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The Woodside Estates mobile home park at 1322 Paddock Drive was recently sold for $1,012,500, according to the Richland County Auditor's Office.

A mobile home park on Mansfield's north side recently sold for $1,012,500, according to recent property transfers filed with the Richland County Auditor's Office.

The Woodside Estates mobile home park at 1322 Paddock Drive was sold by Woodside Estates Mansfield, LLC, to Mansfield MHP 2, LLC, according to the auditor's office.

The park, which reportedly has 86 sites, is located just north of West Longview Avenue, between Trimble and Home roads.

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Other recent property transfers, according to the auditor's office, include:


922 and 928 Hollywood Lane, Mansfield; Brian Griesbach to Scott and Kayla Aungst; $120,000

595 Sequoia Lane, Mansfield; Douglas Warga to Wells Fargo Bank; $83,334

1559 Bridgewater Way South, Mansfield; James and JoAnne Hatvany to Douglas and Mary Mancini; $257,000

698 Rustic Lane, Mansfield; Lois Gabor and Billie Jean Smith to Matthew and Erica Zartman; $110,500

1227 Springbrook Drive, Mansfield; Jaclyn and Richard Almeda to Gabriel and Zoe Almeda; $140,000

310 Greendale Ave., Mansfield; Aretha Grier to Kelli Carpenter; $39,000

349 Third Ave., Mansfield; Lewis and Jenny Lambert to Matthew and Kristina Lyons; $11,000

291 Sturges Ave., Mansfield; Marilyn Young to Betty Hout; $36,000

33 Chilton Ave., Mansfield; A&O, LLC, to Levi Tupuola; $65,500

1198 Charwood Road, Mansfield; Dale Muetzel to Dennis and Barbara Snelson; $132,150

123 Glenwood Blvd., Mansfield; S. Paul and Tamara Kemerling to Julianna Akuchie; $86,000

335 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; Phillip Enzerra to Michael Thompson; $85,000

408 Sixth Ave., Mansfield; John and Marsha Hill to Andrew Combs; $52,000

Orchard Drive, Mansfield; James and Eva Brundage to Kari Gerstenberger and Tim Niswander, co-trustees; $1,000

635 Orchard Drive, Mansfield; James and Eva Brundage to Jasmin Reed; $130,000

43 W. Prospect St., Mansfield; Sherri Timmons to Charles and Annette Hoffman; $45,500

564 Townview Circle East, Mansfield; Alfred and Jacquelyn Neumann to Jaceda Blazef; $80,000

1741 Emerson Drive, Lexington; Adam and Tabytha Sidders to Debra Williams; $125,900

70 W. Fourth St., Mansfield; 70 W. 4th Street, LLC, to D&D Management Group, LLC; $249,000

317 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; Richard and Mary Ann Mellor to Jordan and Talon Baker; $52,000

622 Yale Drive, Mansfield; Beverly Baxter to Gregory Johnson and Alexis Heuss; $86,500

763 York St., Mansfield; Getz Builders, Inc., to Craig and Kimberly Underwood; $292,000

630 Hahn Road, Mansfield; Estate of Ralph Rogers to TPO Properties, LLC; $32,175.73

40 W. 1st St., Mansfield; Diana Tridico to Ron and Lori Biddle; $25,000

49 Oxford Ave., Mansfield; Daniel and Kaylin Williams to Suzelia Weatherbee; $63,000

96 Stewart Ave., Mansfield; Jamie Amsbaugh FKA Jamie McMillen to Pamela Farley; $60,000

1242 Springbrook Drive, Mansfield; Larry McCorkle to Zachary and Melissa Rinehart; $211,700

643 Coleman Road, Mansfield; Vaughn and Miriam Loose to Matthew Couch; $125,557

1125 Burkwood Road, Mansfield; One House at a Time, LLC, to Brittany Patton; $174,900

277 Cline Ave., Mansfield; Pradyumna and Hemalatha Padival to WITS Income Tax, Inc.; $140,000

1655 Riva Ridge Drive, Mansfield; Pamer Investment Group, Ltd., to Riva Ridge Properties, LLC; $255,000

1268 Woodville Road, Mansfield; Donald Miller to Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC; $46,228

1664 Pin Oak Trail, Mansfield; Michael and Juanita Getz to Gregory and Beth Owens; $329,000

1251 Lexington Ave., Mansfield; Pamer Investment Group, Ltd., to Lex Ave Properties, LLC; $200,000

493 Townview Circle, Mansfield; Seth and Christine Motter to Frescia Poth; $120,000

396 Grace St., Mansfield; National Asset Opportunity Fund, LLC, to Tiffany Hartman; $23,000

364 Fairlawn Ave., Mansfield; Jessica Mitchell to Synergy Property Solutions, Inc.; $36,000

1425 Middle Bellville Road, Mansfield; Marcia Volkmer to Larry Merwine; $75,000

538 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; Gayle Davis, trustee, to Archie and Ruby Stevens; $37,000

569 Glendale Blvd., Mansfield; James Day to Gillian Vantilburg; $112,000

351 Newman St., Mansfield; Kenneth Urwin to MPW Redux, LLC; $5,000

680 Davis Road, Mansfield; Jerry Mabee to Calvin and Robert Lavigne; $224,000

1800 Stoney Ridge Court, Mansfield; Debra Newlon and Karen Newlon to Leonard Arnold and Kristin Bishop-Arnold; $148,900

1171 Cook Road, Mansfield; Ronald and Molly Kreuter to Peter Galentine; $182,500

Vacant land, Ashland Road, Mansfield; Jonathan Liggett to Joe Crain; $1,500

62 Bartley Ave., Mansfield; Carly Rentals, LLC, to Everett Marks; $27,500

430 Sturges Ave., Mansfield; Stephan Reich to Brian and Jennifer Dickerson; $72,000

364 Second Ave., Mansfield; Alan and Shirley Gray to HR Enterprises, LLC; $18,000

Steltz Lane, Mansfield; Judy Perry to Robert Crabbs; $25,000

Vacant lot, Gettings Place, Mansfield; Jerry and Janet Stackhouse to Jasmin Reed; $250

627 Hawthorne Lane, Mansfield; David Keller, trustee, to Matthew Christian and Jenniffer De Chavez Christian; $302,000


3175 Park Ave. West, Ontario; Isobel Ridenour aka Belle Ridenour to Royal Drone Services, LLC; $68,000

Vacant lot, Pearl Street, Ontario; Joseph Kudka to Ark of Central Ohio, LLC; $2,500

Lewis Road, Ontario; Seigneur Fox Construction, LLC, to Dakota West; $22,000

3109 Hemlock Place, Mansfield; Donald and Sonya Duffey to Adam and Jennifer Boughton; $216,000

513 Cline Ave., Mansfield; Rachelle Ashbrook to Christina Greene; $79,000

153 Home Road South, Ontario; William and Dorothy Ellenfield Living Trust to HBI Investments, LLC; $25,000

3690 Pearl St., Ontario; Terry and Jennifer Walton to Ace Investments, LLC; $29,011

47 Rudy Road, Ontario; Jennifer and Michael Kieffer to Wynnsio and Allyssa Lydy; $140,000

272 Camelot Lane, Ontario; Robin and Calvin Lavigne to Patrick and Amy Curran; $465,900

765 Larry Court, Ontario; Robert and Sonya Ohl to Brian and Kelli Them; $36,000

1956 Teakwood Drive, Ontario; Brian and Kelli Them to Pratik Patel; $229,000

107 Sloboda Ave., Ontario; Brenton Farina to Russell Potter and Shaun Potter; $20,150

107 Sloboda Ave., Ontario; Brenton Farina to Russell Potter and Shaun Potter; $181,350

1740 Park Ave. West, Ontario; Sarah Hoggard to HMN Properties, LLC; $124,000

504 Lewis Road, Ontario; Ryan and Erica Rush to Seth Roberts; $118,000

1616 Walker Lake Road, Ontario; Kathryn Tinkham to Mickie Spears; $114,000

433 Rosewood Court, Ontario; Jerry and Margaret Landis to Roger Dailey; $89,900

3666 Mary Lou Lane South, Ontario; John and Cyntia Krauskopf to Ivy and Brian Stitak; $160,900


124 W. Main St., Shelby; Aaron and Trisene Barker to ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Shelby, LLC; $20,000

55 Marvin Ave., Shelby; Bruce and Brend Schraedly to Scott Tilton; $94,000

23 Bradley Ave., Shelby; Estate of Richard Cumberworth to Stephany Elgin; $93,000

400 Lorwood Drive East, Shelby; Francine Erre, Tammy Null and Pamela Dove to Innova Property Investments, LLC; $50,000

131 Mansfield Ave., Shelby; BK Shelby, LLC, to Samuel Coleman; $115,000

14 Taft St., Shelby; Kelly Schiffer to Carter Hayes and Megan Jones; $99,900

33 W. Gaylord Ave., Shelby; Nicholas and Jillian West to Andrew and Dani Kelbley; $119,000

122 Mansfield Ave., Shelby; Scott and Renee Wallace to Melinda Owen; $119,000

100 N. Gamble St., Shelby; Jean Lash, trustee, to Nathan and Jennifer Sautter; $65,000


46 Bell St., Bellville; Erik Shull to Hunter McKenna; $104,500

98 Derbyshire Road, Bellville; Peggy Chelski fka Peggy Meeks to Thomas Adamescu; $169,500


62 Woodside Blvd., Lexington; Jason and Andrea Murray to Jay and Laura Frost; $361,000

280 Silvercrest Drive, Lexington; Zachary and Melissa Rinehart to John Rosewood III; $165,000

280 Cedarwood Drive, Lexington; Reclaimed Restoration Group, LLC, to Christopher and Rebecca Standridge; $186,000

184 Mohican Trail, Lexington; Melissa Pugh to William and Ashley Warther; $125,500


85 First Ave., Lucas; Robert Vail to Daniel Arnold; $23,100


175 Beelman St., Plymouth; Jacob and Jessica Fidler to Holly and Stacy Paynter; $130,000

155 Springmill St., Plymouth; Earnestene Cunningham to Dwayne and Margaret Kimberlin; $27,500

39 Mills Ave., Plymouth; Michelle Gerhardstein, trustee, to Charles Gregory; $22,000

Vacant land, 42.94 acres, Ohio 61, Plymouth; Charlene Trago to Michael and Laura Kanney; $279,110

182 Trux St., Plymouth; Khsara Coll to Aundrea Cooper; $7,000


1959 Windsor Road, Mansfield; Estate of Jeffrey Scott Likes to Blue Shutter Custom Homes, LLC; $30,000


551 Ganges East Road, Shiloh; Garry Bly to Benjamin and Keely Burrer; $63,000


321 Bricker Road, Shiloh; Kim Yost to David and Pauline Zimmerman; $919,300

960 Amoy East Road, Mansfield; Lisa Downey, Eric Olson and Carl Olson to Klupp Investments, LLC; $62,175


1429 Bellville-Johnsville Road, Bellville; Jeffery and Kathy Bradshaw to Douglas and Jessica Gentile; $325,000

014-34-011-10-011 and 014-34-011-10-014, Bellville; Ralph and Deborah Ammons to Michael and Deborah Williams; $155,000

0 Ohio 13, Bellville; One Legend, LLC, to Stephen and Janice Knox; $93,600

4739 Rule Road, Bellville; John Shuly to Eric Berggren; $180,000

439 Rinehart Road, Bellville; Bradley and Geoff Baumberger to Holly Krzeminski; $220,000


Annfield Drive and Donnawood Drive, Mansfield; Countryside Allotment Water Association to Ronald and Toni Villers; $12,000

346 Vernon Road, Mansfield; Travis Legros to Anna Riggle; $60,000

1125 Woodside Drive, Mansfield; Tim and Diane Sublett to Mark and Jennifer Gossard; $45,000

1223 Belmont Ave., Mansfield; Jimmy and Keisha Curry to Michael Curry; $5,000

923 Burger Ave., Mansfield; Ronald and Holly Benedict to Charles and Patricia Hicks; $65,000

1161 Beal Road, Mansfield; Wendie Ritchie to James and Theresa Roberts; $142,000

754 Park Ave. East, Mansfield; Michael Atkeson to Jamie Wilson; $47,000

865 Duke Ave., Mansfield; Jawad Okab to Najie Okab; $100,000

0 Beal Road, Mansfield; Clifford Isch to Brent Lotz; $4,000

398 Lee Lane, Mansfield; Chloe and Michael Shea to Patricia Coleman; $60,000

1363 Poth Road, Mansfield; J. Kirk and Nicole Wilson to William Dowd; $35,500

825 Mayflower Drive, Mansfield; Donna Harding, Penny Stone, Larry Heiser and Elsie Heiser to Michael Alamanteoff; $75,000

1565 McElroy Road, Mansfield; Estate of Barbara Inglis to Jesse Kehl; $72,500

9 Stewart Road, Mansfield; Cory Blankenship to Lisa and Mike Crank; $68,500

955 Belmont Ave., Mansfield; Derrell and Earlene Hall to James Davis Jr.; $79,900

1138-1154 Benedict Ave., Mansfield; Vicki Bond to David and Martha Zickefoose; $15,000

1006 Dresden Drive, Mansfield; Robert and Pamela LaRue, co-trustees, to Chase Gough; $123,500


588 Dogwood Circle, Mansfield; Patricia Coleman to Daniel and Tammy Schulte; $142,000

410 Pinewood Circle, Mansfield; Valorie Wirick to Joshua and Tina Neal; $200,000

601 Ironwood Drive, Mansfield; Joshua and Tina Neal to David and Holli Brummett; $163,000

2390 Haviland Court, Mansfield; Edward and Mary Stone to Dalton and Kayla Lowe; $144,000

977 Becky Drive, Mansfield; Geraldine Barre to Dan and Kay Leclair; $105,700

1810 Bowen Road, Mansfield; Stella Phelps to Clear Creek Rentals; $47,500

1738 Park Ave. East, Mansfield; Maria and Dean Beal to Towne Mortgage Company; $48,000

840 Koogle Road, Mansfield; Heidi Plan to Jason Schwalm; $75,000

1666 Honeysuckle Drive, Mansfield; Tyler Clow to Richard Fraley Jr.; $139,000

Ashland Road, Mansfield; Tina Becherer wtta Tina Dunn to Superior Cleaning & Recovery, LLC; $11,000


4203 Gladden Road, Lucas; Alma Kurtz to Bryce and Jennifer Ernsberger; $80,000

1723 Ohio 603, Lucas; Lee and Patricia Minor to Dakota Lowe and Brennan Smith; $109,200


4768 Millsboro Road West, Galion; Jeffery and Jennifer Click to Daniel Simmons; $109,000

Vacant lot, 1.225 acres, Ohio 97, Galion; David Schuler to Ryan Crossen and Shelly Gehrisch; $5,500


39 Windemere Drive, Shelby; Jacob Penwell, trustee, to Glenn and Mary Ann Alsept; $99,900


2261 Alta West Road, Mansfield; William and Trudy Miracle to Stanley and Tamara Kemerling; $257,000

0 Palomar Drive, Mansfield; Valerie Trumpower to Michael and Kristy Frost; $49,900

1185 Ohio 314, Mansfield; Steven and Valorie Toth to Valorie and David Wirick; $285,000

1071 Sheirer Road, Mansfield; Nahed Farag, trustee of the Nahed Farag Revocable Trust, to Jeffrey and Chanda Archer; $490,000

1051 S. Springmill Road, Mansfield; Randall Brown III to Brian Hunt; $206,000

591 Cliffside Drive, Mansfield; Nicholas and Kaylin Brecht to Paul and Leah O'Brien; $153,000

Rock Road, Mansfield; Kenneth Biglin to Callie and Joshua Mullins; $30,000


2935 Rolling Meadows Drive, Lexington; Shane and Holly Hostetler to Jason and Andrea Murray, co-trustees; $421,000


1837 Barberry Drive, Mansfield; Brian and Abby Snyder to George Rusiska III; $131,000

470 Heidi Lane, Mansfield; Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, to Glenn and Karen Maglott; $72,500

1996 Farmbrook Road, Lexington; James Alexander, trustee, to Sarah Smith; $125,000

612 Walnut Drive North, Mansfield; Nicola Noel to Jonathan and Carla Stevens; $161,000

568 Orchard Drive East, Lexington; Gregory and Beth Owens to Michael and Angela Dailey; $186,000

2044 Random Drive, Mansfield; Nicholas Durchik to Melanie and Patrick Erienbach; $200,000

1865 Mansfield-Washington Road, Mansfield; Terry and Tosha Gerhart to Tyler Clow; $255,000

2131 Ranchwood Drive, Mansfield; Dorothy Nikolaus and Karla Mitchell to Andrew and Brianna Heath; $133,000

45 Yoha Drive, Mansfield; Paul Zernis and Debra Billesbach to Leo and Cathy Kiley; $135,500

4200 Opossum Run Road, Bellville; Moussa Khalil and Alanna Khalil, trustees, to Rachel Loos; $2,000

1255 E. Henley Road, Mansfield; Estate of Robert Vail to Darrin and Jennifer Colegrove; $160,000


3479 Olivesburg Road, Mansfield; Jessia Hughes to Joshua and Crystal Hughes; $75,000


4605 Bott Road, Bellville; Robert Harris to Jamie Prokopchuk; $55,000

16.012 acres, Snyder Road, Bellville; James Wilson, trustee of the James Wilson Living Trust, to Michael and Haley Donofrio; $104,078

14.126 acres, Snyder Road, Bellville; James O. Wilson, trustee, to James and Nicole Wilson; $70,630

4427 Brokaw Road, Butler; Thomas and Karla Mitchell to Andrew Kauffman; $380,000

73.225 acres, North Liberty Road, Butler; James Wilson, trustee, to Mark and Jennifer Brockmeyer; $366,125

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