Marion One building

The Marion One professional office building at 1 Marion Ave. downtown Mansfield recently sold for $935,000, according to property transfers filed with the Richland County Auditor's Office.

A well-known downtown Mansfield professional office building was recently sold for $935,000, according to recent property transfers filed with the Richland County Auditor's Office.

The Marion One building at 1 Marion Ave. was sold by The Kurt Stimens Revocable Trust to Renovate 1st, LLC, records show.

Renovate 1st, LLC, is a company headquartered in Northville, Mich., according to articles of incorporation filed in 2012 with the Ohio Secretary of State's Office.

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The paperwork lists David Yaney, 4550 Park Ave. West, as the current statutory agent and L. Dean Jabara as managing member.

Other recent property transfers filed with the Richland County Auditor's Office include:


336 Shepard Road, Mansfield; Barbara Kissell to Nathaniel Overmire; $137,500

571 Crescent Road, Mansfield; Charlene Spencer to Jeff and Penny Haring; $85,000

246 Davis Road, Mansfield; Catherine Mlay to Scott Them; $22,000

1909 Red Oak Trial, Mansfield; Andrew and Angela Elsaman, co-trustees, to Heidi Chambers and Bertram Haft III; $161,000

1000 Caldwell Ave., Mansfield; Robert Dye to Zachary Dollish; $22,500

527 Bryden Road, Mansfield; Shepherd Everson, Jr., to Renovate 1st, LLC; $35,000

509 Rembrandt St., Mansfield; Cody and Kandace Sexton to Emily Salser; $80,500

470 Lexington Ave., Mansfield; Amy Billa to Judith Brendus; $101,500

335 Townview Circle North, Mansfield; Alan and Dagney Campbell to Bulldog Capital, LLC; $123,550

415 Dale Ave., Mansfield; Dexter Group Trust to Equity Trust Company; $14,250

655 Bowman St., Mansfield; Jeffrey Hoffman to Ashley Hoffman and Cody Thompson; $3,500

150 Glenwood Blvd., Mansfield; Derek and Jennifer Green to Natalie Briggs and Patrick Mulcare II; $129,500

93 Flint St., Mansfield; James Eiffinger to Bryant Bailey; $7,000

568 Holiday Drive, Mansfield; Mark and Kari Davis to Gary and Doreen Tyree; $186,000

668 Andover Road, Mansfield; Adrienne Randall to Kevin Boyd, Malissa Boyd, Thomas Boyd and Anne Boyd; $152,700

535 Russell Road, Mansfield; Timothy Skulski to Brennan and Elizabeth Skulski; $123,500

129 Elderberry Drive, Mansfield; IDEAL Property Investors, LLC, to Kandace and Cody Sexton; $157,500

20 Antibus Place, Mansfield; Zorns & Byers, LLC, to Glen Runkle; $6,000

181 Sturges Ave., Mansfield; Gary Wilson to Deborah Yankovich and Jerome Stoner; $1,000

755 Sequoia Lane, Mansfield; Jerica Barnett to Jarrod Olson; $120,000

448 Jade Ave., Mansfield; Anna Paramore to Synergy Property Solutions, Inc,; $36,000

455 Daisy St., Mansfield; Nasreen Akhtar to Christopher Gordon; $5,000

1508 Bridgewater Way S., Mansfield; Ronald and Carol Bailey to Richard Simon, successor trustee of the Vernon Rademacher Trust; $254,900

516 Townview Circle East, Mansfield; Lindsay and Matthew Wicker to Jeffery Braumberger; $105,000

159 S. Foster St., Mansfield; Juanita and Robert Lloyd to Sidney Hardgrow; $200

107-109 Washington Ave., Mansfield; Sidney Hardgrow to William Randall; $33,220

112 Westgate Drive, Mansfield; Eric and Janna Robinson to Phyllis Fidler; $72,500

1249 Wyandotte Ave., Mansfield; Randolph Worthington to Jeremy Stepp; $3,800

151 Poplar St., Mansfield; Larry Merwine to Susan Maul; $29,900

349 & 351 W. Third St., Mansfield; The Park Avenue Baptist Church to Marjoe and Brook Taylor; $1,060

142 Fairlawn Ave., Mansfield; Terry and Gloria Loughman to Wayne and Tarah Guisinger; $78,500

62 Brushwood Drive, Mansfield; Doris Gregory to Christian Roldan and Ashley Torres; $107,900

728 W. Fourth St., Mansfield; Naomi Fortner to Graystone Holdings, LLC; $24,600

481 Collins Drive, Mansfield; Zechariah and Leah Plessinger to Darrell Miller; $24,000

West Longview Avenue, Mansfield; Robert Crabbs to BBD Real Estate, LLC; $143,280

479  Marion Ave., Mansfield; Kelly Kossick to Mary Frankenfield; $113,500

372 Taylor Road, Mansfield; Joshua and Rebekah Fietz to Jack Burge, Jr.; $76,000

741 Abbott, Mansfield; Michael Cosentino to James Long; $42,800

576 Arlington Ave., Mansfield; Derrell Hall, Starr Ebling and Dawn Kelly to Dennis Leonard, Pamela Leonard and Alex Leonard; $40,000

555 Forest Hill Road, Mansfield; Cynthia Roby, trustee of the Cynthia Roby Trust, to ELizabeth Chung; $300,000

527 Fairoaks Blvd., Mansfield; Josephine Kleinschmidt to Bernice and Frederick Friend; $130,000

242-246 Wimbledon Drive, Mansfield; Kevin Morrow to CAN Property Investments, LLC; $103,000

551 Birchlawn Blvd., Mansfield; Mona Gaff to Mark and Linda Montgomery; $80,000

805-807 Arlington Ave., Mansfield; Melissa Reynard, trustee of the Brian Reynard Trust, to AEJN, LLC; $72,500

2108 Bennington Drive, Mansfield; Ross and Natasha Repp to Maulikkumar and Pujabahen Patel; $233,900

595 Gardfield Place, Mansfield; Joseph Lawrence, Jr., to Travontae Wilson; $15,000

1604 Cape Cod Drive, Mansfield; Hunsinger Builders, LLC, to Marsha DeVito, trustee of the Marsha DeVito Trust; $214,900

372 Orange St., Mansfield; Nadine Weaver to Melvin Melton; $25,000

240 Greenlawn Ave., Mansfield; Lavita Crutchfield to Edwin Cameron; $7,000

63 Glenwood Blvd., Mansfield; Patricia Adair to Cherie and Christopher Free; $140,000

501 Glessner Ave., Mansfield; Donald Whatman to Freedom Rentals USA1, LLC; $22,500

520 Heineman Blvd., Mansfield; Mary Anne Kettering to Sandra Deeter; $21,503

651 Hillsdale Circle, Mansfield; Elizabeth Johnson to Terah Lewis; $58,000

382 Beryl Ave., Mansfield; Sheri Crowe to Justin McMahon; $59,900

537 Reed St., Mansfield; TDB Properties, LLC, to Kevin Ferrington; $30,000

543 Reed St., Mansfield; TDB Properties, LLC, to Kevin Ferrington; $30,000

615 Bailey Drive, Unit 5, Mansfield; Matthew Krauss to Ann Carter; $33,000

868 Millsboro Road, Mansfield; Jessica Sprague to Rebecca Showalter; $99,000

46 Grasmere Ave., Mansfield; Thomas Mascazzini and Tammy Gear to Janice Bivens; $84,900

647 Dirlam Lane, Mansfield; Rita Simons to Hector Cruz and Jomayra Acevedo; $163,500

627 Stocking Ave., Mansfield; Gary Butcher to Melissa Skaggs; $4,200

1470 Royal Oak Drive, Mansfield; Cathleen Dahlstrand, successor trustee of the Margaret Bush Trust, to Ryan Joseph; $216,000

536 Dewey Ave., Mansfield; Anna Webb to Angela Slone; $15,000

807 N. Trimble Road, Mansfield; Joyce and Ralph Stahl to Tad Rhodes; $57,900

429 Wood St., Mansfield; Vivian Black to Jeffrey and Julie German; $42,000

417 Fifth St., Mansfield; Hergatt Homes, LLC, to Lawrence Hartge III; $72,500

567 Dirlam Lane, Mansfield; Douglas and Carletta Versaw to Cory Johnson and Farrah Stemple; $152,000

417 Straub Road West, Mansfield; Mark and Gail Gutai to Adam and Tabytha Sidders; $234,000

497 Parkview St., Mansfield; Barbara Dunlap to Kenneth Cornell; $97,000

117 Gibson Ave., Mansfield; Ronald Schweitzer and Carol Wheltner to Gloria Archie; $45,900

182 Vale Ave., Mansfield; Cassandra Fletcher to Crew Property Solutions, LLC; $1,500

514 Marion Ave., Mansfield; Larry Merwine to Edward and Kelly Kossick; $139,900

98 Lexington Ave., Mansfield; Shady Lahoud and Brian Lahoud to Sita Investments, LLC; $65,000

250 Rae Ave., Mansfield; Cynthia Pace to Synergy Property Solutions, Inc.; $8,000

952 Burger Ave., Mansfield; Paul and Barbara Birmelin to Chloe Shea and Laurie Evans; $48,500

75 Sherbrook Road, Mansfield; Spencer and Treena Moore to Kendra Ward and Dallas Taynor; $160,000

672 Sloane Ave., Mansfield; John and Rachel Risner to Joyce and David Atkins; $114,000

1355 Royal Oak Drive, Mansfield; Marsha Coleman, co-trustee, to John and Janelle Wyant; $225,000


3445 Oakstone Dr., Ontario; Ontario Enterprises, Ltd., to Dillion Building Group, Inc.; $43,900

420 Willowood Drive East, Ontario; Francetta Lane to Ryan Lovell and Wayne Lawhorn; $157,500

1428 Beechdale Drive, Mansfield; Christopher Hock and Jonathan Hock, successor trustees of the Merrillie Hock Family Trust, to Edward and Jan Schick; $185,000

3181 Beverly Lane, Ontario; Paul and Connie Gleisinger to Kaylee and Justin Chaffin; $100,000

438 Tanglewood Drive, Ontario; Ronnie Mong to Synergy Property Solutions, Inc.; $53,000

100 Ireland Blvd. S., Ontario; Judy Gleckler to Albert McKown; $103,900

1747-1751 Grace Ave., Ontario; Ontario Properties, LTD, to David and Jannie Sorrenti; $130,000

812 Willowood Drive W., Ontario; Jonathan and Sarah Beck to Steven Shank; $100,000

1611 Spring Village Lane, Unit 1613, Ontario; M. Brian Hicks to Justin Bigelow; $189,000

721 Villa Drive, Ontario; Larry Ness, trustee, to Eloise Purdy; $130,000

1037 Crestfield St., Ontario; Stephen Stine to Kristen Wasilewski; $131,500

3489 Park Ave. West, Ontario; Black Diamond Renovations, LLC, to Mansfield DOHP, LLC; $90,000


30 Grove Ave., Shelby; Brett and Kristen Eikelberry to Robert Floro; $95,000

24 Riverview Dr., Shelby; Kathie Wildman, Sharon Barkdull and Carolyn Warrens to Carol Ensman; $116,250

11 W. Maxwell Dr., Shelby; Chlotene Noble to Donna Fikentscher; $130,000

126 Second St., Shelby; Tony Myers to Jeremian Dowell and Morgan Blashak; $103,000

68 Taft St., Shelby; Roger and Pamela Crager to John and Vickie Stima; $100,000

13 W. Jefferson Ave., Shelby; Justin Morrow to Gregory Gallaway; $85,000

49 Raymond Ave., Shelby; Thomas and Catherine Takos to Charles Hockenberry Jr.; $45,000

11 N. Long St., Shelby; Abbie Eith to Cynthia Carey; $130,000

28 Grand Blvd., Shelby; Mark and Pamela Hess to Benjamin Fleck; $185,000

12 Morningside Drive, Shelby; Kathy Ginter to Hannah Wise; $97,500

51 Grand Blvd., Shelby; Marissa Miller to Samuel Brooks, Tabitha Brooks, Stetson Lewis and Heather Lewis; $155,000

79 E. Whitney Ave., Shelby; Steven Loveless to Brent Turner; $92,000

75 E. Whitney Ave., Shelby; Mickey Waldruff to Joseph Osborne; $43,560

61 Harriette Drive, Shelby; Julia Vogt, successor trustee of the Nold Family Trust, to Joel and Carol Beer; $158,500

68 N. Gamble St., Shelby; Paula and Wesley Morgan to Graystone Holdings, LLC; $37,500

44 Vernon Road, Shelby; U.S. Bank National Association to Larry Merwine; $37,900

45 Sharon St., Shelby; Carl Schroder to Sarah Kooken; $89,800

8 Earl St., Shelby; John and Karen Reith to Cliff Peters and Nichole Bibler; $30,000

39 Parkwood Drive, Shelby; Troy and Cara Howard to Cody Evans and Elizabeth Dininger; $141,000

55 Elm St., Shelby; Marquetta Fox to Glen Wacker; $112,000

42 Plum Ave., Shelby; Danny and Lois Robertson to Edwin Tharp; $85,000

19 E. Jefferson Ave., Shelby; Edwin and Brittany Tharp to Troy and Cara Howard; $190,000


9 Mill Road, Bellville; Sandra Homerick to Michael and Carmen McKinley; $67,000

319 W. Durbin Circle, Bellville; Clare Campbell to Katie Rockwell; $142,000


192 Main St., Butler; Shari and Son's Tax Service, Inc., to Nicole Temple; $53,000

37 Narrow St., Butler; Linda Schulze and Kenneth Mast to K Carr Properties, LLC; $22,500

140 Main St., Butler; Jerry Landis to Bryce Ketter; $85,000


109 Delaware Ave., Mansfield; Patricia Massey to Larry Merwine; $50,000

71 Yorkshire Dr., Lexington; Bette Rae Hunt to Tamara Workman; $141,000

17 Otterbein Court, Lexington; Allen and Sondra McFadden to Edward Small; $241,950

97 Sherwood Drive, Lexington; Darren McGuire to Randall Services, LLC; $100,000

231 Oxford Road, Lexington; Jenelle Thoman to Justin McDaniel; $137,900

74 Pembroke Blvd., Lexington; Frank Shambre to E3 Marketing, LLC; $75,231

351 Sherwood Drive, Lexington; Julie Streib to Keaton Fuller; $136,900

Maple Street, Lexington; Marjorie Foust to Diana Bachelder; $10,000

Maple Street, Lexington; Marjorie Foust to James Pierce; $9,000

250 Cedarwood Drive, Lexington; David and Betty Clymer, trustees, to William and Sally Kopco; $175,500

301 Oxford Road, Lexington; Nancy Van Bramer to Reverse Mortgage Funding, LLC; $109,817.12

236 Holiday Hill, Lexington; Walter and Shirley Cashell to Robert and Nancy Carcione; $137,500

159 Holiday Hill, Lexington; Estate of Mark Freeman to Jennifer Montgomery; $85,000

114 Otterbein Drive, Lexington; Mark and Linda Montgomery to Bradley and Trudy Watts; $146,900

292 Steam Corners Road, Lexington; Joy Rothe to Karen Peterson; $132,150


Union Street, Lucas; Angela Hoptry to Sauder Concrete Properties, LTD; $3,000

86 Pleasant St., Lucas; Tonia Deal to Robert and Joy Stone; $62,000


25 Plymouth St., Plymouth; William and Rhonda Barnett to Dawn Kenestrick; $14,500


12 High St., Shiloh; Rudy Oney to Ryan Stumbo; $53,100

19 Scott St., Shiloh; Fife & Wife, Inc., to Matthew and Tamara Powers; $30,000

109 W. Main St., Shiloh; Joshua and Casey Schuler to Madelynn Long; $88,700


1581 Shelby-Ganges Road, Shelby; Harvey and Erma Zimmerman, co-trustees, to Steven and Sherrie Loveless; $110,000

38 Ohio 603, Shiloh; TLB #7, Ltd., to Brandon and Misty Stricklin; $149,900

494 Ohio 603, Shiloh; Rita Waterbeck to Zachary Mason and Hannah Clay; $40,000

5797 Ohio 13, Greenwich; Michael and Margaret Shambre to Steven and Brittany Cook; $182,000


884 Ohio 96, Shelby; Neil Taylor to David and Deborah Wright; $84,000


4033 Bowman St., Shelby; Janice Bowman to Mansfield Airport Warehousing, LTD; $110,000

2301 E. Smiley Road, Shelby; Glendon Baldridge to Andrew and Jennifer Melick; $210,000

62.25 acres, Ohio 96, Shelby; Douglas and Barbara Fidler to Walnut Grain Farms, LLC; $460,650

3148 Rock Road, Shelby; Rodney Detillion, et al, to Chlotene Noble; $80,000


5656 Renie Road, Bellville; Betty Jo Mounts to Bryce Edwards and Courtney Collins; $275,000

5051 Renie Road, Bellville; The Daniel Griesbach Revocable Trust to Christian and Shana Haas; $175,000

6729 Clever Road, Bellville; LaDonna and Frank O'Neal, trustees, to Kent Rehbein; $220,000

800 Bollinger Road, Bellville; Matthew and Ashley Dill to Darren and Terri Hamilton; $440,000


141 Ford North Road, Mansfield;Jamie Swanstrom to Joshua Rose; $77,500

00 Gladysfield Drive, Mansfield; Thomas and Dorie Ford to David and Catherine Beach; $7,500

208 Malajora Road, Mansfield; Lloyd Bennett, Barbara Scott, Jean McCullough, Kathryn Tinkham and David Bennett, to Keith Blankenship; $54,000

940 Dresden Drive, Mansfield; Courtney Collins to Emily Holycross and Nathan Nungester; $140,000

955 Benedict Ave., Mansfield; Holly Hamm Green to The Huntington National Bank; $50,000

512 Pennsylvania Ave., Mansfield; Regina and Gary Wilson to Nichole Rebmman; $30,000

1221 Warner Ave., Mansfield; Kurt Stimens, trustee, to Tyler Riggenbach and Melissa Fox; $88,000

1065 Easton St., Mansfield; Ann Rinehart, trustee, to Wendy Ackerman; $85,500

1120 Wade Drive, Mansfield; Matthew and Kristina Lyons to LB Property Group, LLC; $10,800

1858 N. Stewart Road, Mansfield; Randy and Cindy Briggs to Donald Kiefer; $173,500

1120 Wade Drive, Mansfield; Matthew and Kristina Lyons to LB Property Group, LLC; $10,800

1351 Bonnie Drive, Mansfield; William Harvey and Greg Potts, co-trustees of the Brinegar Family, to Benjamin Phelps; $90,000

West Longview Avenue, Mansfield; Robert Crabbs to DAC Apts., LLC; $31,000

1325 Fleming Falls Road, Mansfield; Richard Hagerman to Anthony and Mari Kay Colace; $24,000

913 Country Club Drive, Mansfield; Richard Mitchell to U.S. Bank National Association; $25,000

392-398 Grandridge Ave and 380 Cline Ave., Mansfield; Kurt Stimens, trustee, to Balit Singh; $260,000

974 Fairfax Ave., Mansfield; Jessica Ohl to Brandon Duncan; $10,000

526 Pennsylvania Ave., Mansfield; Ethan Taylor and Darian Henthorn to Alexis Odson-Arnold; $96,000

1449-1451 Bellview Drive, Mansfield; Eric and Michelle Wallace to Trevor Kirsch; $108,000

767 Fairfax Ave. and 774 Belmont Ave., Mansfield; Johnny and Martha Greer to Reuben Mast, trustee; $60,000

927 Grace St., Mansfield; Richland Bank to Synergy Property Solutions, Inc.; $30,000

30 N. Ridge Road, Mansfield; The Purdy Construction Co. to Mark and Gidget Graves; $88,000


2321 Lakewood Drive, Mansfield; Carol Trittschuh to Jamie and Kristopher Swanstrom; $148,000

V/L, Inwood Drive, Mansfield; Michael and Jane Bauer to Ralph and Sharon Cox; $300

1775 Mount Zion Road, Mansfield; Todd and Shawna Dawson to Christopher and Christie Doss; $102,000

2278 Sprucewood Drive, Mansfield; Frank Nemeth III and Frank Nemeth Jr., to Richard and Lois Finnerty; $156,000

815 Woodcrest Drive, Mansfield; Mark and Yvonne Robertson to Rachel Reed; $132,000

796 Bryonaire Road, Mansfield; Brandon Ferger to Michael Reynolds; $117,400

460 Reed Road, Mansfield; Victor Haring to Drew Stahle; $81,000

1674 Sassafras Circle, Mansfield; TF & MF Enterprises, LLC, to Sarah and Jonathan Beck; $139,900

2477 London Drive, Mansfield; Brittany and Steven Cook to Roeliff Pryor; $90,000

695 Satinwood Circle N., Mansfield; Partin Property Development, LLC, to Raymond Hernandez; $168,000

825 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; Thomas Heckman to Synergy Property Solutions, Inc.; $25,000

1777 Ashland Road, Mansfield; First Chances, LLC, to La Maison Properties, LLC; $50,000

3125 Ohio 430, Mansfield; Joshua Massie and Caroline Taheri, co-trustees, to Wilson and Mabel Burkholder; $428,868


Applegate Road, Perrysville; Alma Kurtz to Daniel LaFave; $70,580

2374 Township Road 1097, Perrysville; Marilyn Robinson to Blessing Robinson; $75,200

361 Township Road 1600, Jeromesville; Marilyn Robinson to Thomas Robinson, Timothy Robinson and Larry Robinson; $71,550

2191 Moffett Road, Lucas; Jeffery and Denise VanMeter to Michael Draime; $129,000


6365 Ohio 546, Bellville; James and Teresa Morris to Aaron and Lindsey Brokaw; $198,000

2079 Darlington East Road, Bellville; Andy Wengerd to Roy and Rosie Yoder; $237,000

1675 Read Road, Bellville; Carol Wilson to John and Shelbi Kindt; $139,900


5472 Kemp Road, Crestline; Sutter Brothers, an Ohio general partnership, to Joshua and Bethany Zeledon; $95,000

4251 Weidner Road, Shelby; Thomas and Janet Clabaugh to William and Nancy Seifert; $210,000


4177 Ohio 314 and 63.568 acres Ohio 314, Mansfield; Jeffrey and Michelle Kurtzman, trustees, to Samuel McKown; $250,000

62.705 acres, Ohio 314, Mansfield; Jeffrey and Michelle Kurtzman to Samuel McKown; $250,000

Rudy Road, Ontario; Martin and Cynthia Metzger to Benjamin and Brynn Hall; $43,500

170 S. Rock Road, Mansfield; Mark and Julie Thomas to Mark and Heather Genders; $309,900

1143 and 1145 Brookdale Drive, Crestline; Brian Mock to David and Judy Mock; $165,000

515 All American Drive, Mansfield; William and Janet DeVault to Wayman and Susan Musick; $230,000

4241 Bearn Road, Crestline; Helena Knipp to Daniel and Lola Hrinda; $185,000


3510 Maxwell Road, Mansfield; J. Michael and Tricia Ziegelhofer to Craig and Tristan Palevich; $269,900

Eckert Road (rear), Lexington; Gerald Kirschenheiter to Scott Harwell; $6,500

V/L, Lot #21, Whitetail Drive, Lexington; Timothy and Terri Armstrong to Joshua and Rebecca Davis; $29,900

4072 Lindsey Road, Lexington; Jeffrey Devito, trustee, to Gregory and Melissa Betscher; $265,000

1614 Greibling Road, Mansfield; Stuart and Belinda Pressey to David and Deborah Dauphinais, trustee; $295,000

3635 Orewiler Road, Mansfield; Steven and Lynette Kerr to Nicola Noel and Timothy Frey; $105,000

3474 Mill Run Road, Lexington; Stephen and Mary Gillan to Chaz and Jenna Schroder; $399,900


476 Orchard Drive, Mansfield; Ronald and Susan Coyle, co-trustees, to Mike Holtorf; $149,900

439 Craigston Drive, Mansfield; Toya Jackson, successor trustee of the Myers Family Trust, to Theodore and Vicki Keppler; $139,250

715 Vanderbilt Road, Lexington; Mary Kennedy to Cody Kennedy; $136,000

559 Alexander Road, Bellville; Jeremy Secrist, Amy Secrist and David Secrist to Jacob Walters and Carly Stillion; $40,000

German Church Road, Mansfield; John Hoffman, co-successor trustee of The Hoffman Family Trust, to Micah and Angel Pelkey; $228,000

German Church Road, Mansfield; John Hoffman, co-successor trustee of The Hoffman Family Trust, to Robert and Beverly Rosich; $24,000

3449 Possum Run Road, Mansfield; Stan and Diana Butts to Krisree Mason; $435,000

2572 Middle Bellville Road, Mansfield; Jamie Bishop to Michelle Kyser; $172,900

German Church Road, Mansfield; John Hoffman, co-successor trustee of The Hoffman Family Trust, to Equity Trust Company; $60,500

German Church Road, Mansfield; John Hoffman, co-successor trustee of The Hoffman Family Trust, to Steven and Joy Motter; $38,500

German Church Road, Mansfield; John Hoffman, co-successor trustee of The Hoffman Family Trust, to Equity Trust Company; $99,000

355 W. Hanley Road, Mansfield; Eric and Shelli Feeman to Jason and Chan Garber; $193,000

German Church Road, Mansfield; John Hoffman, co-successor trustee of the Hoffman Family Trust, to Anita Schuller; $25,000

German Church Road, Mansfield; John Hoffman, co-successor trustee of the Hoffman Family Trust, to Joseph and Sarah Wharton; $50,000

W. Kocheiser Road, Bellville; Jeffrey Mason to Eric and Holly Hammond; $2,000

1395 Maxwalton Drive, Mansfield; Woodrow and Tamara Smith to John and Amanda Trumpower; $200,000

965 Freeway Circle, Mansfield; Heidi Chambers to Randal Bristow; $184,000

4064 Norris Road, Bellville; Wesley New to Amber and Chad Smith; $286,000


3550 Robinson Road, Mansfield; John and Patricia Spangler to Core and Kate Chaffins; $758,000

3740 Olivesburg Road, Mansfield; Ronnie and Pamela Webb to Hannah Jarvis; $148,000

3186 Conard Road, Mansfield; Carolyn Smith to Eric Ruffner and Kristina Stevens; $155,000

730 Reynolds Road, Greenwich; Claus Soerensen to Jami and William Hughes; $219,000


4605 Bott Road, Bellville; Tina Man Yuk Chan to Robert Harris; $26,000

5924 Wilson Road, Mansfield; Douglas Hamblin to Lindquist Homes, LLC; $300,000

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