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MANSFIELD -- The property transfers in Richland County for the month of May included land on Garber Road in Jefferson Township.

It was sold to Knox County Woodland, LTD, from Blue Wing Management, LLC, for $1,950,000.

Below are the remainder of the month's property transfers provided by the Richland County Auditor's Office.

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1023 Princeton Trace; Hunsinger Builders, LLC, to J. Gregory Crawfis and Jacqueline J. Crawfis; $261,140.42

320 East Fifth St.; Premier Property Management of Ohio, LLC, to Jlee Enterprises, LLC; $165,000

272 Lennox Ave.; Gary Lee Runyon to Jayson VanPelt; $60,000

272 Lennox Ave.; Jayson VanPelt to Collonade, LLC; $57,500

1026 Barrington Place; Hunsinger Builders, LLC, to Laurel A. Selvey; $299,246.23

281 South Adams St.; Lindale Holdings, LLC, to MGMI LLC, $33,900

147 Bartley Ave.; Jamie Marie Epps nka Jamie Marie Cavey to Dulcie Diane G. Van Cura; $60,000

608 Fairoaks Blvd.; E. Jane Graszi fka E. Jane Macfarlane to Ryan A. Nichols and Alyssa M. Nichols; $165,000

544 Harter Ave.; TMNM Properties, LLC to Haley Sims; $85,000

462 West Sixth St.; Daniel Hendrix to Kevin Kirkland; $7,205

462 West Sixth St.; The Estate of Stanley Hendrix and Daniel Hendrix to Kevin Kirkland; $14,410

462 West Sixth St.; Estate of Stanley Hendrix to Kevin Kirkland; $7,205

245 Rhein St.; James Alexander and Krista Alexander to Jessica Jones; $129,900

209 Kinkel Ave.; Bradley D. Konves, married to Judi Konves, to Joshua Alan Hrivnak and Rachael Hrivnak; $106,392

1158 West Fourth St.; William H. Davis to Benjamin A. Davis, Jr; $137,000

566 Dirlam Lane; Cory S. Peterson to Joshua S. Bouma and Ashley E. Bouma; $230,000

506 Sloane Ave.; McKenzie L. Them to Traci E. Willis; $115,000

267 Rae Ave.; Ignacio Solils Gaytan to Vanessa Copley; $96,000

121 Harvard Ave.; Krystallo Ypsilanti to Alexandra G. Perkins; $80,000

62 Sunnyslope Drive; Philip C. Smith and Whitney D. Smith to Akili M. Fletcher; $152,680

420 Spayer Lane; William N. Spognardi, Jr. to Richland County Home Buyers, LLC; $79,000

230 W. 6th St.; Estate of Steven E. Buren to Hometown Growth, LLC; $0.50

230 W. 6th St.; Angela M. Buren to Hometown Growth, LLC; $0.50

478 Forest St.; Melanie Elias to Thomas S. Bako and Karen L. Bako; $145,000

142 Grasmere Ave.; Robert Berlin Brown (Estate) to Guy Mitchell; $27,500

478 Ruby Ave.; Star Rentals, LLC, to Paul Gullett and Ashley Gullett; $79,000

25 N. Park St.; Jeffrey D. Vavra to Jlee Enterprises, LLC; $80,000

387 Dean Road; Tyler A. Ohi to Ignacio S. Gaytan; $13,000

598 Garfield Place; LaShonna Bronson to Ignacio Gaytan; $32,000

66 Massa Ave.; Bonnetta G. Michael aka Bonetta G. Michael to Sue Heil; $64,000

245 Whittier Road; John B. White, Administrator of the estate of Jeffrey A. White to TLB #1, LTD; $50,000

174 Marion Ave.; Steve J. Sheldon for Emma Olan to Mohamed Nasir; $39,000

1811 Riva Ridge Road; Dennis J. Holland and Renae Holland to Linda Isley; $280,000

881 Brownwood Road; Robert J. Kurtz and Lisa M. Kurtz to Abraham C. Kurtz and Kaylee M. Kurtz; $90,000

521 and 526 Daisy St.; ABR Investment Properties, LLC, to WCS Legacy Group, LLC; $52,000

146 Orange St.; George R. Guegold to RAHicks Logistics, LLC; $55,000

0 Erie RR; Richland Moulded Brick Co., Inc, to NNS RS, LLC; $710,000

877 Concord Ave.; Helen M. Cole to Roy D. Price; $10,000

779 Maple St.; Susan Heil to Deion A. Miller; $141,000

466 Hammond Ave.; Dean D. Burghard to Bailey M. Wiedrich; $77,400

541 S. Main St.; Gloria I. Heins to Blake Cartwright; $8,000

715 McPherson St.; Alma E. Kososky to Destiny N. Craft; $35,000

631 Bailey Drive; Tracy Pepin to Benjamin David Rader; $47,500

511 Edgewood Road; Joshua Lawhorn to Jennifer Jones; $389,900

54 Park Avenue West/North Mulberry St.; Fork & Fingers Restaurant, Ltd; to A&R Bolesky, LLC; $165,000

207 Blymer Ave.; Chris M. Dege and Diana L. Dege to Clearview Investments, LLC; $20,000

1619 Cape Cod; Hunsinger Builders, LLC, to Barry L. Pfahl and Kathleen M. Pfahl; $269,900

1262 Lehnart Drive; Sandra Hammer to McKenzie L. Them; $77,000

390 Taylor Road; Diana M. Cook to Lucas Burkhalter; $110,000

287 North Diamond St.; Special Visit Ministry, Inc., and Ohio Corporation, WTTA Special Visit, to David Morgenstern and Ben Morgenstern; $200

181 Mapledale Ave.; Arthur R. Moore and Margaret Ann Moore, Trustees, to SJG Rentals, LLC; $130,000

535 Russell Road; Brennan N. Skulski and Elizabeth M. Skulski to Scott A. Cardwell and Margot E. Cardwell; $191,000

1177 Pawnee Ave.; Larry Madden to Ronald O. Storms; $20,000

162 South Franklin Ave.; Pervez Hai to D’Angelo Gomez; $31,000

11 Hoffer Ave.; Jennifer L. Plair to Angel Porcayo; $40,500

620 Harter Ave.; Cynthia A. Huffman to Nick Barretta and Erin L. Brubach; $73,000

356 Fairlawn Ave.; Spike Holdings, LLC, to Derrick Beers; $109,972

40 W. Cook Road; James Kreiner to Cynthia A. Sterling; $99,000

314 Fourth Ave.; Mark H. Wallace; $1.00

149 Helen Ave.; Robert M. Gnade to Ryan L. Garman; $11,500

264 Harker St.; Vanessa and Leroy Butler to Nettles Transportation, LLC; $100.00

382 Warren Road; Jessica Mullins to Paul Fugett and Valery A. Fugett; $3,000

302 E. First St.; Rissier Enterprises, Ltd to RCHB1, LLC; $32,500

789 Grace St.; Nadia B. Solomon to RCHB1, LLC; $58,000

1874 Evline Drive; David Tinsley Jr. and Lela L. Tinsley to LuAnn Chuhaloff and Michael Chuhaloff; $345,000

147 Harker St.; Ahmed Hammad, LLC, to Desirae Marie Kimberlin and Larry T. Fisher; $59,900

103 Elmridge Road; Jamie Morris Adkins to Jonathan Ellis Clevenger; $176,500

42 Reba Ave.; Richard A. Koser, Lynda Windsor, and Leona Hunter to Tammy Treadway and Tiffany Brown; $70,000

Sixth Ave.; Gerald L. Yeager to James W. Kurtz and Marilyn S. Kurtz, Co-Trustees of the Kurtz Family Trust; $10,000

1089 Walker Lake Road; Krista Michelle Burgess-Ash to Tammy Adkins; $13,000

572 Sunset Blvd.; John R. Gibson to Jeff Baker and Jill Baker; $105,000

44 Chilton Ave.; Judith M. Sadowski to Mary J. Sadowski; $74,000

70-72 Shady Lane; Ilmars Kalnins to Linda Neal and Danielle Mosey; $156,688

633 Coleman Road; Jonah M. Ours to Benjamin Schunatz; $32,290

796 S. Horning Road; Tony Lee Whitlow to Stephanie J. Thew; $125,000


2518 Fairway Crossing; Shirley A. Bixler to Akhil Singhal; $199,900

1194 Cobblefield Drive; Catherine M. Maxey to Terry Lee Tomlinson and Sharon Lyn Tomlinson; $164,500

662 Park Avenue West; Patricia C. Conn to Heidi Bechtler; $105,000

2316 Deerfield Lane; Dorothy A. Layhew to Shirley Theresia Frederick; $169,800

1724 Park Avenue West; Collin Shaum and Rebecca L. Shaum to Dylan A. Balcarcel; $150,000

138 Home Road S.; Ellen R. Wilson to Julie A. Shenberger; $205,900

2989 Hemlock Place; ARbnb, LLC, to Dustin L. Powers and Peggy S. Powers; $329,900

1657 Spring Village Lane; Cody J. Nutting and Brooke F. Nutting to Jamie A. Ferguson; $218,400

3448 Ridgestone Drive; Nlan Zhen Lin and Xiao Dan Dong to Amanda McAleer and Dannie McAleer; $530,000

3218 Beverly Lane; Jessica A. Hall to Justin Tickhill and Emily Tickhill; $350,000

2338 Woodland Place Drive; Nathaniel D. Coovert and Kimberly E. Coovert to Katherine Rose Brickner and Nicholas James Brickner; $715,000

2017 Teakwood Drive; Teakwood Properties, LLC, to Patricia Kraft, Trustee of The Kraft Revocable Trust U.A.D; $235,900

3700 Carmen Drive; Trevor A. Brown and Krysten N. Brown to Melissa Lynn Verchio and Scott Richland Drozda; $775,000

1747 Spring Village Lane; Richard Ferguson and Dorothy Ferguson-Hill to Pamela Sue Hunt; $251,000

1884 Tanglewood Drive S.; Luke M. Miller and Morgan Miller to Shamia Rachel Foster; $155,000


52 South Gamble St.; James E. Sutter to Lindale Holdings, LLC; $53,000

23 Earl Ave.; Vera M. Yaney to Robert H. Ohl; $80,000

78 Marvin Ave.; Roger D. Hicks and Diane M. Hicks to Sherry L. Shafer and Eric Shafer; $70,000

104 Britannia Court; Sylvan M. Donohue and Barbara J. Donohue to Larry L. Lawrence and Lori H. Lawrence; $325,000

9 Grand Blvd.; Julie Anne Lostotter, Mary-Beth Jeffers and Jon Peter Scripps Jeffers to Connell Reynolds and Taylor Reynolds; $195,000

159 Leslie Lane; James W. Hunter and D. Louise Hunter to Tawny Cheyenne Rodriguez and Richard Paul Rodriguez; $179,500

V/L, South St.; Panoramic Ohio Properties, Inc., to Walter Tackett, Jr.; $12,000

30 Taft St.; Tyler J. Korbas to Lillian B. Hall; $155,500

76 Sherman Ave.; Gena R. Ramey to Matthew AR Thornton; $122,500

97 Grayson Court; Frank J. Simeone and Cecelia A. Simeone to Adam E. Thornton and Julie R. Thorton; $280,000

93 N. Gamble St.; Carl E. Schroeder to Nathaniel J. O’Connor; $90,000

24 Cross Country Lane; Travin Ramey and Kathleen Ramey to Steven Jeffrey Anderson and Carla Jo Anderson; $319,900

347 West Main St.; David T. Delaney and Patricia B. Delaney to Jose N. Duarte, Jr.; $110,000

31 Sunset Drive; Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB1 to Jerald Schumacher; $111,000

99 Parkwood Dr.; Estate of Marvel R. Broka to Carl. E. Schroeder; $72,500

59 Vernon Road; The Estate of Frank B. Elias and Janice L. Elias, each to one half interest, to Carl E. Schroeder; $25,000

221 S. Gamble St.; Joyce A. Barnes to Kenneth R. Ginter, Jr. and Allison K. Ginter; $185,000

36 Sunset Drive; James W. Magers by and through John C. Magers, his Attorney-in-Fact, to Scott W. Beck and Debbie K. Beck; $228,400

12 W. Park Drive; Erik M. Ingram to Joseph O’Hall, Jr. and Katie Spohn; $129,000

13 Sharon St.; TBD Properties, LLC, to Dawn Robert Bryant; $85,000

54 E. Main St.; Lynette Ann Barclay to Birchwood Homes, LLC; $55,000

29 River View Drive; Jack Colegrove to Howard Baird and Marjorie Baird; $177,000


4986 Teeter Road; Joyce Norris aka Joyce A. Norris to Fatina Soloman; $272,000

5254 Hagerman Road; Kevin R. James to Nathan P. Erich and Bethany D. Erich; $166,739

3784 Pleasant Valley Road; Joseph C. Remington to Jeffrey A. Morris; $135,000


16 Markey St.; Linda D. Tedrow to Randall H. Ridgeway and Deanna M. Ridgeway; $50,000

221 Dickerson Ave.; Christina Johnson fka Christina Anatra to Jarrod E. Miller and Courtney M. Miller; $150,000

310 S. Main St.; Tyler and Jamie Jarvis to Richard K. Forsythe; $125,000

197 Main St.; Greenline Properties, LLC, to Sanjeev Chadha; $75,000

210 Riverside Drive; Josiah Beougher and Whitney Beougher to Conner W. Thurman; $179,000

29 Hamilton Drive; Matthew E. Neff and Desiree E. Neff to Kristie Kempton; $316,000

8 N. Main St.; Randall Freeman and Karen M. Freeman, dba Freeman Rentals, to Carlie and Sara Hursh; $125,000


6 W. Elm St.; Jon B. Davies to Mid-Ohio Business Solutions, LLC; $150,000

6018 Olivesburg Fitchville Road; Ura A. Yoder and Mary H. Yoder; $322,000


12 Mayfair Road; Emily E. Candel to Hannah L. Shepherd and Zachary J. Hufford; $251,000

96 Sherwood Drive; Chad Hale and Susan J. Hale to Erica N. Newton and Cody J. Newton; $130,000

366 Fox Road; Sandra W. Bloor to Jonas L. Clawson; $275,000

76 Oxford Road; Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, to Brandon J. Burk and Kiersten R. Burk; $125,000

159 Frederick St.; Crossroads Community Church of Ontario to Irresistible, Inc.; $200,000

122 Oxford Road; Donald L. Basye to Brittani M. Bullis and Tyler L. Bullis; $171,000


114 South Union St.; Gary R. Walker to Derril L. Wakefield and Ann E. Wakefield; $390,000


6550 Rome South; Mechanics Bank, Trustee of the Robert E. Sutter Trust to Kevin R. Oberholtzer and Linda L. Oberholtzer; $465,000

12 State Route 603; RP Beck Properties, LLC, to Mike Nelson and Amy Nelson; $60,000


3571 Burbaker Creek Road; Elaine S. Tuttle to Tim Hogan; $155,000

4056 Amoy Ganges Road; Dale D. Anderson and Judie A. Anderson to Christine Signoracci; $165,000

182 Timmerman Road; Cynthia Rush to William H. Saylor; $50,000

295 State Route 96 E.; Jeanette Waibel to Pamela S. Musser and Douglas E. Musser; $245,000


3660 Myers Road; Doris Baird Berdanier to Andrew R. Wamsley; $159,900

3718 Plymouth Springmill Road; Erik John Boggs to Reuben L. Shetler; $129,900

2516 Stiving Road; The Estate of David Brooks aka David F. Brooks to Kevin Joshua Humberson and Laura A. Humberson; $35,000

2838 Plymouth Springmill Road; The Estate of Austin D Vance to Freddy Tuttle; $100,200


Poorman Road; Killbuck Valley Farms, Ltd., LLC, to Richard L. Beal; $340,000

Poorman Road; Killbuck Valley Farms, Ltd., LLC, to Douglas G. Wenzen and Barbara J. Wenzen; $220,047

Cassell Road; Blue Wing Management, LLC, to Knox County Woodland, LTD; $1,050,000

1411 Mishey Road; Mary Weirich, Trustee of William C. Rinehart, Irrevocable, to Shawnn Thomas and Kendra Thomas; $210,000

6761 Renie Road; Margery L. Scodova to Dustin Porter and Allison Porter; $51,500


1454 Marion Avenue Road; Kimberly J. Brown to Daniel C. Melograna; $105,000

1494 East McElroy Road; Shope Investments, LLC, to Christina Fields; $29,900

425 Illinois Ave.; Brinnley Properties, LLC, to Baker Street Homes, LLC; $105,000

1458 E. McElroy Road; Diana L. Donahue to Michael Donahue and Carla Donahue; $350,000

1082 Piper Road; Estate of Shirley J. White to Leo M. Ringler; $155,000

920 North Stewart Road; Garrett W. Prise to Chandler Prise and Madelyn Abbruzzese; $115,000

Fairfax Avenue; Durwood Mount and Lynn Mount to K.B Alliance, LLC; $6,500

945 Benedict Ave.; William R. Muncy and Bonnie S. Muncy to Nathanial Anthony Speelman; $5,000

5.99 acres, SR 39; JJWEC Investments, LLC, to Timothy J. Coleman; $35,000

1516 Grace St.; Michael P. Donahue and Carla M. Donahue to Shawn Tho Marshall; $185,000

939 Fairfax Ave.; Jack L. Smith to Ignacio Gaytan; $8,000

1276 Park Avenue East; Buddy Barton for Shawn C. Sampsel and Angie Sampsel to US Bank National Association; $40,000

1283 Grace St.; EZ Made, LLC, to Rachel L. Harmony; $181,500

869 Sites Road; Krista L. Schnuerer to Christina Laird and Sean Laird; $154,000

Wesley Ave.; Debra Sparks to Matthew Lee; $2,000

391 McElroy Road; Elred Lee Rennpage to Robert L. Johnson and Heidi A. Johnson; $140,500

1010 Averill Ave.; Reuben E. Mast, Trustee of an Agreement & Declaration of Trust to Bradley Baird; $100,000

1032-1034 Oakdale Drive; The Testamentary Trust under the Will of Glenn Workman to Moon Property Holding Company, LLC; $113,088

957 Herring Ave.; John E. Fisher and Judy A. Fisher to Rachel Johnson; $122,000

1459 Park Avenue East; Minnie Jean Henry to William H. Ballmeyer and Deborah A. Ballmeyer; $159,900

734 Burger Ave.; DSV SPV1, LLC to Go America, LLC; $32,183.71

137 Ridge Road; Maura J. Boltz to Megan M. Mullins and Brandyn Mullins; $118,000

1022 Dianewood Drive; James L. Howell, Jr. to Taylor Elizabeth Schaub; $75,000

1276 Park Avenue East; U.S Bank National Association, as Trustee, to Mansfield Transportation, LLC; $47,500


1582 Lucas Road; David A. Brubaker to James E. Huffman; $30,000

1807 Trolley Drive; Bradley E. Worthington and Emily M. Worthington to Michael J. Ten-Barge; $180,000

3387 Shade Drive E.; Richard K. Forsythe to David Phipps; $196,000

2180 Kentwood Drive; Lloyd T. Blevins Jr. and Marinda L. Blevins to Kristen D. Potter; $136,500

Kent Drive; Kathy Gimbel etal 3 to Shane M. Morrow; $120

1779 Ashland Road; Christopher H. Miller to Scott D. Levy; $155,000

Willow Drive; Richard Reynolds and Destinee Reynolds to Timothy D. Day and Nathasha M. Day; $2,500


018-14-005-13-009; Marion L. Anderson to William D. Anderson; $50,000


V/L London West Road; Frederick Charles Cooke and Lynn Ann Cooke to Marissa A. Lynch and Ty Hoffman; $50,100

31 Railroad St.; DSV SPV3, LLC, to Go America, LLC; $41,247


V/L, Thrush Road; Janet S. Chafin to Mark Van Vliet; $20,000


194 Vernon Road; David Easterday and Connie Easterday to Lynn Shrimplin; $90,000


4031 Hook Road; James Robinson and Heather Robinson to Dolores M. Au and Robert P. Au; $440,000

V/L Springfield Circle; Daniel C. Schmitz and Lora M. Schmitz to Brandon L. Hall and Tara J. Hall; $50,000

Home Road South; First Choice Property Acquisitions, LLC, to Jordan J. Smant and Amy J. Smant; $216,000

3053 Millsboro Road East; Gabriel R. St. Clair to Scott Benjamin Sipes; $215,000

V/L, Rock Road; Julie Myers to Robert Hubert Memorial Acres, LLC; $8,000

1751 Rock Road; Bradley Eugene Orewiler, Melodie Lynn Dobben, and Byron Edwin Orewiler to Myron Brenner and Julie Myers; $75,000

V/L, Lohr Road; Wendy A. Flaugher to Wurthman Rentals, LLC; $83,835

949 Marion Avenue Road; Grayson L. Pittman and Julie A. Pittman to Roy A. Hanna and Whitney M. Hanna; $470,000


3510 Willow Hill; Stephen J. Earnest and Lorraine A. Earnest to Ronnie Richards and Debra Richards; $705,000

2250 Stonewood Drive; Robin L. Hamill and David D. Hamill to The Ebright Family Living Trust; $651,000

2781 Steam Corners Road; Dustin X. Porter and Allison Kay Marie Porter to Justin E. Schlabach and Tiffany C. Schlabach; $285,000

Lindsey Road, 6.37 acres; Phyllis A. Neumann Restatement of Trust Agreement to Matthew Allen Bohland and Kelly Lyn Bohland; $85,000

1921 W. Cook Road; Michael D. Markle to Heather Gaydish and Christopher Gaydish; $275,000

Lindsey Road, 2.01 acres; Phyllis A. Neumann Restatement of Trust Agreement to Sarah M. Lewis; $38,000


209 Eller Drive; Norma J. Hopkins to Molly A. Beckler and Joseph M. Beckler; $280,000

457 Walfield Drive; Colin Dickson and Janet L. Dickson to Janet L. Dickson; $120,000

2939 Washington South Road; Howard H. Woodside and Barbara A. Woodside to Benjamin I. Britton and Ana Y. Britton; $640,000

1705 Devonshire Lane; James R. Barker and Jessica A. Barker to Robin Hamill; $208,000

2651 Lexington Ave.; James A. Reed and Martha Jean Reed to Denise Rinehart; $165,000

1013 Orchard Park Road; Mark Stewart and Kathy Wirick to Doug Stewart; $168,000

1134 W. Hanley Road; Cheryl C. Vocal, Surviving Trustee, to Todd McCullough; $81,400

107 Yoha Drive; Rosann M. Rogers and Douglas B. Dillon to Michael Geoffery Robertson; $215,000


Vantillburg Road; Bruce Copley and Victoria Copley to Mitchell R. Hastings and Jennifer L. Hastings; $100,000

4765 Mansfield Adario Road; Scott Curry, Administrator WWA of the Estate of Sarah J. Curry, Deceased, to Dale E. Shoup and Alicia M. Metzger; $160,000

V/L Franklin Church Road; Vickie G. Thomas to Joshua Hughes and Crystal Hughes; $59,900

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