Munchies Dairy Bar, located at 460 Biscayne Drive in Mifflin Township, was recently sold for $167,000. (Photo by Carl Hunnell)

MIFFLIN TOWNSHIP -- A popular dairy bar and restaurant in Mifflin Township sold recently for $167,000, according to recent property transfers filed with the Richland County Auditor's Office.

Munchies Dairy Bar, 460 Biscayne Drive just off Ohio 430, was purchased by Miller's Concessions, LLC, from The McClead Irrevocable Heritage Trust.

Miller's Concessions was incorporated on March 25, according to documents filed with the Ohio Secretary of State's Office. Its listed agent is Sarah Miller, 937 Springmill St., in Mansfield.

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Other recent Richland County property transfers include:


1480 Royal Oak Drive, Mansfield; Susan and Wayman Musick to Keith and Peggy Williams; $193,500.

136 Parkwood Blvd., Mansfield; Xue Zhang Chen to Jason Beaman; $104,000.

245 W. Fourth St., Mansfield; Point Zero Health, LLC, to Larry Merwine; $22,770.

334 Stadium St., Mansfield; Joseph Jerger, commissioner of the estate of Roberta Hill, to Donald Frank; $25,000.

203 Dolan Court, Mansfield; Anthony and Diane Norris to Tra'Cario Martin; $3,000.

437 Brenda Drive, Mansfield; David and Rose Jane Schwartz to Rondal Stone; $74,600.

533 Kennedy Drive, Mansfield; Tina Thompson, Janet Marged and Lorraine Nicholson to R. Douglas and Janet Coole; $140,000.

420 Central Ave., Mansfield; Brenda Lindsey fka Brenda Thompson to Kelly Mann; $36,000.

72 N. Brookwood Way, Mansfield; Estate of Irma Hager to David and Shelbie Robbins; $75,100.

433 Parkview St., Mansfield; HG Enterprise, LLC, to RJ&RD Investments, LLC; $72,000.

797 Floral Court, Mansfield; David and Judy Mock to Alexis Dilley; $56,650.

451 Brenda Drive, Mansfield; Thomas and Janet Keen to Edna and Margrit Bautz; $75,000.

465 Marion Ave., Mansfield; James Butler to Tyler Congdon; $15,000.

263 Rae Ave., Mansfield; Mary Lou Rachel to Joseph and Joyce Brown; $34,513.

147 Dawson Ave., Mansfield; Shane Gearhart to Dale Walters; $84,500.

311 N. Townview Circle, Mansfield; Kristina Triner to Danielle and Marshall Graham; $109,900.

1563 Bridgewater Way South, Mansfield; L. Diane and John Gurik to Robert and Robin Thompson; $235,000.

918 Cecilwood Road, Mansfield; Jeanie Cushing and Lawrence Schreck to Janie and Clifford Riley; $55,000.

943 Curtis Dr., Mansfield; Frank Z. Nemeth III and Frank Nemeth Jr. to Robert Meyer; $150,000.

317 Reform St., Mansfield; Debra and Raymond Herschler to Christina McGuire; $53,000.

135 Poplar St., Mansfield; Kingdom First Properties, LLC, to MyTrusts, LLC; $13,176.50.

70 Hedges St., Mansfield; Richelle Schunatz to Angela Henke; $4,750.

29 Helen Ave., Mansfield; Austin 512, LLC, to Howard Brice Seltz-Miller; $19,500.

131 Buckeye Ave., Mansfield; Caleb Barney to Michael and Ashly Hull; $22,000.

267 W. First St., Mansfield; Mary Lou Raybuck to Justin Gerwig; $37,800.

317 Home Ave., Mansfield; U.S. Bank Trust to A&M Properties of Mansfield, LLC; $14,900.

2030 Whippoorwill Lane, Mansfield; Eileen Christus to Marie LaYacona; $155,000.

471 Fifth Ave., Mansfield; Martha Cains to Wells Fargo Bank; $28,000.

462 Wood St., Mansfield; David Taylor to Michael Atkeson; $30,100.

119 Boston Ave., Mansfield; Vicki Smith to MidFirst Bank; $42,000.

1707 Dougwood Drive, Lexington; David and Kimberley Martin to Jacob and Kaylie Maniaci; $170,000.

208 Rhein Ave., Mansfield; Alexander Griffeth to Tess Partin; $62,500.

1231 Silver Lane, Mansfield; Carolyn Parker to James and Tashia Beasley; $94,500.

187 Blymyer Ave., Mansfield; Arnold and Joanne Kelley to Mona Williams and Monique Yelton; $22,000.

1871 Nottingham Court, Mansfield; Paul Workman to Maria Naumoff and Deon'te Weatherspoon; $202,500.

250 rear W. Sixth St., Mansfield; Jones Investments IV, LLC, to Brandon Wolf Properties, LLC; $6,000.

1052-1060 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; Lawrence Shin to S.S.L. Properties, LLC; $130,000.

78 Greenwood Ave., Mansfield; Frederick Timko IV to Andre Craig; $20,570.

1525 Royal Oak Trail, Mansfield; Mechanics Bank, successor trustee of The John Brown Trust, to Richard and Amy Masters; $235,000.

39 Marion Ave., Mansfield; MedCentral Health System to Mansfield-Urban Minority Alcoholism Drug Abuse Outreach Program; $120,000.

117 Oxford Ave., Mansfield; Janet Welch to Douglas Collins; $15,500.

59 Shaffner Boulevard, Mansfield; Charles and June Leasure to Daniel and Betty Woodland, trustees of The Woodland Family Trust; $143,000.

445 Hammond Ave., Mansfield; Andrew Miller to Bradley Brammer; $17,000.

449 Berlyn Court, Mansfield; Larry Lindamood to Ashley Throckmorton; $96,900.

825 Forest Drive, Mansfield; Hazel Rickey to Jacqualine Atkinson; $35,000.

559 S. Main St., Mansfield; Joshua and Karen Pryor to Daniel Barnhill; $30,000.

257 Cline Ave., Mansfield; Jon and Amber VanHouten to Brandon Penny; $55,000.

648 Glendale Blvd., Mansfield; Marla Arbutina to Barbara and Dale Guernsey Jr.; $79,900.

566 Harter Ave., Mansfield; Pamela Gural to Bryan Trubachik; $3,500.

440 Sturges Ave., Mansfield; Agnes Kis to Steven and Brittany Jewett; $84,500.

1548 Brookpark Drive, Mansfield; Linda Crum to David Au and Emily Petrovic; $209,000.

364 Topaz Ave., Mansfield; Shannon Melton to Derek and Summer Smith; $50,000.

556 Heineman Blvd., Mansfield; North End Community Improvement Collaborative, Inc., to Joseph and Molly Orsini; $25,000.

165 Cliffbrook Drive, Mansfield; Amber Bowman to Fernanda Jimenez and Timothy Abney; $77,000.

East Fifth Street and North Franklin Ave., Mansfield; Mick and Diana Tridico to Carousel Properties, LLC; $50,000.

North Main Street, Mansfield; Diana Tridico to Engwiller Properties, Inc.; $4,000.

451 W. Cook Road, Mansfield; Robert Allen to Joseph James; $87,000.

1584 Brookpark Drive, Mansfield; Kirk and Connie Hoffman to Jonathan and Cassidy Getz; $200,000.

431 Brenda Drive, Mansfield; Michael Mosely and Robert Mosely to Alexis Arnold; $69,900.

437 Howard St., Mansfield; Fresh Startz, LLC, to Bixley Properties, LLC; $12,500.

69 S. Foster St., Mansfield; Josh Buren to Timothy Mack; $7,500.

63 W. Blanche St., Mansfield; Kaja Holdings, LLC, to INOC, LLC; $1,000.

1025 Laurelwood Road, Mansfield; Peter and Susan Pariser Roberts to David and Joan Parsons; $126,000.

184 Bennett St., Mansfield; Joseph Donaldson to Tori Miller; $72,000.

761 Abbott Drive, Mansfield; Sandra Long to Jennifer Snyder; $52,894.

82 Sturges Ave., Mansfield; Bryan and Holly DeBolt to Joe Spangler; $105,000.


1938 Sandelwood Drive, Ontario; Teakwood Properties, LLC, to Louis and Kathleen Salvati; $158,000.

669 Villa Drive, Ontario; Praveen Vaidya to Chad and Deena Pfahler; $127,000.

451 N. Rock Road, Ontario; Ronald Dille to Richard and Susan Shaw; $225,000.

59.197 acres, State Route 309 and 314, Ontario; Stuart Pressey, trustee, to Walnut Grain Farms, LLC; $394,295.

3241 Beverly Lane, Mansfield; Betty Jean Hout to Bank of America, N.A.; $106,000.

113 Sloboda Ave., Ontario; Betty Simon to Sara Phillips; $160,000.

3175 Ponderosa Ave., Ontario; Roddy and Brooke Roose to Tyler and Erika Myers; $230,000.

320 Pearl St., Ontario; Chris Moyer to Eric Kruso; $59,500.

145 Rudy Road, Ontario; Conrad and Sheila Newport to Amy and Joshua Bradley; $165,500.

1795 Victoria Court, Ontario; Joshua Crawford to Chevi Woolridge and Cade Brown; $125,000.

1777 Park Ave. West; Ontario; Dale Rader, trustee, to Ashley Bowman; $72,000.

270 Lexington Ave., Mansfield; Ward Argust to Van Harlingen Properties, LLC; $61,751.03.

683 Scott Drive, Ontario; Marc Harris to Connie DeVinney; $100,000.

1608 Park Ave. West, Ontario; Magnolia Rentals, LLC, to Jennifer Wise; $105,000.

2006-2030 August Drive, Ontario; Alpha Opportunity Fund I, LLC, to URIM Partners, LLC; $680,000.

Fairway Crossing, Ontario; Hoffman Family Revocable Living Trust to Rebecca Kinsey; $55,000.


72 Auburn Ave., Shelby; Holly Fritz fka Holly Hartman to James Parker; $85,500.

35 E. Fourth St., Shelby; Roger and Diane Hicks to Patricia Saltzgaber; $55,000.

176 W. Park Dr., Shelby; Care Free Properties, LLC, to Cody and Megan Lusk; $71,600.

35 River View Dr., Shelby; Jeffrey Fort and Scott Carter to Cathy Biglin; $155,000.

100 W. Smiley Ave., Shelby; JJB Rentals, LLC, to Phileo Properties, LLC; $70,000.

75 N. Gamble St., Shelby; DayMark Trustee, LLC, to BPDM Properties 2018-2, LLC; $80,000.

87 N. Gamble St., Shelby; M. Sidote Capital, LLC, to Lisa Krebs; $14,900.

10 W. Gaylord Ave., Shelby; Carl Schroeder to Morgan Yates; $75,000.

52 Independence Drive, Shelby; Matthew and Bonnie Stine to Dana Collins, John Bishop and Paul Bishop; $155,000.

233 W. Main St., Shelby; Michael Reeder to Jason and Samantha Hotz; $40,000.

24 Plum Ave., Shelby; Johnny and Misty Rice to Jacob Trent and Lauren Murphy-Ohler; $66,900.

36 W. Park Drive, Shelby; Bank of New York Mellon to Timothy Coleman; $28,500.

43 E. Whitney Ave., Shelby; Timothy and Chendra Korbas to Holly Colosimo; $79,000.

32 Sharon St., Shelby; Adam and Laura Stine to Jordan Grant; $77,000.

23 Sharon St., Shelby; Richland County Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Carl Schroeder; $25,000.

37 Grand Blvd., Shelby; Jonathan and Nicole Suter to Kimberly and Jeffrey Barnett; $145,000.

Rock Road, Shelby; Jan Dick, sole remaining trustee of the Dick Family Trust, to Rickey and Beverly Johnston; $2,000.

14 Bradley Ave., Shelby; Denise Workman to Jamie Graska; $86,000.

66 Pearl Drive, Shelby; Kent and Kathy Snyder to Nathan and Kimberly Kaple; $169,000.

53 Walnut St., Shelby; CR 2018, LLC, to Donald Shepherd Jr.; $24,500.


207 Markey St., Bellville; Linda Wittmer, executrix of the estate of Lucille Spoon, to Luke and Brittney Wittmer; $70,000.

369 W. Durbin Circle, Bellville; Ronald Sautter to Richard and Shaire Pohlabel; $200,000.

214 Riverside Drive, Bellville; Matthew Volz to Ayla Starcher to Jaime Krause; $157,000.

106 Worshire Road, Bellville; Colt and Emily Browne to MRD Properties of Richland County, LLC; $143,000.

193 Fitting Ave., Bellville; Aaron Dearth to Benjamin and Denise Bethea; $71,000.

V/L Lots, Bellville; Clearfork Valley Properties, LLC, to JR Hilltop, LLC; $70,000.


190 Reeder Drive, Butler; Susan Harris-Heald, trustee of the Harris Keystone Inheritance, to Kathleen Wade; $148,000.

85 Drummond St., Butler; James Craner to Robert and Deanna Snyder; $125,000.


531 Cedarwood Drive, Lexington; Matthew and Brianne Liddick to Nicole Gearhart; $226,000.

277 Sherwood Drive, Mansfield; A. James McKown to Kayla and Nathaniel Shifley; $118,000.

2803 Summerview Court, Lexington; Ronnie Owens and Ann Medina to Jessica and Matthew Schwabe; $232,000.

214 Hanover Road, Lexington; Bonita Richter to Hanna and Aaron Sanders; $50,000.

132 W. Main St., Lexington; Shirley Smith, trustee of the Franklin Sauder Trust, to Olivia and Luke Robertson; $107,900.

33 Elmwood Place, Lexington; Elizabeth Youse to Justin and Jessica Berry; $315,000.

235 Hanover Road, Lexington; Eric Hall to James Loyer and Valerie Zuercher; $108,000.

Breton Drive, Lexington; John and Ruth Hoffman to Andrew and Elizabeth Vallance; $50,000.

455 W. Main St., Lexington; Jennifer Smith fka Jennifer Colle to Eric Hall; $137,500.

205 Darby Drive, Lexington; John Myers to Dustin Endicott; $127,250.

189 Hanover Road, Lexington; Gerald and Alice Frazier to Ronnie Owens and Ann Rouselle Medina; $110,000.


6 Railroad St., Lucas; U.S. Bank National Association to Daniel and Ashley Oldfield; $4,500.


State Route 545, Ashland; D. Dane and Pamela Donahue to Tammy Stackhouse; $10,000.


318 State Route 603, Shiloh; Joyce Oney to Wayne Burkholder; $106,000.

428 State Route 603, Shiloh; Justin Sensenig to Alvin and Ruth Ann Sensenig; $113,000.

5698 Reynolds Road, Shiloh; James and Mary Hartschuh to Justin Sensenig; $340,000.


7691 Townline Road, Shelby; Maxine McWilliams Trust to Mark and Marian Martin; $140,000.


2334 Bowman St., Mansfield; Derrell Hall to Zachary Wheeler; $114,000.

Brubaker Creek Road, Mansfield; Clara Kissel to Jacob and Melissa Lawrence; $100,000.


2610 Stiving Road, Mansfield; Colton and Krista Dull to Charles and Dana Endicott; $12,000.

4280 Laser Road, Shelby; Michael and Marie Mohr to Nathaniel and Amy McNary; $256,000.

3556 State Route 39, Shelby; Craig Harvey to Vernon and Ronda Sherman; $80,000.

2796 Taylortown Road, Shelby; The Estate of Janice Berry to Berlyn and Onedra Esbenshade; $122,500.


1621 Riggle Road, Bellville; Jerry and Deidra Cochran to Jeff and Sherry Layne; $15,000.

1554 Wagner Road, Butler; James and DeEtta Divelbiss to Russell and Kelly Hoffer; $65,000.

Vacant land, Honey Creek Road, Bellville; Stephen and Shelley Hughett to Bradley and Rebecca Walker; $45,000.


967 Donnawood Drive, Mansfield; Marguerite Dehanis to Austin and Renee Getz; $135,000.

633 Kentucky Ave., Mansfield; Daniel and Sharon Boroff to Robin Remaley; $26,000.

932 Benedict Ave., Mansfield; Clarence and Stacie Shoemaker to Linda King; $46,500.

1082 Springmill St., Mansfield; Swifty Oil, LLC, to Springmill Properties, LLC; $15,000.

489 Connor Drive, Mansfield; MTGLQ Investors, LP, to BLB Residential Properties, LLC; $16,500.

1756 Bowman St., Mansfield; AEJN, LLC, to Edward and Natalie Thomas; $259,900.

998 Herring Ave., Mansfield; Johnny and Martha Greer to Laminda and Stephen Lott; $42,000.

1876 Beal Road, Mansfield; Nicole Yates to Jacob and Danielle Baumberger; $177,500.

1073 Keller Drive, Mansfield; Scott Verduce and Laura Payne to Shawn Stahl; $72,000.

969 Grace St., Mansfield; Honradez Investmen Group, LLC, to Nathan Hickerson; $19,300.

1645 Beal Road, Mansfield; David and Georgetta Groh to Oak Wood Developers; $53,000.

1683-1689 Anglewood Drive, Mansfield; Frederick and Caroline Barabani to E.D.A. Blue Meadows, LLC; $105,000.

1194 Lucas Road, Mansfield; Austin and Renee Getz to Joshua and Stevie Reiss; $107,700.

1095 Woodside Drive, Mansfield; Thomas and Dawn Ferrell to Ashley Moore; $59,900.

1160 Fleming Falls Road, Mansfield; Estate of Anna Klupp to Gordon and Tonya Flannigan; $126,000.

1077 Burger Ave., Mansfield; Dennis and Betty Jo Koehler to Dennis Skovranek; $17,000.

1234 Lenox Ave., Mansfield; Doris Setser to Robert and Kalie Daugherty; $63,500.

936 Springmill St., Mansfield; Alt Holding, LLC, to Rita Moore; $35,000.

1544 Timber Road, Mansfield; Matthew McClain to Lauren Brown; $70,000.

1049 Crestwood Drive, Mansfield; Sylvia Pittenger to Stephanie Thompson; $82,500.

810 Piper Road, Mansfield; Mark and Bridget McDaniel to Roger and Tracey Chacey; $185,000.

1060-1062 Neil Circle North, Mansfield; Elizabeth Gadd to Robert Loveland Jr.; $140,000.

1524 Anglewood Drive, Mansfield; John and Kelsey Gardner to Anthony Boscia; $120,000.


511 Harland Road, Mansfield; Theresa Blount to Jeffrey Bishop; $235,000.

1860 Hulit Road, Mansfield; Linda Pittenger to Joseph Boyette and Kimberly Clark; $85,000.

2256 Park Ave. East, Mansfield; Cook Real Estate Investments, LLC, to SS Burdick, LLC; $300,000.

987 Laver Road, Mansfield; James and Kimberly Blevins to John Jaholnckyj; $50,000.

1991 & 1997 Farmdale Road, Mansfield; Bryan and Angella Lambert to Aperta Properties, LLC; $34,325.

1252 Laver Road, Mansfield; Leslie Workman to Dean Squires; $10,000.

2413 Haviland Court, Mansfield; Karen Eichler to Matthew and Maria Dickman; $95,000.

1937 Ashland Road, Mansfield; William Hairston to Chip Mullins; $105,000.

2650 State Route 430, Mansfield; Brandon Bowles to Terry Pryor; $115,000.

798 Winterberry Place, Mansfield; Kenneth and Jennifer Black to Billie Jo Palmer; $115,000.

926 Becky Drive, Mansfield; Fixed Up Properties, LLC, to Melissa Shannon; $129,000.

590 Inwood Drive, Mansfield; Nathan Stump to David and Jamie Cales; $195,000.

McBride Road, Mansfield; Michael and Dona Zeigler to Lance Talley; $48,000.

1526 Windsor Road, Mansfield; Ruth Bosley and Mary Lou Peters to James Long; $120,000.


2490 Moffett Road, Lucas; Robert and Robin Thompson to Aaron and Jodi Trumpower; $357,000.

3115 Gladden Road, Lucas; Jay Harris to Chad and Patricia Kingery; $290,000.

3755 Mount Zion Road, Lucas; Aaron Trumpower to Jessica Blanton and Levi Harris; $244,900.

Hastings Road, Lucas; Howard and Mary Stotts to Matthew and Catherine Burrell; $16,000.


1837 Read Road, Bellville; Harry Crosby to Robin Remaley; $27,000.

4990 Algire Road, Bellville; Douglas and Vicky Obenour to Austin and Libby Javurek; $73,000.

2119 Bellville Johnsville Road, Bellville; Stephen Lakes, trustee of the Lakes Family Irrevocable Trust, to John and Callie Robertson; $126,500.


4248 Opdyke Road, Plymouth; Claude and Janet Ousley to Charles and Linda Waddles; $233,000.


5411 Lincoln Highway, Crestline; Alan Gray to Ralph and Christine West; $179,900.

332 N. Columbus St., Crestline; Lakewood Farms to Michael and Vicki Rowe; $40,000.


19.922 acres, Sharon Twp., Shelby; Michael and Mary Rietschlin to Mark and Lucy Rietschlin; $180,000.

West State Street, Shelby; Lisa and Abel Hernandez Jr. to John and Lisa Rose; $5,500.


191 Rudy Road, Ontario; James and Sandra Crossland to Keith and Christine Strother; $210,000.

3140-3142 Springmill West Road, Mansfield; Smiley Rentals, LLC, to Broadview Mansfield, LLC; $104,900.

3965 Hook Road, Crestline; Kevin and Kimberly Payne to William Burgett; $378,805.

Cookton Grange Road, Mansfield; Bruce and Judith Moyer, co-trustees of The Moyer Family, to Jody Orewiler and Kimberly Orewiler; $82,000.

1271 Lewis Road, Ontario; Herman and Effie Copley to Gordon Rachel Jr.; $165,000.

2111 Springmill North Road, Mansfield; Tonya Kral and Michelle Scherpenisse and Laura Rebel to Jordan Galiardi; $163,000.

3199 Sherman Road, Mansfield; Tamara Marcantel to Robert and Katherine Saunders; $148,000.

4627 Park Ave. West, Ontario; Heidi Thew to Donald and Julie Starkey; $340,000.

Millsboro Road, Mansfield; Carlos and Stacy Sanjur to Scott and Molly Schuster; $30,000.

1034 State Route 314 South, Mansfield; Tyler Congdon to Andrew Bartram and Shelby Dewart; $144,000.


1890 Kings Corner Road, Lexington; Nicholas and Amy Monitello to Douglas and Ruth Ann Baumberger; $480,000.

1784 W. Hanley Road, Mansfield; Reginald Hopkins, Theresa Hopkins and Diane Hopkins to Ryan and Erika Hopkins; $93,000.

2831 State Route 97, Lexington; Joseph and Barbara Sanchez to Guy and Marilyn Brink; $297,000.

2781 Steam Corners Road, Lexington; Rebecca Tyo to Reclaimed Restoration Group, LLC; $75,000.

4316 Bloomingrove Road, Mansfield; Chad Kingery and Scott Sorensen to Timothy and Jean Labarge; $214,900.

2626 Texter Road, Lexington; Donald and Deborah Krauss to Roddy and Brooke Roose; $242,000.

3975 Mill Run Road, Lexington; Robert Richter, trustee, to Michael and Sherri Richter; $90,000.


2665 Lexington Ave., Lexington; Brian Humphrey to Douglas and Alyssa Frederick; 126,000.

376 Alexander Road West, Bellville; Robert Pigat to Timothy and Bethaney Steward; $149,900.

1361 Hathaway Road, Bellville; Pamela Frederick to Joseph Moffett; $126,000.

1755 Washington North Road, Mansfield; Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Michael and Abigail Lonas; $155,000.

1183 Keefer Road, Mansfield; David Garner to Eric and Rochelle Byus; $187,000.

3383 Possum Run Road, Mansfield; Debra Keene to John Boulton; $96,000.

2158 Meadowood Drive, Mansfield; Stephanie Manuella Beckley to Susan Everly and Christopher Moyer; $117,000.

144 E. Kochheiser Road, Bellville; Larry and Amy Mills to Ranelle Johns and Michael McDaniel; $140,000.

2260 Breezeway Drive, Mansfield; Kelly Rose to Valecia Madaris and Edward Jonnet; $187,000.


1885 Osbun Road, Mansfield; Dustin Endicott to Brittany Gulker; $132,550.

695 State Route 96 East, Shiloh; Berlyn Esbenshade, trustee, to Leroy and Lisa Zimmerman; $130,000.


Harris Road, Butler; Blesssing Acre Farms, LLC, to Paul and Emma Nisley; $231,000.

3833 Bellville North Road, Bellville; Estate of Roger Kilgore to Jessica Strange; $90,000.

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