Shelby Globe

The Shelby Daily Globe building at 37 W. Main St. has been sold to Horizon Ohio Publications, Inc., for $40,000.

SHELBY -- The building that is home to the Shelby Daily Globe was recently sold for $40,000, according to property transfers filed with the Richland County Auditor's Office.

According to published accounts, Horizon Ohio Publications has acquired The Shelby Daily Globe Inc. -- which includes The Shelby Daily Globe, the Willard Times-Junction, The New London Record, Firelands Farmer and the Shopper's Helper -- from Scott Gove and the Stambaugh family.

Members of the Gove family were active in the ownership of these newspapers for nearly 60 years and the Stambaugh family traces its interest back to 1900 when the Daily Globe was founded, according to the published reports.

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Horizon Publications owns community newspapers across the U.S., including the Wapakoneta Daily News in Wapakoneta, Ohio, The Evening Leader in St. Marys, Ohio, and The Community Post in Minster, Ohio.

According to Bloomberg, Horizon Publications, Inc., was founded in 1999 and is based in Marion, Ill.

Among other recent Richland County property transfers filed with the auditor's office:


121 Brinkerhoff Ave., Mansfield; Mark and Tina Thompson to Matthew Giesler and Amanda Wagner; $70,000.

583 McPherson St., Mansfield; Robert and Deborah Doerr to Christine Meenach; $35,000.

2038 Middle Bellville Road, Mansfield; Kurt Stimens, trustee of the Kurt Stimens Revocable Living Trust, to Ryan Reynard; $40,000.

649 Logan Road, Mansfield; Jeremy Dilley to Vanessa Jones and Brandon Heffelfinger; $132,900.

389 W. Cook Road, Mansfield; Kurt Stimens, trustee of the Kurt Stimens Revocable Living Trust, to ES 188324 LLC, a Utah LLC; $1,736,000.

169 W. Fifth St., Mansfield; Richard Tyler to Miranda Jones; $5,000.

116 Glenwood Blvd., Mansfield; Lewis Brown to Demi Darling; $70,000.

1020 Briarwood Road, Mansfield; Earl Gallaway and Max Israel to Nadine Weaver; $100,000.

42 Sherman Ave., Mansfield; Fifth Third Bank to Jermaine and Brittany Curtis; $26,000.

512 Cherry St., Mansfield; U.S. Bank to Brenda and Brian Forbes; $19,000.

825 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; Jack Melton to Larry Merwine; $17,500.

439 S. Main St., Mansfield; Robert Vanderbilt to Marc and Lisa Sleeck; $26,500.

129 Elderberry Drive, Mansfield; Wells Fargo Bank to Ideal Property Investors, LLC; $80,499.

21 Leppo Lane, Mansfield; Kenneth Morris to Eric Shultz and Reid Peterson; $34,667.

268 Wood St., Mansfield; TBD Properties, LLC, to Phileo Properties, LLC; $22,200.

852 Cecilwood Road, Mansfield; Donald Saxton to Larry Merwine; $45,000.

196 Penn Ave., Mansfield; Jamie Hicks to Freedom Rentals USA1, LLC; $27,000.

208 Helen Ave., Mansfield; Sandra Johnson to Freedom Rentals USA1, LLC; $21,500.

583 Maple, Mansfield; Martha Selby to Samantha and Devin Osko; $62,000.

1471 Frederick Court, Mansfield; Michelle Swaim to Todd and Darlene Mast; $131,000.

560 Coleman Road, Mansfield; Chad and Sarah Thompson to Melissa Hoffman; $114,400.

172 Brookwood Way S., Mansfield; Richland County Sheriff to Earick Earhart; $91,100.

87 Leppo Lane, Mansfield; Calvin Montgomery to Wells Fargo Bank; $22,000.

296 Euclid Ave., Mansfield; Robin Tomlin to Travis Wolf and Richard Wolf; $60,000.

West Third Street, Mansfield; Richland Area Chamber of Commerce to Carrousel Properties, LLC; $1,000.

127 Helen Ave., Mansfield; Daniel and Irene Atwell to Brian and Kim Running; $13,500.

65 Massa Ave., Mansfield; JDR Land Holding Company, LLC, to Larry Merwine; $25,000.

504 Forest St., Mansfield; Mark Massengill to Riley Kemerling; $62,500.

496 Wayne St., Mansfield; Mosley Brionn to Calvin Calloway; $5,000.

822 King St., Mansfield; Gerome Cross to Delroy Weekly; $36,000.

56 Brickman Ave., Mansfield; Kurt Olson to Jamie Klingelhoefer and Gehlert Rasmussen; $48,000.

1209 Caldwell Ave., Mansfield; Esther Lucas, Mary Dulin and Janet Hagans to Rickie and Jeanine Miller; $57,000.

338 and 340 Tower Drive, Mansfield; John and Leslie Hill to Andrew Crislip; $76,000.

1151 Monterrey Drive, Mansfield; Delmar and Alveta Riffe to Michael and Tammy Bowers; $124,500.

617 Dirlam Lane, Mansfield; Lottie Wilson to Brian and Melanie Becker; $174,000.

218 Cliffbrook Drive, Mansfield; Gary Palasky to Aimee Boyer; $59,500.

355 Taylor Road, Mansfield; Lawrence Doktor to John and Pamela Bookman; $66,000.

175 W. Raleigh Ave., Mansfield; Caleb Carsey to Nicholas Bucci; $37,900.

915 Red Oak Trail, Mansfield; Kathaleen Pickens to Stevenn and Joyce Gerberick; $170,000.


63 S. Lexington-Springmill Road, Mansfield; Mechanics Bank to Larry Merwine; $55,000.

83 Rudy Road, Ontario; Vicki and William DeVore to Jeffrey DeVore; $126,000.

3072 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; William Kabbaz to Equity Trust Company; $89,900.

833 Shelby-Ontario Road, Ontario; Andrew Kissinger to Daniel Waldfogel; $169,370.

3704 Alexander Drive, Ontario; James and Kimberle Sorenson to Ryan Finger to Rachel Dawson; $255,900.

936 Evans Ave., Mansfield; Estate of Agnes Mattox to Rebecca Smith; $40,000.

Zimmerman Lane, Ontario; Robert and Sonya Ohl to Juan and June Obregon; $29,900.

3117 Hemlock Place, Ontario; Bharatkumar and Greeta Patel to Derek and Jennifer Green; $248,000.


100 Samantha Drive, Shelby; David and Shareen Elkins to Gabriel and Tera Kennedy; $188,000.

17 Williams Court, Shelby; Gerald Lash to Nicholas Claytor; $83,900.

East Main Street and Broadway, Shelby; Ashland Railway, Inc. to Shelby Duchess, LLC; $200,000.

69 W. Main St., Shelby; SAC Enterprises, LLC, to Shira Sons Painting Company, LLC; $35,000.

48 South Street, Shelby; David Miller to Bryan Turner and Stacey Craig; $39,500.

42 Jefferson Ave., Shelby; The First Free Will Baptist Church of Shelby to Highest Praise Church; $50,000.

123 Knoll View Circle, Shelby; Ramon and Lisa Humphrey to Jordan Nelson and Jennifer Dodd; $293,000.

114 Rogers Lane, Shelby; Daniel and Christina Cooper to David and Linda Clark; $147,500.

247 W. Main St., Shelby; Carl Schroeder to Devyn Monn and Mikatlyn Meister; $76,000.

V/L Samantha Drive, Lot 4118, Shelby; K&B Landholdings, LLC, to Richard Remington; $35,500.

132 N. Gamble St., Shelby; Emmett Fox to Charles and Nicolette Miller; $81,000.


159 Frederick St., Lexington; Christ Lutheran Church of Lexington to Crossroads Community Church of Ontario; $20,000.

2804 Summerview Court, Lexington; Clarence and Karen Ellis to Amy and Michael Cochenour; $164,048.98.

54 Pembroke Blvd., Lexington; Patricia Schulte to Daniel Arnett; $111,000.

43 Barker St., Lexington; Vera Noll to James and Arin Snyder; $73,500.

239 Sherwood Drive, Mansfield; Heather Grist to Shannon and Benjamin Hamilton; $110,000.

237 Darby Drive, Lexington; Tammy Jacobs to Katherine Drake; $125,000.

23 Kimberwick Road, Lexington; Joshua and Kimberly Leedy to David and Gretchen Grosse; $220,000.

122 and 122 1/2 E. Main St., Lexington; Cathy Grupe to James Darr; $106,000.


6 E. Main St., Lucas; Edward and Caroline Sauder to Sauder Concrete Properties, LLC; $20,000.


37 W. Main St., Shiloh; Daren and Nichole Mull to Michelle Dillman; $61,600E.


66.016 acres, Swanger Road, Shiloh; Ervin and Marlene Burkholder to Norman and Marian Zimmerman; $584,250.


394 Five Points East Road, Mansfield; Brian and Catherine Cheesman to Paul and Pamela Lintern; $190,000.


3292 George Hawk Road, Shelby; Lori Blevina to JP Morgan Chase Bank; $50,000.


5952 State Route 13, Bellville; Carlie and Sara Hursh to Tory Gorka; $126,500.

83 Spayde Road, Bellville; David Miller to John and Eileen Garber; $102,500.

1365 State Route 97 East, Bellville; William and Paula Lyman to Robert and Rochelle Brooks; $228,500.

870 Honeycreek Road, Bellville; Linda Corell to Jerry Spreng and Kimberly Spreng; $282,500.


1349 Park Ave. East, Mansfield; Shawn and Kathy Breitlinger to Robert Yosick; $68,500.

808 Hanna Road, Mansfield; Anna Cottrill to Myron and Diane Thacker; $67,500.

1067 N. Trimble Road, Mansfield; Amy Wright to Kaleb Realty and Construction, LLC; $30,000.

537 Melody Lane, Mansfield; Stacy Clark to David Miller; $107,500.

1573 E. McElroy Road, Mansfield; Matthew Evans to Danny Adkins; $115,000.


13 Oak Creek Drive, Ashland; Dean and Sinetta Maul to Christian Albers; $160,000.

2109 Crider Road, Mansfield; Dwight Schmitz to Glenn and Kayla Baker; $156,750.

1800 Richard Drive, Mansfield; Jack Hignite to Wilmington Savings Fund Society; $42,414.


65.186 acres Hastings Newville Road, Lucas; Shirley Sharnel to Pensco Trust Company, LLC; $140,150.

Kaylor Road, Lucas; Mary Jean Tomlinson and Paul Culler to Martha and Micael Dourson; $6,000.

1958 Weils Road, Perrysville; U.S. Bank National Association to Wendy Perry; $59,925.

3053 Lucas Perrysville Road, Lucas; James and Linda Sgambellone to Paxton Wood and Tiffany James; $225,000.


State Route 314, Shelby; Patricia Bemiller and Judith Casteel to Michael and Erin Millward; $5,000.


347 State Route 314 South, Mansfield; James and Jane Vanderkooi to Kyle Schroener; $77,400.

727 State Route 314, Mansfield; JoEllen Schadek to Steven and Kristin Groves; $219,000.

670 Huntington Dr., Mansfield; Anthony Grimwood to Devon and Alyssa Stine; $142,000.

4215 Beam Road, Crestline; Edward and Natalie Thomas to Cory and Molly Branham; $225,000.

3120 Springmill West Road, Mansfield; Jeremy and Sarah Schrote to Stephen Currier; $190,000.


1.899 and 1.901 acres along Grubb Road, Lexington; Walker Brothers Lexington, LLC, to Christopher and Karli Smith; $45,000.

2356 Marion Avenue Road, Mansfield; James and Krista Alexander to Randy Boyce; $172,650.

1551 State Route 314 North, Mansfield; Karen Hall to Amanda and Michael Witten; $349,500.

1909 Lexington-Ontario Road, Lexington; James and Cynthia McCoy to Sonny Koehler; $238,000.


1147 Hanley Road West, Mansfield; Rachel Weber and Ben Slaton to Dallas Dunn; $193,000.

Eight acres on Middle Bellville Road, Mansfield; Harvey and Rachel Burkholder to Ohio Power Company; $200,000.

1880 White Pine Drive, Mansfield; Robert and Charlene Hutchison to Traci Muncie; $109,000.

1999 Ranchwood Drive, Mansfield; Steven Kelley to Robert Kreiling; $148,100.

327 Woodruff Road, Mansfield; Brian Gale to Jay Brokaw; $120,000.

1353 Bella Vista St., Mansfield; Pernell Allen to Wilmington Savings Fund Society; $60,000.

1388 Woodville Road, Mansfield; U.S. Bank National Association to Timothy and Stacy Clark; $63,000.

1302 Hathaway Road, Bellville; Tony and Jodi Seals to James and Laura Shepard; $157,000.

2265 Highlook Road, Lexington; Deborah Frieze to Barbara and John Slaton; $149,509.


Harris Road, Butler; Gene Mitchell and Thomas Mitchell to Theodore and Susan Landoll; $34,000.

6761 Armstrong Road, Butler; Buddy and Debra Fikes to Brian and Randi Dorion; $44,000.

3327 Tugend Road, Butler; Brian Neal to Matthew Neal; $68,421.52.

6544 Macy Road, Butler; Scott Boyd to Eli and Emma Nisley; $155,000.

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