Mary Anne's Meats

Chad and Dani Worth recently purchased Mary Anne's Meats in Lexington, according to recent property transfers filed with the Richland County Auditor's Office. 

LEXINGTON -- Chad and Dani Worth have no plans to change Mary Anne's Meats in Lexington.

"Nothing is going to change, not even the name," Chad Worth said Tuesday. 'We are keeping the same suppliers. We are buying beef from Mary Anne. Everything is going to stay exactly the way she did it.

"It's not broke and I am not going to try to fix it," Worth said.

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The Worths recently purchased the popular meat market at 38 Church St. for $450,000, according to recent property transfers filed with the Richland County Auditor's Office.

Mary Anne's Meats

A recent Facebook post offered a "thank you" to Mary Anne Kettering and "welcome" to new owners Chad and Dani Worth.

Worth said he was born and raised in Newark, Ohio, in Licking County, though he he has spent his adult working life in Mount Vernon, where he and his wife live.

"My first job when I was 16 was in a small, mom-and-pop meat shop. When I turned 17, I put a knife in my hand and started cutting meat," he said with a laugh.

Worth said his cousin lives in Lexington and told him Mary Anne Kettering was looking to sell her long-time business, which she opened in 2007.

"Owning my own meat shop has always been a dream of mine," Worth said. "When my cousin told me, I gave Mary Anne a call. We talked and just hit it off. We have become really good friends."

The meat market is open weekdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Worth said those hours may be extended in the spring of 2022.

"This community has been so accepting and welcoming to my wife and I," Worth said. "We feel very blessed."

Other recent property transfers, according to the auditor's office, were:


827 W. York St., Mansfield; Timothy and Sally Skulski to Joseph and Hannah Gillum; $360,000

247 Pomerene Road, Mansfield; Barbara Duncan to Jose Velis and Melissa Olivar; $124,000

336 Shepard Road, Mansfield; Bulldog Capital, LLC, to Daniel DeGreve; $200,500

63 E. Raleigh Ave., Mansfield; Robert Harris to John Poth; $85,000

665 Woodville Road, Mansfield; John Poth to Lori and Tonya Reddy; $143,400

40 W. 1st St., Mansfield; Ron and Lori Biddle to Larry Moore; $90,000

512 Glendale Blvd., Mansfield; Aaron Crowl to Ethan Morales; $92,000

41 Cairns Road, Mansfield; G&I IX AM Standard, LLC, to Republic Mansfield, LP; $8,282,250

66 Rambleside Drive, Mansfield; Michelle Deibig to Julissa Roldan; $89,900

1009 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; RX Mansfield Investors, LLC, to 1009 Park Avenue West, LLC; $950,000

1611 Cape Cod Drive, Mansfield; Hunsinger Builders, LLC, to Joseph Morganstern, trustee; $214,900

Lexington Avenue, Mansfield; Samuel Kaufmann, MD, to Eric and Elizabeth Boliantz; $30,000

1078 Curtis Drive, Mansfield; Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust to Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust 2017-RP2; $113,572.34

266 Vennum Ave., Mansfield; Kimberley and Frank Nemeth Jr. to Rebecca Lively; $122,000

575 Maple St., Mansfield; Valeka Williams and Famico Williams to Evan Brown and Sara Morais; $106,000

325 Dale Ave., Mansfield; Yan Lin and Qiao Qing Dong to Eric and Karen Kelly; $59,900

123 Winwood Drive, Mansfield; Richard Barill III to Tyler Long; $146,000

1603 Helena Drive, Mansfield; Ashleigh and Shad Robinson to Derek and Jeanna Weirick; $250,000

283 Patton Ave., Mansfield; Shawn Thorn to Michelle Shrewsbury; $70,000

195 Bowland Road, Mansfield; Daniel VanHarlingen to Catherine Rice and Kylie Hamilton; $116,400

504 Forest St., Mansfield; Riley Kemerling to Tony and Lauren Mascazzini; $130,000

7 Stoodt Ave., Mansfield; Brooke Taylor to Joyce Rabquer; $5,000

659 W. 4th St., Mansfield; Charles Gordon to Carr Investment Properties, LLC; $10,500

887 Greenfield Drive, Mansfield; Frederick and Cathleen Dahlstrand to CONWEB, LLC; $235,000

1360 Royal Oak Drive, Mansfield; John and Ruth Hoffman to Bradley Litvin; $270,000

1175 Laurelwood Road, Mansfield; Braydon Adams to Stephen Mayo and Amber Lipscomb; $190,000

302 Eighth St., Mansfield; Randy McMillen, trustee, to Mark and Pamela Braddock; $35,000

107 Wolfe Ave., Mansfield; Stephen and Leah Wachtel to Robert Mitchener and Nickalas Wise; $95,000

165 W. Third St., Mansfield; Daniel Evans, Jennifer Stacy and Kathleen Neel to Renaissance Performing Arts Association, Inc.; $135,000

110 and 114 W. Third St., Mansfield; Mary Henne to DJK, LLC; $80,000

116 Blymyer Ave., Mansfield; Kenneth Carl to Rhonda Mynhier; $79,900

29 Reba Ave., Mansfield; Marlene Pachi to Shad and Robin Remaley; $34,000

151 Grover St., Mansfield; Evelyn Carsey to Tia Angelo; $92,000

711 Davis Road, Mansfield; Barbi Keiser to Jonathan and Rene Stufft; $280,000

474 Brenda Drive, Mansfield; Randall Ramey to Terah Lewis; $100,000

447 Tremont St., Mansfield; Paul and Denita Hicks to Ignacio Gaytan; $8,250

821 Concord Ave., Mansfield; Bonnie Monarchi to Ignacio Gaytan; 20,000

146 Redwood Road, Mansfield; Douglass and Carrie Houser to Ryan and Maria Watkins; $229,000

575 Woodhill Road, Mansfield; Rick Kigar, Ernie Clifton II and Elizabeth Clifton to Miller Real Estate II, LTD; $257,100

185 Harker St., Mansfield; RJ Hunt Properties, LLC, to Alina Davidovich; $40,000

651 Hillside Circle, Mansfield; Terah Lewis to Ryan Riley; $95,000

388 Wood St., Mansfield; Lester Garber to Carlos Smale; $118,000

147 Gibson Ave., Mansfield; Spike Holdings, LLC, to Steven Kennedy; $90,000

620 Manchester Road, Mansfield; Estate of Paula Roth to Shawn Wells; $115,000

235 Walter Ave., Mansfield; Kenny Rudolf to Mickey Roose; $1,500

548 Wood St., Mansfield; Alex and Brittanie Richendollar to McKenzie Kyer; $115,000

1593 Bridgwater Way South, Mansfield; Susan and Frank Wagner II to Thomas and Sandra Weber; $348,000

511 Davidson St., Mansfield; Craig and Sarah Pennell to Joseph and Becky Mong; $106,500

66 Parkwood Blvd., Mansfield; John and Brenda Barile to Vanessa and James Nicolas, trustees; $88,900

1065 Grasmere Circle, Mansfield; Cynthia Walker to Bruce and Rhonda Bond; $203,000

573 Coleman Road, Mansfield; Linda Collins to Matthew and Elizabeth Collins; $60,000

205 Helen Ave., Mansfield; Simpson Homes, LLC, to Jonathan Medina; $80,000

Vacant land, Hess Circle, Mansfield; Rose Hess to Derek and Claire Holloway; $16,400

576 Arlington Ave., Mansfield; Dennis Leonard, Pamela Leonard and Alex Leonard to Roseanne King; $82,500

148 Westgate Drive, Mansfield; Robert and June Hempfield to Kenneth Smith; $149,000

314 Eighth Ave., Mansfield; Ramon McMillen, trustee, to Randy and Kathy McMillen; $50,000

476 Marion Ave., Mansfield; Eric and Alyssa Biddle to Devyn Renninger and Andrew Shaffer; $220,000

125 Brookwood Way, Mansfield; Sandra Montgomery to Dinsmore Property, LLC: $82,000

71 Redwood Road, Mansfield; Cynthia Dorsey to Emily Meier; $189,900

1273-1275 West Cook Road, Mansfield; Rod Tog, LLC, to Magnus Property Management, LLC; $185,000

174 S. Mulberry St., Mansfield; B-A Rentals, LLC, to Robert and Kelley Burton; $75,000

126 Sycamore St., Mansfield; James and Dixie Willis to River City Investors, LLC; $5,000

126 Sycamore St., Mansfield; River City Investors, LLC, to Value Housing, LLC; $7,000

1421 Frederick Court, Mansfield; Amy Zappone to Nathan and Julie Fogle; $212,000

357 Poplar St., Mansfield; ZBS, LLC, to Henry and Mary Adkins; $88,000

637 W. Cook Road, Mansfield; Lisa Hyder to Aaron and Irene Miller; $140,000

224 Chilton Ave., Mansfield; Kristopher Klecka to Kenneth Jackson; $115,000

842 Forest Drive, Mansfield; Matthew and Michelle Cutlip to Amie Patton; $65,000

1218 Caldwell Ave., Mansfield; Butternut Property Group, LLC, to Dwayne Miller; $9,000

758 W. 4th St., Mansfield; Michael Gibson, trustee, to Christopher Ballard; $62,700

1020 Burkwood Road, Mansfield; William and Rochelle Storrow to Karen Fannin-Plantz and Michael Plantz; $199,000

149 Lind Ave., Mansfield; Karta Johnson and Nicole Johnson to Jawna Ferrell; $84,000

1385 Brookpark Drive, Mansfield; Diane Barrios to Kenyon and Sarah Mumford; $265,000

347 Plainview Road, Mansfield; Ina Devore to Kathleen and Phillip Sweeney; $107,000

272 Grace St., Mansfield; The Yosick Irrevocable Heritage Trust to Alva Tackett; $70,000

674 Glendale Blvd., Mansfield; Wendy Watson to Takara Knepp; $134,000

1031 Erie St., Mansfield; John Summers to Jeffrey Williams Jr.; $18,000

132 Hillcrest St., Mansfield; Shirley Klopp to Diana Baker; $130,000

1078 Curtis Drive, Mansfield; CitiGroup Mtg. Loan to Gary Houpe and Donna Chatman; $116,000

557 W. Fourth St., Mansfield; Benjamin Schunatz to James Scholl and Cindy Martin; $8,000

642 Johns Ave., Mansfield; Tamika and Robert Wade IV to Michael Walker and Michael Micucci; $10,000

252 Johns Ave., Mansfield; Tamika and Robert Wade IV to Michael Walker and Michael Micucci; $20,000

149 Willow St., Mansfield; Benjamin Schunatz to Sharon Hinds; $7,500

728 W. Fourth St., Mansfield; Graystone Holdings, LLC, to Adam and Lakeisha Slaughter; $29,500

38 Beechwood Drive, Mansfield; Estate of Thomas Freund to Peter Haring; $10,000

464 Old Mill Run Road, Mansfield; Adriana Miranda to Virginia and Craig Smith, co-trustees; $249,900

615 Stewart Lane, Mansfield; Elizabeth Pattillo and Joan Miller to Kevin Wiseman; $212,000

1031 Barrington Place, Mansfield; Hunsinger Builders, LLC, to Thomas and Kathleen Reindl; $249,900

264 Rae Ave., Mansfield; Jonathan Wallace to Brian and Kimberly Running; $11,000

282 Harker St., Mansfield; Arthur Shores to JRM Properties of Mansfield; $17,500

1406 Auer Blvd., Mansfield; Steven Gasper to Lisa Baker; $180,000

35 Randall Road, Mansfield; Jamie and James Utt to Debbie Doerr; $45,000

959 Lexdale Lane, Mansfield; Donald Whatman, Donita Whatman and Dawn Lewis to Lynn Brown Jr.; $135,000

66 Helen Ave., Mansfield; Beverly Reynolds to Hanna Holmes; $72,000

259 Grace St., Mansfield; Right Way Properties, LLC, to IHT Property Services, LLC; $35,000

227 W. First St., Mansfield; Clifton Edwards and Daniel Dickman to Scott Sneed; $37,750

147 Ridgewood Blvd., Mansfield; Karen Clifton to Robin Wilkins; $161,700

152 Vale Ave., Mansfield; Renicka McLoyd to James Burton; $15,000


2210 Forest Hill Drive, Ontario; Ron and Mary Spon, trustees, to David and Heather Hendrix; $570,000

453 Willowood Drive East, Ontario; Christine Fry to Bryce Ousley; $135,000

3640 Zimmerman Lane, Ontario; Mr. Bills Enterprises, Inc., to Amanda and Steven Bayes; $292,000

360 Westlawn Drive, Ontario; Marvin Harper to Rozeland and Jason Bateman; $135,000

375 N. Home Road, Ontario; Mark Miller to Steven Thomas; $35,000

800 Debby Lane East, Ontario; John Ebeling II to Charles King; $249,000

2070 Ferguson Road, Ontario; Harold and Ramona Gilbert to Jonell Henry; $121,000

720 Scotts Drive, Ontario; Dorothy Furr to Jennifer Wood and Cathy Applegate; $128,000

2464 W. Fourth St., Ontario; Alwine Stull to Cross Farms, LLC; $78,000

1608 Spring Village Lane, Ontario; Benjamin Brown to Kassandra Truex; $252,000

1776 W. Fourth St., Ontario; 4th Street Property, LLC, to Chad Stein Holdings, LLC; $299,990


108 Glenwood Drive, Shelby; Nicholas and Jeanette Chase to Ronald and Gladys Wilson; $175,000

245 W. Main St., Shelby; Pamela Shaw to Miranda Clever and Christopher Ruckman; $105,000

67 Mansfield Ave., Shelby; Brittany Atkins to Seth and Heather Thomas; $135,000

47 N. Gamble St., Shelby; Ronald and Maria Upton to John and Amber Long; $165,000

66 Grand Blvd., Shelby; Louise Roller to Logan and Alexandra Vail; $190,750

112 E. Main St., Shelby; Matt and Robin Smedley to Derek Kleman; $60,000

42 Shelby Ave., Shelby; Thalia Hoak to Dorothy Massie; $138,000

84 S. Gamble St., Shelby; Dennis Viers to Dakota Namminga; $85,000

86 Broadway St., Shelby; Hannah Shepherd and Mathew Casper to Isiah Wolf; $85,000

98 Grand Blvd., Shelby; Thomas Burkett to Courtney Burkett; $110,000

65 Independence Drive, Shelby; Kathryn Schaefer to Josh and Amanda Calame; $282,500

69 Broadway St., Shelby; Estate of Janice Elias to Phileo Properties, LLC; $36,500

234 1/2 W. Main St., Shelby; Linda Evans to Bobby Evans and Jeffrey Evans; $30,000

342 W. Main St., Shelby; Geraldine Roberts, trustee, to David and Tonya Bishop; $166,500

27 Vernon Road, Shelby; Rodney and Suzanne Hannafius to Wen Bin Lin; $90,000

18-20 Clark Ave., Shelby; Marvin and Sherry Blankenship to 3rd Day, LLC; $103,000

38 Good St., Shelby; John Kline to Dana Morris; $110,000

16 Woodland Road, Shelby; Carl Schroeder to Jared and Iris Baker; $123,500

33 Sunset Drive, Shelby; Mary and David Steele to Dinsmore Property, LLC; $89,900

93 W. Main St. and 14 Church St., Shelby; Thomas and Charlotte Yetzer to SW Young Properties, LLC; $225,000

41 W. End Blvd., Shelby; F&M Thompson Properties, LLC, to Susan Logan; $97,500

44 Roberts Drive, Shelby; Carolyn Metzger to Kristin Ruby; $85,000


120 Cleveland Ave., Butler; Oswalt Rentals, LLC, to Shannon Neville; $90,000

128 College St., Butler; James and Michelle Conn to William and Marlene Phillips; $230,000


40 E. Main St., Lexington; Premier Bank, successor by merger, to Nickel and Bean Coffee Shop, LP; $279,000

47 Norfolk Drive, Lexington; ELizabeth Myers to Andrea and Ryan Feasel; $208,900

1196 Hunters Ridge, Lexington; Seth and Amber Youngen to Elizabeth and John Murray; $320,000

167 Main St., Lexington; John Morris to Raymond and Joy Miller; $110,000

68 Oxford Road, Lexington; Ronald Kline to Evan and Brittany Hill, co-trustees; $137,500

239 Oxford Road, Lexington; Joseph Gladden to Clinton and Camille Setty; $195,000

279 Cedarwood Drive, Lexington; Brian and Janice McQuade to Kyle Mayhew-Schirmer and Greggory Evans; $235,000

64 W. Main St., Lexington; Adam and Rhonda McElroy to 3rd Day, LLC; $52,000

319 Chapman Way, Lexington; Richard and Deborah Motter to Edward Carson and Bonalee Bates; $143,000

296 Hampton Road, Lexington; Louis Graziani to Christopher and Allison Bates; $167,000


95-95 1/2 Main St., Lucas; Herr Properties, LLC, to Bryce and Jennifer Ernsberger; $105,000


58 Bell St., Plymouth; Devin Ramey to Lester Hamey Jr.; $67,000,


11 S. Delaware St., Shiloh; Randy Osborne to Antonio Vasquez; $12,000


Vacant land, Noble Road and McKibben Road; Lorin Krikke to Arthur Krikke; $501,880


1522 Shelby Ganges Road, Shelby; Benjamin and Keely Burrer to Daniel and Amanda Miller; $180,000

75 Ohio 603, Greenwich; Anthony and Kathy McGowan to David Shoup; $32,520


3503 Ganges Five Points Road, Mansfield; Wanda Caudill to Christie Ickert; $105,000

150 Linn Road, Mansfield; Wanda Caudill to Michael Brown; $119,000

203 Timmerman Road, Mansfield; Victor and Martha Webb to Gregory and Diane Williams; $249,900

136 Timmerman Road, Mansfield; Sarah and David Mast Jr. to IHT Property Services, LLC; $125,000


3458 Myers Road, Shelby; Gary Hummel to Quentin and Hillary Finnegan; $135,000

Vacant land, Mansfield-Shelby Road, Shelby; Jill Seymour to Brian and Jodi Sands; $12,000

Vacant land, Stiving Road, Shelby; Rosa Cornell, trustee, to Bryan and Suzanne Peiffer; $49,020

3666 Plymouth-Springmill Road, Shelby; Brian Pitzen to Carol Andregg; $145,000

2138 Myers Road, Shelby; John and Joni Greathouse to Russell and Marie Oberholtzer; $840,000


7031 Ohio 546, Bellville; Timothy Yoder to Darwyn, LLC; $135,000

5455 Durbin Road, Bellville; Marlin and Reta Hamilton to David Pamer and Mathias Pamer; $700,000

621 Rinehart Road, Bellville; Rene Stufft to Justin Steiner and Cassandra Rine; $250,000

7270 Ohio 13, Bellville; Lincoln and Kerri Walker to Jaxen Walker; $9,000

Renie Road, Bellville; Kenneth Miller and Bradley Miller, trustees, to Bradley Miller, trustee; $92,801

1296 Honeycreek Road and 3.398 acres, Renie Road, Bellville; Christopher Kindt to Kayla and Lucas Goodman Sr.; $225,000

5301 Bixler Road, Bellville; Linda Payne to Corey and Nichole Gott; $179,000

67 Bangorville Road, Bellville; Shirley Swihart to Wallace and Carmen Tucker; $260,000


510 Kentucky Ave., Mansfield; Shawn Holmes to Cody Holmes; $80,000

837 N. Stewart Road, Mansfield; Leonard Clow to James Them; $155,000

1295 Warner Ave., Mansfield; Barbara Tucker to Robin Gress and Zenaida Pascua; $125,000

1380 Fleming Falls Road, Mansfield; Dawson Rentals, LLC, to Teah and Richard Barilli III; $175,000

14 Ridge Road South, Mansfield; Matthew Madden to James Thompson; $50,000

434 Michigan Ave., Mansfield; Cindy and Daniel Lewis to Spencer Brown, Michael Long and Kody Racel; $79,900

996 Lenox Ave., Mansfield; Connie Long, administrator, to David Stamper; $12,500

1043 Altman Drive, Mansfield; Real Estate Investors of Ohio, LLC, to Mitchel Beer; $136,000

1462 Troy Drive, Mansfield; Cory Blevins and Megan McLay to Caitlin Jordan and Zachary Donley; $236,500

141 Ford Road North, Mansfield; Joshua Reese to Michelle Workman and Matthew Potts; $98,500

528 Pennsylvania Ave., Mansfield; Clyde and Pixie Griffitts to AEJN, LLC; $62,000

1482 Timber Road, Mansfield; Benjamin and Mitchell Parr to James and Kaleyha Utt; $170,000

182 Malone Road, Mansfield; Ramon McMillen and Randy McMillen, co-trustees, to Ryan Kipp; $115,000

884-888 Ashland Road, 500 Indiana Ave., Mansfield; Scarlet Properties, LLC, to James Oberlin, Elizabeth Oberlin and Hannah Oberlin; $295,000

561 Indiana Ave., Mansfield; Mose Slabaugh to Kaitlyn Miller; $100,000

3.213 acres vacant land, McElroy Road, Mansfield; Owen Zeiter to Kathy and Donald McElvain; $30,000

565 McElroy Road, Mansfield; Judy Ward-Murphy to Grace Enterprizes, LLC; $135,000

1626 N. Stewart Road, Mansfield; Donald Harding Sr., trustee, to Sean Kearnely; $185,000


844 Reed Road, Mansfield; Amy Wissinger to Sheila and Alan Biglin; $315,000

2040 Ashland Road, Mansfield; Ruth and Fred Pashellich Jr. to Kayla and Glenn Baker; $75,000

2500 Ohio 430, Mansfield; John Elswick to Brittany and Christopher Elswick; $220,000

1971 Hout Road, Mansfield; Todd Holmes to Rosa Woodruff; $85,000

937 Pike Drive, Mansfield; Mark Lovett to Suan Rieser; $280,000

1665 Frontier Trail, Mansfield; Estate of Donald Baldwin Jr. to Anthony and Janie Matney; $159,900

3411 Shad Drive East, Mansfield; Susan Husbands to Tina Reed; $184,900

1873 Hickory Lane, Mansfield; Joy Bennett to Joseph and Candise Parsons; $180,000

511 Harlan Road, Mansfield; Jeffrey Bishop to Kenneth and Charlotte Pryor; $320,000

3456 Sylvan Drive, Lucas; Philip Mayer to J. Sauder Construction, LLC; $100,000

2077 Osbun Road, Mansfield; William Chandler to Karen Armbruster; $174,900


Vacant lot, Mount Zion Road, Lucas; Joseph Morganstern, trustee, and Karen Morganstern, trustee, to Andrew and Judith Culler; $67,500

3485 Schrack Road, Lucas; Robert Harris to Diana Smith and Gene Kurzen; $399,900

Vacant land, Covert Road, Perrysville; Ruth Anne and Fred Pasheilich to Melissa Bicker; $44,900

Vacant land, Trumpower Road, Perrysville; Frank and Carol Kadlec, trustees, to Lee and Kerry Jones; $87,000

Vacant land, Lucas; Winifred and William Crawford Jr. to Paul and Cevilla Garber; $60,000

2635 Berry Road, Lucas; Rene' and Timothy Davis Sr. to Ashleigh and Shad Robinson; $420,000


8080 Ohio 98, Plymouth; Wendy and Lester Ramy Jr. to Devin Ramey and Kylie Ruffing; $193,200

7365 Ohio 98, Shelby; James and Tamara Whiteside to Elizabeth Hale; $155,000


954 E. Main St., Crestline; EAP Holdings, LLC, to Crowne Real Estate, LLC; $145,000

954 E. Main St., Crestline; Crowne Real Estate, LLC, to Deer Dan, LLC; $75,000


693 S. Gamble Road, Shelby; Juan Barndollar-Stuckman and Natalie Jenkins to Dan Stuckman; $76,875


1110 S. Lexington-Springmill Road, Mansfield; Ashley Clark to LeAnne Bauerdick; $350,000

4639 Beam Road, Crestline; Fred and Elaine Lamp to Randy and Melinda Osborne; $175,000

1945 Rock Road, Mansfield; Robert and Linda Eyerly to Charles Eyerly; $35,500

424 S. Home Road, Mansfield; Margery Heston to Conner Darsee and Melissa Darsee; $249,000

1624 Ohio 314 North, Mansfeld; Estate of Joyce Warne to Jason and Lyra Fenner; $195,000

1090 Ohio 314, Mansfield; Phillip Lifer to Eric and April Hollar; $38,000

752 Lexington-Ontario Road, Mansfield; Linda Linn to Barbara Ludwig; $232,000

579 Rudy Road, Mansfield; Benjamin Mellott to Atlantis Lukity and Samuel Lemon; $133,000

2220 Alta West Road, Mansfield; Mark Beer, trustee, to Donise and Michael King; $365,000


3483 Needham Road, Lexington; Myron and Nancy Hamilton to Amy and Zachary Zappone; $386,750

Ohio 42, Lexington; Steven Maxwell, successor trustee, to Richard Barker and Daphne Swabado-Barker; $79,000

Vacant land, Kings Corners Road East, Lexington; Steve Maxwell, successor trustee, to Jonathan and Elise Watkins; $55,800

2745 Gass Road, Mansfield; John Garber to Renovate 1st, LLC; $175,000

1787 W. Hanley Road, Lexington; Juli Craft, trustee, to Kayla and Robert Kleintank; $150,000

3579 Needham Road, Lexington; Donald Kaufman to Edward Taylor; $250,500

106 Gatton Drive, Bellville; William Hunt to Thomas and Emma Wheeler; $250,000

1391 Lexington-Springmill Road, Mansfield; Diana Lands to Tristan Baldy; $120,000


1270 Keefer Road, Mansfield; Kevin Horsley to Steve Burnell and Amanda Keener; $150,000

Pulver Road, Lucas; Timothy and Jeanne Alexander to Danielle and Charles Stinehour III; $379,350

41 Deerfield Drive, Bellville; Charles Stephenson to Daniel and Debra Cooper; $128,500

588 Orchard Drive East, Mansfield; Mitchel and Chanara Beer to Cliffton and Michele Cromberg; $236,125

Vacant land, Scenic Drive, Mansfield; Nancy Slinker to Harley and Christine Heston; $4,375

571 Cliffside Drive, Mansfield; Giovanni Masi to Aaron Behr; $210,000

Vacant land, Garver Road, Mansfield; Connie Patterson to Jordan and Maria Phillips; $20,000

480 Garver Road, Mansfield; James Lavigne to Benjamin Mellott; $199,000

1230 Timbercliff Drive, Mansfield; Scarlet Properties, LLC, to Angela Freund; $153,000

511 Sherwood Drive, Mansfield; Adam and Brianne Drinkard to Ryan and Ashley Burdine; $195,000

2009 Greenbriar Drive, Mansfield; Gunther Munch, trustee, to Mark and Beth Reitler; $351,000


1895 Osbun Road, Mansfield; Cory Hornikel to Mathew Casper and Hannah Shepherd; $210,000

1440 Pittinger Road, Mansfield; Russell and Rhonda Radcliffe to Holly and Ronald Benedict III; $195,000

3245 Robinson Road, Mansfield; Carl Bricker to Richard Swisher; $120,000

2310 Pavonia Road, Mansfield; Betty Volz, trustee, to Carl Bricker, Richard Swisher and Cristy Ward; $120,000


Possum Run Road, Bellville; Mark Cole to R. Scott Wood and Lisa Yarger; $2,500

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