Bellville Burger King

A property that houses a Burger King restaurant on Ohio 97 near Interstate 71 was recently sold for $1.6 million, according to property transfers filed with the Richland County Auditor's Office.

A property that houses a Burger King restaurant on Ohio 97 near Interstate 71 was recently sold for $1.6 million, according to recent property transfers filed with the Richland County Auditor's Office.

The property at 851 Ohio 97 West in Bellville was sold for $1,604,678 by Carfin Remainder Business Trust in the state of Delaware, first incorporated in 1999, according to documents with the Ohio Secretary of State's Office.

The agent for the corporation was changed in 2017 to CT Corporation System, based in Columbus.

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An LLC titled 851 S.R. 97W, incorporated in 2019, purchased the property. The agent for the LLC is Highland Park Service Corp. in Cleveland.

According to information when the property was listed for sale, the 2,000-square foot restaurant was remodeled with Burger King's "20/20 Design" and has a new 15-year lease with Carrolls Corp., said to be the world's largest Burger King franchisee.

Other recent property transfers, according to the county auditor's office, include:


908 Maumee Ave., Mansfield; Linden Road Presbyterian Church to Jamaal and Candy O'Dell; $79,000

656 Sunset Blvd., Mansfield; Trudi Wilson to Vicky Styer; $99,000

363 Ruth Ave., Mansfield; Edeisha Brooks to Kallie and Benjamin Poast; $149,900

1214 Boyle Road, Mansfield; Charles and Lisa Peak to Sarah Peak; $46,000

630 Russell Road, Mansfield; Robert and Pamela Brown to Carol Utt-Flockenzier; $73,000

402 Central Ave., Mansfield; Redwood Homes, LLC, to Michael Simmons; $1,000

2832 Hoff Drive, Mansfield; Shiono Zeada and Andrea Smith to Aaron Mandour; $5

215 Atcheson Ave., Mansfield; Frances Brown to Wells Fargo Bank; $8,000

571-573 Cook Road, Mansfield; Sharon Ling to Frank Nemeth III and Frank Nemeth Jr.; $115,000

145 S. Linden Road, Mansfield; Chandrashekhar Borkar to Oronde Frost; $104,900

943 Lexdale Lane, Mansfield; Paul and Delores Sheehe to Beverly Sholl; $136,900

340 Diamond St., Mansfield; Barry Binion to Toris Phinnessee Jr.; $4,000

682 Woodville Road, Mansfield; Stacy Messer to Sarah Mills and Stormy Mills; $26,100

434 James Ave., Mansfield; Matthew Abrams to Jacqueline Trainor; $93,700

231 S. Mulberry St., Mansfield; U.S. Bank National Association to Sheri Gross; $14,500

526 Dyas Drive, Mansfield; Pamela Kuhn to John Wheeler Jr. and Corinne Mason; $79,900

479 Connor Drive, Mansfield; Randall Kessler, Gregory Kessler and George Kessler to Lowell Laser; $60,000

53 Douglas Ave., Mansfield; Darrell and Kathy Clemons to Synergy Property Solutions, Inc.; $145,001

836-850 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; Henn Properties, Ltd., to Stigall Properties, LLC; $30,700

1220 N. Main St., Mansfield; Cannon Management, Ltd., to KEM Equity Holdings, Ltd.; $1,170,000

156-158 Kinkel Ave., Mansfield; Miller Properties of Ohio, LLC, to Daniel Graszi; $40,000

456 W. Dickson Ave., Mansfield; Johnny Robertson to Tracy Jenkins; $1,500

456 W. Dickson Ave., Mansfield; Tracy Jenkins to Freedom Rentals USA1, LLC; $25,000

1429 Frederick Court, Mansfield; C. Richard Thompson, administrator, to Casper Mergel, trustee; $103,500

504 Parkview St., Mansfield; Linda Lyall, executor, to Richard and Mary Ann Mellor; $50,000

418 Greenlee Road, Mansfield; Delores Klupp to Rondal Stone; $65,240

662 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; Keith and Mary Beth Wright to Patricia Conn; $60,000

212 Spring St., Mansfield; Estate of Toni Wyatt to Schunatz Rentals, LLC; $4,329.80

372 W. Sixth St., Mansfield; Stacy Beauford to Regina Speight; $10,000

102 Sunnyslope Drive; Mansfield; Brown Family Partnership to Baljit Singh; $110,000

465 McPherson St., 329 Second Ave. and 601 Garfield Place, Mansfield; EM Properties of Mansfeld to MPW TAKS, LLC; $50,000

611 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; Gerry Stapleton to Seth and Umsunay Arneson; $75,000

1079 Pawnee Ave., Mansfield; Kristie Craft to Andrew Streff and Elizabeth Woodruff; $1,000

1495 Brookpark Drive, Mansfield; Marian Webster, trustee, to Stephanie Wendland; $150,000

379 Auburn St., Mansfield; Mason Wells to Skylar Rogers; $10

36 Blanche St., Mansfield; John Kelley, trustee, to Edward Dawson; $500

80 State St., Mansfield; CSM Properties of Mid-Ohio, LLC, to ABLE Properties of Mansfield, LLC; $6,000

1040 Whippoorwill Lane, Mansfield; June Glasscock to Barbara Clements; $165,000

859 Danwood Road, Mansfield; Elly Cline to Synergy Property Solutions, Inc.; $24,100

909 Red Oak Trail, Lexington; Kelly Robinette to Fredric and Linda Sharp; $188,000

825 Woodville Road, Mansfield; Gary and Carol Kochheiser to James Holsinger; $84,000

Trimble Road, Mansfield; GS Rentals, Ltd., to Wisdom Properties, LLC; $160,000

219 Elmwood Drive, Mansfield; Lana Landaker, administrator, to Ignacio Solis; $16,000

647 Manchester Road, Mansfield; Cindy Remy to Timothy Kulka and Jessica Swank; $92,500

132 Betzstone Drive, Mansfield; Jeffrey and Tammi Gibson to Jessica and Dashawn Luttrell; $138,000

796 York St. West, Mansfield; Joseph Gillum and Deborah Schuller to Ryan Paul; $212,000

1010 Woodland Road, Mansfield; Charles Adair, trustee, to John Marvar; $195,000

276 Longview Ave., Mansfield; Joseph and Molly Orsini to Professional Restoration Service, Inc.; $170,000

285 Grace St., Mansfield; Ruth Oswalt to James Trine II; $20,000

483-485 Davis Road, Mansfield; Sheldon and Leota Miller Family Trust to Renovate 1st, LLC; $115,000

921 Dickson Parkway, Mansfield; Sheldon and Leota Miller Family Trust to Renovate 1st, LLC; $190,000

44 Leppo Lane, Mansfield; Anthony Morie to Deborah Siwek; $89,450

589 Bowman St., Mansfield; Neil and Glenda Belcher to Joseph and Belinda Nearor; $14,250

334 Wayne St., Mansfield; KAMZ Properties, LLC, to Redwood Homes, LLC; $3,000

604 W. Fourth St., Mansfield; KAMZ Properties, LLC, to A.D.A. Homes, LLC; $3,000

250 Helen Ave., Mansfield; SPA 2, LLC, to Lawrence Schnees; $4,000

81 Sturges Ave., Mansfield; Benjamin Schunatz to Anthony Brown; $31,992

1357-1359 Tiffany Drive, Mansfield; Melissa Branch to Robert and Kathryn Boes; $142,800

32 Oxford Ave., Mansfield; Steven Brown to Darrell and Kathy Clemons; $27,500

363 Spayer Lane, Mansfield; Deanna Brown to Jason Rose; $1,000

Hanna Road, Mansfield; Matthew and Kristina Lyons to Brandon Mullins; $4,000

268 Rae Ave., Mansfield; Clearcreek Rentals, LLC, to Ophelia Ramirez-Mailloux; $40,500

345 Marion Ave., Mansfield; KeyBank National Association to 345 Marion Avenue, LLC; $140,000

1156 Yorkwood Road, Mansfield; Edward and Edith Buzzard to Dennis and Susan Bottorf; $154,900

141 Sherbrook Road, Mansfield; Fred Lamp, trustee, to Edward and Edith Buzzard; $150,000

720 Betner Drive, Mansfield; Michael Dalton to Michael and Helen Corwin; $213,000

V/L, Springbrook Drive, Mansfield; Aspira, Inc., to Melissa Barkett; $13,500

1080-1092 Lexington Ave., Mansfield; Minh and Nga Pham to Richland Partners, LLC; $260,000

395 Edgewood Road, Mansfield; Kathy Bowen to Dustin and Tiffany Montgomery; $133,500

116 Rowland Ave., Mansfield; Matthew and Amanda Stanfield to Joshua and Elizabeth Parson; $15,000

308 Remy Ave., Mansfield; Garnetta Pender to Todd Hoovler; $19,001

283 Greendale Ave., Mansfield; 2019 Castle, LLC, to Reuben Mast, trustee; $21,322

587 Kirkwood Drive, Mansfield; Sharon Bowden to Heather Kraft; $92,000

305 Remy Ave., Mansfield; Viola Marsh to David Phillips Jr.; $44,000


3704 Alexander Drive, Ontario; Ryan Finger and Rachel Dawson to Luke Covert; $269,000

1749 Victoria Court, Ontario; Jeffrey Smith to Alicia Gobble; $84,000

2030 Willowood Drive South, Ontario; Nellie Harrison to Luis Perez; $52,000

3678 Pearl St., Ontario; Steven Krauss to Equity Trust Company; $5,000

674 Yeager Drive, Ontario; Casper Mergel, trustee, to Pamela Daily-Green and Richard Green; $155,000

536 Burns St., Ontario; George Wahl to Marvelen Investments, LLC; $36,000

697 Scott Drive, Mansfield; JoAnn Sublett to Tricia Mumaw; $130,000

650 Hannah Faith Circle, Ontario; Robert and Sonya Ohl to Steven and Deborah Hirtz; $44,500

2414 Valley Road, Ontario; Todd Friend to Brian and Abby Hamilton; $360,000

665 Hannah Faith Circle, Ontario; Robert and Sonya Ohl to Todd Friend; $318,000

451 Rosewood Court, Mansfield; Taunja Schiffel to U.S. Bank Trust; $59,167

3606 Park Ave. West, Ontario; Amber Carver Williams to James Shaum; $60,000

2484 W. Fourth St., Ontario; Nicole Norman to Sar Shalom Messianic Congregation of Mansfield; $100,000


41 Jefferson Ave., Shelby; First Freewill Baptist Church of Shelby to Karen and Michael Barnett; $46,650

48 Plum Ave., Shelby; Robert and Anne Lampe to Noah Hoffman; $115,000

146 E. Main St., Shelby; Todd Kehres and Deana Damron-Kehres to Joseph Bellmer and James Bellmer; $97,500

35 Plum Ave., Shelby; Christopher and Barbara Wilcox to Todd and Deana Kehres; $83,000

19 and 19 1/2 Auburn Ave., Shelby; David Gwirtz to Given Homes, LLC; $41,500

13 Clark Ave., Shelby; Douglas Slone to Charles Kuhn; $53,000

46 Second St., Shelby; Shelby Rentals, LLC, to HR Enterprises, LLC; $85,000

58 Roberts Drive, Shelby; Catherine Hamman to Danny and Nancy Cains; $60,000

57 Sherman Place, Shelby; Lighthouse Residencies, LLC, to Darren and Aubrey Place; $58,500

664 S. Gamble St., Shelby; Phyllis Davis to Justin and Arianne Featheringill; $84,000

32 Walnut St., Shelby; Gary and Patricia Hardin to Kevin and Leesha Montgomery; $12,000

7 Mickey Road, Shelby; Daniel and Kristina Parrigan to Brian Honigman; $117,000

400 Lorwood Drive E., Shelby; Timothy Matthews to Greg and Sharon Friebel; $65,000

44 Fourth St., Shelby; Estate of Elizabeth Estridge to Scott and Lisa Amburgey; $49,000


1051 Mill Road, Bellville; Kenneth and Joan Jones to Mill Road 1051, LLC; $245,000

224 Fitting St., Bellville; Gregory and Scott Kuzma, co-trustees, to Constance Tier; $45,000

209 Dickerson Ave., Bellville; Gregory and Scott Kuzma, co-trustees, to Darrell Miller; $15,000

161 Hamilton Drive, Bellville; Raymond Risner, trustee, to Sarah Conkling; $278,000

430 Blue Jay Circle, Bellville; Shad Gregg to Spencer and Molly Carr; $305,000

1111 Mill Road, Bellville; Kevin Adams to Mill Road 1051, LLC; $170,000


141 Main St., Butler; Gilbert Sellers to Brian and Lori O'Connor; $45,000

204 Elm St., Butler; Stephanie and Sheldon McCoy to Vera Morris; $91,600


97 Tamiami Terrace, Lexington; Jeffrey and Alana Gillson to Joseph Mayglothling; $122,000

37 Second Ave., Lexington; Edward Harpster and Deborah Underwood, co-trustees, to Dana and Joseph Thornton; $50,000

245 Darby Drive, Lexington; Scott and Elizabeth Merrick to Michael Jones; $107,000

Fredericktown St., Lexington; Kurt Stimens, trustee, to Grace Enterprises, LLC; $45,000

V/L, Ohio 97, Lexington; Natural Areas Land Conservancy to Timothy and Jennifer Shaffer; $60,000

193 Oxford Road, Lexington; Crystal Harper to David and Christina Walsh, survivorship; $91,700

269 Steam Corners Road, Lexington; Paula and Larry Blankenship to Logan Slavinski; $137,900

189 Frederick St., Lexington; Avery Park Properties, LLP, to Robert and Kathryn Earhart; $110,000

63 Holiday Hill, Lexington; Allen Bradshaw to Paul and Mary DeLong; $118,000


148 W. Main St., Lucas; Barbara and Glenn Davis to Jason Cooley; $102,000


30 Brooks Court, Plymouth; Virginia Harrington to Tivis and Hailey Hall; $88,000


52 North St., Shelby; Estate of Randy Gasparac to Christopher and Rachel Plantz; $77,500


Rome-Greenwich Road, Shiloh; Edward Huff, trustee, to Harold and Bernice Zimmerman; $51,907.50

22.017 acres, Swanger Road, Shiloh; Ervin and Marlene Burkholder to Norman and Marian Zimmerman; $200,000 a

Noble Road, Shiloh; Vernon and Cynthia Barre to Harold and Bernice Zimmerman; $72,000


5763 Franklin Church Road, Greenwich; Kenneth and Laura Bise to Samuel Bise; $125,000

1119 Ohio 603, Greenwich; Alvin and Etta Hoover to Paul and Linda Horning; $900,000


1953 Ohio 603, Shiloh; Glen Arms to Carl and Ella Zimmerman; $215,000


3571 N. Main St., Mansfield; Christopher and Kaylah Fulk to The Money Source; $116,667


2772 Holtz Road, Shelby; Estate of Joanne Bishop to Cameron Tilton; $50,250

2772 Holtz Road, Shelby; Jacqueline Mutti, Janet Bishop and Jill McCarter to Cameron Tilton; $50,250

4648 Bowman St., Shelby; Edwina Hummel to Randall Porter; $147,900

3259 Rock Road, Shelby; Dreiven Keith to Chandler Gaskill; $96,500

2924 Myers Road, Shelby; Taylor Barker to Benjamin Barker; $125,200


3322 George Hawk Road, Shelby; John Hancock, trustee, to Harold and Sheri Fleming; $220,000

2843 Ohio 96, Shelby; Kevin Lamb to Michael and Tami Titchenell; $85,000


4.657 acres, Ohio 95, Bellville; Timothy and Tamara Smith to Caleb Hilverding; $30,000

1517 Poorman Road, Bellville; Kathryn Metz and Jared Beans to Joshua Parker; $190,000

319 Ohio 97, Bellville; PENSCO Trust Company, LLC, to Benjamin Foster; $35,000

1495 Poorman Road, Bellville; Darrin and Cynthia Remaley to Chad and Krystin Kentosh; $128,000

741 Bollinger Road, Bellville; Maureen Jackson to Robert and Jeanette Fry; $125,000

4581 Possum Run Road, Bellville; Adam Brokaw Construction, LLC, to Joshua Hughes and Angela Andersen; $189,000


494 Stewart Road North, Mansfield; Jack Davis to Anna Harmon; $73,500

1097 Marianna Drive, Mansfield; Joshua Key, trustee, to Gabriel Bradshaw and Ellen Jones; $137,000

1424 Marion Ave., Mansfield; Benjamin Schunatz to Coty Prince; $155,000

949 Jeffrey Lane, Mansfield; Diana O'Brien, George Pack and Penny Houston to Dustin Day; $20,000

765 S. Illinois Ave., Mansfield; Ricky Bailey to John and Sonya Miller; $117,000

520 Penn Ave. and 1185 Park Ave. East, Mansfield; Daniel and Sharon Boroff; $90,000

1605 Grace St., Mansfield; Unknown heirs of Karen Whitlatch deceased to John Young; $63,055

409 Kentucky Ave., Mansfield; Kevin Harrison to Sam Bass; $16,000

Annfield Drive, Mansfield; Robert and Marcia Rice to Mark and Chelsea Spurlock; $12,500

913 Country Club Drive, Mansfield; U.S. Bank National Association to 62 Invest, LLC; $17,500

1836 Beal Road, Mansfield; Jerry and Wanda Mollett to Jacob Hairston; $100,000

736 Pennsylvania Ave., Mansfield; Angela Jacobs and Thomas Elliott to Nest Flippers, LLC; $15,000

1085 Eaton St., Mansfield; Thomas Musille to Keith Snyder; $103,000

V/L, Sabo Drive, Mansfield; Kurt Stimens, trustee, to Kathy Boyle; $10,500

Anglewood Drive, Mansfield; Edwin and Janet Crowl, trustees, to Cathy and Michael Kelley; $5,500

1554 Anglewood Drive, Mansfield; Curtis and Melissa Carpenter to Amanda and Jarred Bates; $113,000

1149 Nestor Drive, Mansfield; Clarence Branham and Francis Branham to Selena Baker; $4,250

923 Country Club Drive, Mansfield; Earlene Hall and Linda Drake to Thomas Kegley Jr.; $74,200

1958 Beal Road, Mansfield; Elizabeth Heslep, trustee, to Aaron Michael; $167,000


2430 Bryonaire Drive, Mansfield; Victoria Nichols, executor of the estate of Ronald Hoffman, to Janice and Walter Ferger; $128,500

421 W. Shore Drive, Lucas; Kenneth and Christina Lusk to Russell and Joanna Holbrook; $152,000

2244 Crider Road, Mansfield; Kevin and Denise Berger to Ruth Ann Levering; $139,000

361 Harlan Road, Mansfield; Roy Noddle et al to J. Sauder Construction, LLC; $167,301


5648 N. Darlington Road, Bellville; Rena Alexander to Chad and Amber Metzger; $200,000

5470 Algire Road, Bellville; Sharon Bailey to H. Joretta Walton; $100,000

2101 Darlington E. Road, Bellville; Maria Shafer to Michael and Krystalyn Wilson; $120,000


15.464 acres, London West Road, Shelby; Brian Alt, Karen Alt, Keith Alt and Nancy Alt to Aaron and April Bond; $92,784


1850 Westover Court, Mansfield; Stanley and Claire Smieszek to Raymond and Elizabeth Ranieri; $464,900

385 Ruby Road, Mansfield; Todd Sloboda, Robert Sloboda and Douglas Sloboda to Todd and Barbara Sloboda; $200,000

659 Ashwood Drive, Mansfield; Brian and Abby Hamilton to Heather and Christopher Swanson; $234,500

220 Creston Road, Mansfield; H. Todd and Sheri Fleming to Kenneth and Allison Ginter; $135,400

1636 Ohio 314 North, Mansfield; Spencer Carr to Jeremy and Haley Corwin; $164,000

V/L, Millsboro Road, Richland County; David and Melinda Foster, trustees, to Susan and Ronald Muth; $43,000

2545 Millsboro Road E., Mansfield; Nancy Rohde, trustee, to Jonathan Ly and Jade Phan; $130,000


1879 Lexington-Springmill Road, Mansfield; Home Opportunity, LLC, to Onyx & Shadow Equities, LLC; $8,457.53

3309 Addeline Drive, Lexington; VFS Lending JV, LLC, to Constance Withrow; $10

3265 Texter Road, Mansfield; Mark and Lorraine Wake to Lisa and Kurt Mertler; $134,000

2896 E. Kings Corners Road, Mansfield; Jarred Zeigler to Eric and Jill Carroll; $237,900


439 Garver Road, Mansfield; Christine Parker to Pensco Trust Co., LLC; $97,500

1450 Kochheiser Road, Mansfield; Christopher Rahall and Heather Estes to Kasey Plank; $230,000

1440 Eisenhower Ave., Lexington; Carol Cassel, Paul Harbaugh and Steven Harbaugh to Joseph Whitehead; $118,000

2065 Mansfield Washington Road, Mansfield; Jerry and Alice Hammett to Kenneth and Tammy Reed; $47,000

1100 Garver Road, Mansfield; Robert Reiser to Bryan and Caroline Wolfe; $216,000


595 Five Points East Road, Mansfield; Marlene Tucker, successor trustee, to Douglas and Jessica Tucker; $122,000

2775 Pavonia Road North, Mansfield; April Bruzda to Rodney and Sara Rust; $338,000


53.483 acres, Bellville; James Wilson, trustee, to Tiffani and Brice Bittinger; $267,415

5489 Wilson Road, Butler; George and Cindy Vining to Nicholas Gilbert; $127,000

0 Harris Road, Butler; Glen and Peggy Boggs to Bart and Francesca Higgins; $25,000

5215 Teeter Road, Butler; Ruth Moody to Benjamin and Beth Weisbrod; $120,000

6460 Ohio 95, Butler; Michael and Renee Blaney to Mitchell Danals; $180,000

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