Storage unit sold

Turn Key Storage, 1435 Orchard Park Road, was sold by Storage Made Easy, LLC, to Red Dot Storage 175, LLC, according to recent property transfers.

LEXINGTON -- A storage facility in Lexington recently sold for $2,392,000, according to recent property transfers filed with the Richland County Auditor's Office.

Turn Key Storage, 1435 Orchard Park Road, was sold by Storage Made Easy, LLC, to Red Dot Storage 175, LLC, according to the transfer record.

According to documents filed with the Ohio Secretary of State's Office, James Cannon of Lewis Center, Ohio, is the statutory agent for Storage Made East.

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Shannon Maddox of Hilliard, Ohio, is listed as the statutory agent for Red Dot Storage 175.

Other recent property transfers filed with the Richland County Auditor's Office included:


406 Marion Ave., Mansfield; Edward and Margaret Jachym to Banks Properties of Mansfield, LLP; $110,000.

745 Highland Ave., Mansfield; Susan Martin to Brandon Lewis; $60,000.

858 Rachel Road, Mansfield; Thomas and Kathleen Peterson, trustees, to First National Acceptance Company; $49,000.

1061 Burkwood Road, Mansfield; Steven and Becky Storkel to Mary and Gary Davis; $170,000.

282-284 Abbeyfeale Road, Mansfield; TMW Management, LLC, to Robert and Deborah Doerr; $71,500.

290 Vennum Ave., Mansfield; Barbara Jerome to National Physicians Locum, LLC; $55,000.

785 King St., Mansfield; Mansfield Home II Limited Partnership to Eric Downs; $15,000.

East Third Street and North Franklin Avenue, Mansfield; The Mansfield Community Playhouse to KJBS, LLC; $22,800.

125 Boston Ave., Mansfield; Mark Miller and Vicki Smith to Mark Miller; $3,500.

481 Van Buren St., Mansfield; Gary W. and Julie Davis to Gary W.C. Davis; $6,200.

760 Forest Drive, Mansfield; Bruce and Richele Garand to Adam and Brenda Kiss; $97,700.

29 Penn Ave., Mansfield; Larry Merwine to Troy Oney; $15,000.

219 W. Fifth St., Mansfield; Reginald Arrington to Albert Johnson Jr.; $500

439 Hammond Ave., Mansfield; Kurt Stimens, trustee, to Pensco Truct Company, LLC; $25,000

365 Central Ave., Mansfield; Kimberly Howard to Sovereign Christ Church; $18,000

Snyder Street, Mansfield; Premier Property Management of Ohio, LLC, to Laurence's Towing, LLC; $25,000

1136 Devonwood Road, Mansfield; Barbara and Jeffrey Genter to Clarence and Mashell Bauer; $169,900

1176 Woodland Road, Mansfield; Sandy Hammer to Regina Wilson; $79,000

500 Sunset Blvd., Mansfield; Jesse Armstrong to Justin Viola; $89,900

93 Penn Ave., Mansfield; B and G Rentals, LLC, to Jimmy Howard; $45,000

309, 310, 311 and 312 Vennum Avenue, Mansfield; Set Properties, LLC, to Hatherton Enterprises, LLC; $250,000

1130 Whippoorwill Lane, Mansfield; Gail Oxendine to Bohdan Chopko, trustee; $163,000

661 Clifton Blvd., Mansfield; Heidi Hulcy to Frank Wiebe, Jr.; $104,000

Royalwood Court, Mansfield; Brian and Andrea Thompson to Cindy Huynh; $35,000

66 Sherman Ave., Mansfield; Estate of Cecilia Mathews to Mary Baker; $80,000

282 Elmwood Drive, Mansfield; Martha Cameron to Michael and Sharon Lainhart; $47,000

258 Rae Ave., Mansfield; Thomas Heard and Sharon Alexander to Regina and Bryan Ellis Jr.; $33,475

259 Ohio St., Mansfield; Clyde and Shirley Oyster to David Ernsberger; $27,500

433 Springmill St., Mansfield; AP Investments of Mansfield to Max and Murphy, LLC; $40,000

656 Courtwright Blvd., Mansfield; Estate of Laurann Graham to Connie Doutt; $93,000

81 Flint St., 296 Superior St., Mansfield; Lance Talley to Korev One, LLC; $39,900

182 Gerke Ave., Mansfield; Simpson Homes, LLC, to Heather Ramey; $65,000

757 York St., Mansfield; Getz Builders to Donna Neider Trust; $1,000

598 Johns Ave., Mansfield; Rhonda and Adam McElroy to Kevin Black; $20,700

78 S. Linden Road, Mansfield; Timothy Trumpower, successor trustee of the Iris Trumpower Trust, to James Long; $55,000

598 Dirlam Lane, Mansfield; Mark and Heather Cockley to Virginia Webb and James Boyd; $168,000

159 N. Mulberry St., Mansfield; Sonia Yates, successor trustee, to Brook and Marjoe Taylor; $11,000

130 Whippoorwill Lane, Mansfield; Marilyn Williamson, trustee, to Sandra Richardson; $115,000

417 Brenda Drive, Mansfield; Melanie and Randall Davis to Daniel and Cora Spayde; $101,000

147 Harker St., Mansfield; Elgin Nettles to Ahmed Hammad; $54,000

427 Chevy Chase Road, Mansfield; Jennifer Fields to Tristan Gardner and Lynsey Myers; $134,900

580 Barnard Ave., Mansfield; Russell James Jr. and Cynthia Kissel to Laura Simmons; $102,000

473 Orange St., Mansfield; Mark and Darlene Reed to Modern Property Management, LLC; $5,500

532 King St., Mansfield; Joseph and Thelma Stimens to Debra Prosser and Stacey Hissong; $23,000

309 Poplar St., Mansfield; Walley Owens to Home Point Financial Corporation; $47,120

518 Forest St., Mansfield; Cathy Roberts to U.S. Bank National Association; $47,880

61 Shaffner Blvd., Mansfield; Helen Harmon to Fawzi Hamed; $108,000

608 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; Richard Gleisinger to Nicholas Hohman; $112,000

639 Brandywine Drive, Lexington; Christopher and Beth Nadler to Donald III and Katherine Matthews; $168,000

246 Kinkel Ave., Mansfield; Robert and Brenda Johnson to Brenda Jarrell; $80,000

531, 539, 547 and 555 Allison Ave., Mansfield; McDaniel Properties, LTD, to Lexview Properties, LLC; $440,000

1698 Dougwood Drive, Mansfield; Stephen and Ashley McCune to Ian and Nicole Craze; $186,500

Seminole Avenue, Mansfield; Marcus Shirk, trustee of the Shirk Property Management Trust, to Hunt's Rentals, LLC; $400

454 Holzworth Drive, Mansfield; Buford Jr. and Teresa Morris to Raymond and Tammy Resar; $63,000

640 Burns St., Mansfield; Ryan O'Dell to Freedom Rentals USA1, LLC; $25,000

84 Wildwood Drive, Mansfield; Kaitlin Waggoner to Anne Bernhardt; $85,000

378 Grandridge Ave., Mansfield; MidFirst Bank to Ideal Property Holdings, LLC; $55,500

1196 Canteberry Lane, Mansfield; Joan Wirstom to Shane and Holly Hostetler; $171,000

860 Lexington Ave., Mansfield; Sherrie and Thomas Thomas to Maja-Lisa Anderson and Dawayne Lee; $125,000

1654 Helena Drive, Mansfield; Sonja Isaacs to Ronald Beiwinkler and Monika Cronebaugh; $42,000

910 Sautter Drive, Mansfield; Mark Shulko to Ronald and Cheryl Kessler; $239,900


580 Shelby-Ontario Road, Ontario; Larry and Barbara Caudill to Stephanie and Jeffery Palmer; $217,000

3682 Carmen Drive, Ontario; AM Investment Properties, LLC, to David and Patricia Delaney; $219,000

2344 Forest Hill Circle, Mansfield; Timothy and Cheryl Hicks, co-trustees, to John Armstrong; $315,000

729 Villa Drive, Ontario; Robert and Nancy Carcione to Kathryn Wilkins; $117,000

1994 Teakwood Drive, Ontario; Teakwood Properties, LLC, to Tien Thuy Phung; $179,900

1973 Rosewood Drive, Ontario; Rosemary McKean to Beverly Wehr; $86,500

3615 Snodgrass Road, Ontario; Judy Perry to JC and Jeannitta Church; $205,000

110 Hilltop Road, Ontario; Michael Frost to Evan Erwin and Sarah Bugg; $160,000

2422 Park Ave. West, Ontario; Wells Fargo Bank to Emerson Process Management Valve Automation; $75,251

3509 W. 4th St., Mansfield; Bank of America to Wilging Properties, LLC; $137,750

42-46 Lexington-Ontario Road, Ontario; Jack and Shanna Hall to Richard Shaw III and Susan Shaw; $148,000

1127 Bogey Drive, Ontario; Willard Home Improvement, Inc., to Marion Sheriff; $203,999

170 Sloboda Ave., Ontario; Melinda Krizan and Charlotte Raphael to Kaitlin Waggoner and Benjamin Issac; $169,900

297 Camelot Lane, Ontario; David and Stacie Godfrey to Brandon and Tara Hall; $560,000


68 Park Ave., Shelby; Bruce and Tina Hurst to Nicholas Hale; $84,800

49 Buckeye Drive, Shelby; William Richert to Terry Murphy and Marlene Weiss; $105,000

64 Harriette Drive, Shelby; Grayson Murray to Stanley and Beverly Lawson; $129,900

43 Park Ave., Shelby; U.S. Bank Trust to Matthew and Christine Smith; $52,000

19 Norman Drive, Shelby; Bob Albright to Lewis Wagoner; $71,000

28 Riverview Drive, Unit 46, Shelby; Catherine Albert, trustee, to Bobbi Weaver; $112,000

84 Marvin Ave., Shelby; Terri Smith to Cheryl and John Johnson; $150,000

89 Walnut St., Shelby; Rebecca O'Neill nka Rebeca Callahan to Carl Schroder; $15,500

133 2nd St., Shelby; Paul Valgas to Jason and Thalia Hoak; $40,000

26 Raymond Ave., Shelby; Inverse Asset Fund, LLC, to Fusion Notes, LLC; $11,000


14 Markey St., Bellville; Brittany Gabriel to Courtney Jackson; $187,000

82 Hamilton Drive, Butler; Tracy Rannels to Jeffery and Lindsay Rigsby; $330,000


16 Steven Drive, Butler; Lisa Woogerd nka Lsa Szymczak and Michael Szymczak to Mark Clapper; $165,000

112 Main St., Butler; Dennis and Sharon Rose to LAJI Properties of Mansfield, LLC; $27,000


36 Yorkshire Road, Lexington; Jamie Jensen to Nathaniel Whitman; $162,500

51 Mohican Trail, Lexington; John Lewis to Austine Wingler; $144,900

175 Clever Lane, Lexington; Richard Worley, Jeffrey Worley and Martin Worley to Elizabeth Volz; $150,000

288 Silvercrest Drive, Lexington; Jennifer Burks to Alan Kaszubowski; $140,000

60 Foxcroft Road, Lexington; Aaron and Christen Albrecht to Leticia Meeks; $250,000

231 Cedarwood Drive, Lexington; Marjorie Stoner to Ideal Property Investors, LLC; $82,000

138 Foxcroft Circle, Lexington; Eric and Melissa Karl, trustees, to Christopher and Beth Nadler; $311,000

134 Sherwood Drive, Lexington; Donald Calhoun Sr. to Phileo Properties, LLC; $50,000


100 First Ave., Lucas; Estate of Robert Vail to Mid-Ohio Business Enterprises, LLC; $46,667


2796 Springmill West Road, Mansfield; Cathy Smith and Diane Zody to Dustin James; $110,000


29 E. Main St., Shiloh; Travis and Linda Richman to Crystal Jackson; $45,000

57 N. Pettit St., Shiloh; Brandon Slagle to Matthew and Andrea Patrick; $10,000

484 Ohio 603 West, Shiloh; Charlotte Kamann, Harold Oney and Brenda Kay to Silas and Dana Clay; $80,000

4-4 1/2 Main St., Shiloh; Raymond and Mary Nolt, trustees, to Kevin and Lisa Hoover; $36,000


2438 Noble Road East, Shiloh; Michael Rosenbluh to Carl and Rosa Sensenig; $436,222.50

V/L, Ohio 13, Greenwich; Zelda Collins Revocable Trust to Collins Farms, LLC; $500,000


Conard Road and Ohio 545, Mansfield; Richland Moulded Brick Company, Inc., to John and Patricia Spangler; $524,918


1930 Amoy West Road, Mansfield; Bo Stone, LLC, to Patrick Hamilton; $29,000

Bowman Street Road, Shelby; Christopher and Tonya Crall to P&H Farms, LLC; $45,196


Bellville North Road, Bellville; Anthony Mayo to Thomas Boulden; $149,900


3562 Amoy Ganges Road, Mansfield; Robert and Patricia O'Leary to Dominique Norman; $222,900


2834 Myers Road, Shelby; Anthony Macaluso and Joshua Hughes to Arvin Hawkins; $92,100

4812 Laser Road, Shelby; Steven James and Diane Claypool to Charles Hunt; $128,000


1.356 acres, Ohio 13, Bellville; Triforce Group, LLC, to John and Courtney Lewis; $22,500

882 Ohio 97 East, Bellville; George and Tricia Clark to Mark Karbula and Sarah Anderson; $70,000

646 Honeycreek Road West, Bellville; Anne Bernhardt to Adam Brokaw Construction, LLC; $125,000


1153 Oakdale Drive, Mansfield; William Dalton Estate to Charles Pennywitt; $20,000

631 Morgan Ave., Mansfield; Carolyn Volz to Justin and Kimberly Gerich; $4,000

923 Country Club Drive, Mansfield; Clinton and Linda Foor to Earlene Hall; $30,000

57 S. Illinois Ave., Mansfield; Doon Investments, LLC, to LMCL, LLC; $130,000

1279 Wolford Road, Mansfield; Michael and Jo Anne Parsons to Brenda Reynolds; $100,000

1439 Virginia Lane, Mansfield; Benjamin Rader to Darlene Lotz; $150,000

925 Expressview Drive, Mansfield; Scott Morris, executor, to Paul Cathers; $72,000

893 Mayflower Drive, Mansfield; Marcus and Rebecca Bailey to Krystal Stratton; $85,000

1400 N. Stewart Road, Mansfield; Laura Garrison to Joshua Garrison; $120,000

890 Hoover Road, Mansfield; Juba Rose, aka Juba Lucille Rose Estate, to David and Becky Rose; $25,000

1603 Park Ave. East, Mansfield; Eli and Megan Mitchell to Tyler Turner; $70,000

503 Gordon Road, Mansfield; Aaron Rose to Enrico Gesualdo; $75,000

1600 Plum Place, Mansfield; Estate of Carl Kemp to Tyler Congdon; $77,000

1179 Belmont Ave., Mansfield; Aaron and Molly Brown to Raymond Seymour Jr.; $45,000


1839 Windsor Road, Mansfield; Trey and Megan Bright to Tayler Boebel and Gabrielle Canode; $116,000

560 Harlan Road, Mansfield; Jeffery and Amy Miller to Anthony Washington; $109,000

Windsor Road, Mansfield; Bernice Friend to England Station Enterprises, LLC; $133,350

2436 Wedgewood Drive, Mansfield; Kathleen Bottorf, fka Kathleen Barney, and Christopher Bottorf to Bruce and Richele Garand; $140,000

649 Reed Road, Mansfield; Heather Talbot to Tyler Jacobs; $142,500

1815 Mount Zion Road, Mansfield; J. Steve Sheldon, sheriff of Richland County, to Chiqski Properties, LLC; $167,000

1655 Lor-Kay Drive, Mansfield; Siegmund and Charlotte Sonnenberg to Hunt Club Investments, LLC; $132,000


3923 Tucker Road, Lucas; Earl Jr. and Kelly Holbrook to Bruce Taylor and Nancy O'Keefe; $269,000


5231 Preston Road, Shelby; John and Ruth Donnersbach to Terry Vanloo; $345,000


0 Stiving Road, Shelby; David Bishop to Tyler Haney and Meghan Hawn; $24,000


261 Creston Road, Mansfield; William and Anna Kesling; $75,000

3920 Millsboro Road West, Mansfield; Paul Castelvetere to Christopher and Stephanie Adler; $257,500

2000 Matthes Drive, Mansfield; J. Todd and Becky Sipe to Timothy and Toby Banks; $385,000

612 Earick Road, Mansfield; Jimmy Sexton to Layne Armstrong; $118,400

1725 N. Lexington-Springmill Road, Mansfield; Wendy Flesch to Chelssie Breece; $97,000

1621 Rock Road, Mansfield; Phillip Stacy, trustee of the Stacy Family Irrevocable Living Trust, to Phillip and Elizabeth Moeller; $123,456

2907 Millsboro East Road, Mansfield; Penelope Steele and William Graf to Daniel Williamson; $132,500


2370 Owens Road, Mansfield; Kurt Stimens, trustee of the Kurt Stimens Revocable Living Trust, to Timothy and Krista Mattoni; $167,000

3498 Whitetail Drive West, Lexington; Justin and Erin Sloan to Christopher Gadfield; $297,500

1328 Ohio 314 South, Mansfield; Diana Diglaw to Timothy Kaczmarek and Sharon Smith; $168,900


272 Kochheiser Road, Bellville; Darren Hamilton to Jonathan and Lindsay Maupin; $239,900

716 Woodruff Road, Mansfield; Theodore and Vicki Keppler to Caitlyn Webber; $145,000

12 acres, Richland County; Lynn Maxwell Jr. to TK99 Properties, LLC; $100,000

1715 Devonshire Lane, Mansfield; Pauline Butler, sole remaining trustee, to Larry and Martha Cameron; $149,900

1353 Bella Vista, Mansfield; Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Brittany Pifher; $98,000


2240 Pavonia Road, Mansfield; Darlene Lotz to Brendon Wichterman; $155,000


1850 Snyder Road, Butler; Steven and Amanda Smith to Bryan Boone; $199,000

2862 Snyder Road, Bellville; Michael Snyder to James Wilson, trustee of the James Wilson Living Trust; $737,837

2586 and 2606 Snyder Road, Bellville; Michael Snyder to James Wilson, trustee of the James Wilson Living Trust; $392,000

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