

1138 Keller Drive, Mansfield; Laura Washington to Jonathan and Hannah Lozier; $105,000.

1209 Bonnie Drive, Mansfield; Micah Villers and Jennifer Hadden to Shelby Fife and Braden Vail; $140,000.

1444 Manner Drive, Mansfield; Sue Ellen Miller to Dorraine Lampert; $124,900.

1903 Benedict Ave., Mansfield; Estate of Shirlene Lowe to Buddy Dingus; $40,000.

561 Mansfield-Lucas Road, Mansfield; Carol Brown to Judy Saccenti; $22,000.

1142 Nestor Drive, Mansfield; Edward McDaniel to Wilmington Trust National Association; $28,800.


762 Winterberry Place, Mansfield; Niss-Rentals, LLC, to Austin Alsept; $112,000.

V/L, Harland Road, Lucas; David Benning to Jonathan Knipp; $15,000.

909 Trails End Drive, Mansfield; Cheryl Haynes to James Haynes; $40,000.

1991 & 1997 Farmdale Road, Mansfield; Aperta Properties, LLC, to Kassandra Johnson; $76,000.

2180 Windsor Road, Mansfield; Lloyd and Dora Dickerson to Robert and Anita Martin; $119,900.

1080 Trout Drive, Mansfield; Ronald and Roberta Minard and Jeremiah Heck and Trina Goethals; $227,500.

2019 Hout Road, Mansfield; Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Larry Merwine; $28,620.

1916 Windsor Road, Mansfield; Dennie Godare to Jerry and Vickie Pendleton; $1,500.

2004 Farmdale Road, Mansfield; Richland County Sheriff J. Steve Sheldon to Larry Merwine; $21,000.

1287 Circle Drive West, Mansfield; Timothy and Desiree Stoy to Brandy Adams; $50,000.

2524 Bryonaire Dr., Mansfield; Justin Rush to Jeremy Crider and Jordan Windsor; $106,000.

188 N. Ford Road, Mansfield; Terry Goble, Elmar Goble and Larry Goble to William and Winifred Crawford; $90,000.

1108 Trout Drive, Mansfield; Dennis and Cheryl Nolting to Laura Washington; $125,500.

3401 Shad Drive East, Mansfield; Angela Thomas to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB; $70,000.

840 Koogle Road, Mansfield; David Perry to Heidi Plant; $87,900.

1035 Laver Road, Mansfield; Janice Timmer to Matthew and Jacqueline Elgart; $88,000.

2237 Satinwood Drive, Mansfield; Bryan and Angella Lambert to Anthony and Cristie Brammer; $142,500.

3284 Crimson Road, Mansfield; First National Acceptance Company to Neil Belcher; $36,106.


3778 Mount Zion Road, Lucas; Matthew McCracken to The Huntington National Bank; $53,000.

Tucker and Berry Roads, Lucas; Timothy and Linda Miller to Ryan Stamper and Barbara Blanton; $52,425.


Darlington North Road, Bellville; Linda Quinn to Andy and Rebecca Wengerd; $138,021.

V/L, Algire Road, Bellville; Linda Quinn to Melvin and Rebecca Troyer; $73,153.

Painter Road, Fredericktown; Marqua Myers to TM3 Investments, LLC; $370,500.

7561 Darling Road South, Fredericktown; Jeffery and Kim Stewart to Willow Oaks Farm, LLC; $750,000.


400 S. Crestline Bloominggrove Road, Galion; Thomas Aciemo to Crystal Kumar and Ketani Mthunzi; $150,000.


3503 Hummel Road, Shelby; Tammy and Mark Kimmel to Scott and Brittany VanDine; $110,000.

4257 Weidner Road, Shelby; Thomas Ball to Baltt Holdings, LLC; $49,500.

5786 Gwirtz Road, Shelby; Betty Borgelt to Zachary and Jennifer Gwirtz; $205,000.


2373 Springmill West Road, Mansfield; Edward Myers to Niss-Springmill, LLC; $455,000.

2600 Alta West Road, Mansfield; Donald Starkey to Archibald and Michelle Beare; $269,900.

5292 Blooming Grove Road, Galion; John and Anna Garman to Michael and Courtney Delgreco; $134,900.

494 Beech Drive, Mansfield; John and Florine Avery to U.S. Bank National Association; $96,667.

420 State Route 314 South, Mansfield; Kurtis and Brittany Whirl to Tyler Potts and Emery Potts; $95,000.

290 Avalon Drive, Mansfield; Byrtle Welsh to Klupp Investments, LLC; $75,000.

240 Rudy Road, Mansfield; Lori Hellinger to Donna and Robert Lepkojus; $98,000.

810 Loran Ter, Mansfield; Michael and Carmen McKinley to Giovanni Smith and Dustan Smith; $144,001.

4615 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; Greg and Carol Caudill to Samuel and Nathalia Spade; $152,500.


3501 Lindsey Road, Lexington; Edward and Linda Volz to Debra Cicolani and Roy Steward; $228,000.

V/L, Marion Avenue, Mansfield; Outskirt Properties, Ltd., to Gabriel and Jennifer Kessler; $35,000.


2225 Cloverdale Drive, Mansfield; Robert and Vicki McClain to William Pfeiffer; $136,900.

1849 Red Oak Drive, Mansfield; Speel Properties, LLC, to Jeffrey and Alexandria Barker; $130,800.

1558 Galaxy Ct., Mansfield; Kenneth Webb to Paul and Treasa Wilson; $182,700.

5 parcels along Lexington Avenue (State Route 42); E. June Bricker to Lynn Eugene Maxwell Jr.; $185,060.

4300 Norris Road, Bellville; Connie Patterson to Theodore and Kathleen Nevins; $292,900.

4092 Anderson Road, Bellville; Tyler Luers to Austin Pratt; $135,000.

2385 Grandview Terrace, Mansfield; Anthony and Donna Vellucci to Adam and Brittany Siringer; $288,500.

2838 Stafford Drive, Mansfield; Robert and Kathryn Boes to Jimmie Jones; $108,500.

Lot #60 in H. Hedges Princehorn's Third Subdivision; Meta Heppner to Neil Conn and Alicia Bailey; $17,000.

1380 Bella Vista Ave., Lexington; Thomas and Candiss Czado to William Baxter; $94,000.

4045 Andrews Road, Bellville; James and Deloris Force to Allen and Barbara Peterson; $318,760.


4154 Franklin Church Road, Mansfield; Amy Hunter to Micah Villers and Jennifer Hadden; $222,000.

1215 Grimes Road, Mansfield; Richard Baer to Samuel Ahrens; $445,000.

3850 Franklin Church Road, Mansfield; Cindy Brooky to Robert Willis; $153,750.

2610 State Route 96, Ashland; Michael Manges to Nelson and Alma Zimmerman; $151,500.


4892 Teeter Road, Bellville; Allen and Marla Cole to Nathan and Danielle Myers; $540,000.

7340 Doup Road, Butler; Estate of Betty Perry to Daniel and Mary Miller; $77,000.

5221 Wilson Road, Butler; Greg Williams to Carlene Hickerson; $147,500.

6878 Armstrong Road, Butler; Timothy and Sonia Tingley to Reginold and Holly Gayheart; $68,500.

2534 Wilson Road, Butler; Thomas Spayde to Mike and Alicia Wehrmeyer; $24,500.

1980 Riggle Road, Bellville; Denise Rinehart to Tyler and Holly Cluers; $229,000.

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