Hickory Lane warehouse

An industrial warehouse complex at 905 Hickory Lane in Madison Township sold recently for $2.35 million, according to property transfers from the Richland County Auditor's Office.

MADISON TOWNSHIP -- An industrial warehouse complex in Madison Township recently sold for $2.3 million, according to property transfers filed with the Richland County Auditor's Office.

The 155,750-square foot facility, home to at least two existing tenants, is at 905 Hickory Lane, located near the intersection with Illinois Avenue.

The facility, built in 1998 and occupying 5.35 acres, was sold by Richland Warehousing, Ltd., to NPE Properties, LLC, according to the property transfer record. It has warehouse and office space.

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NPE Properties, according to the Ohio Secretary of State's Office, was incorporated in the state in 2006 and was formerly known as Collins Walter Enterprises. Its most recent filing lists the Law Office of Andrew Bush, LLC, in Ashland as its statutory agent.

In other recent property transfers filed with the county auditor's office:


95 S. Adams St., Mansfield; Judy and John Fisher to Korey One, LLC; $20,000

671 Highland Ave., Mansfield; Derek and Claire Holloway to Christopher and Kirsten Umphryes; $89,900

407 Dean Road, Mansfield; Stanley Rogers to Brian Benick; $10,000

114 and 116 Lind Avenue, Mansfield; Monte and Connie Young to Matthew Balo and Matthew Maraz; $61,100

142 Lind Ave., Mansfield; Monte Young to Matthew Maraz and Matthew Baloy; $36,000

142 Gibson Ave., Mansfield; James II and Shara Van Horn to U.S. Bank National Association; $49,020

189 Wood St., Mansfield; Richard Signoracci to Byron Nelson; $82,273.99

455 Sloane Ave., Mansfield; James and Krista Alexander to Kyle Alexander; $60,000

257 Cherry Hill Road, Mansfield; James and Angela Murphy to Lindsay Musille and Katie Clever; $62,000

374 Sturges Ave., Mansfield; Matthew Christian to Ashley Dawson; $72,500

1739 Middle-Bellville Road, Mansfield; Glenn Maglott Jr. to Thomas and Shelley Barber; $112,000

429 Charles St., Mansfield; U.S. Bank Trust to John Young; $15,300

1204 Seminole Ave., Mansfield; Mitchell Cole to Carol Stamper and Rachel Borger; $56,900

370 Ruth Ave., Mansfield; Rebecca Bellamy to Joseph and Caralie Ziegler; $129,900

395 S. Main St., Mansfield; Phyllis Mortimer to JRM Properties of Mansfield, LLC; $21,000

488 Sloane Ave., Mansfield; Thomas and Cheryl Zellner to Ashley Leadingham; $61,500

93 Massa Ave., Mansfield; Dustin and Tiffany Montgomery to Halei Lunceford; $62,000

630 Hanna Road, Mansfield; Ernest and Tammie Lewis to Brandon Daugherty; $129,500

2156 Bennington Drive, Mansfield; Lois Spain to Emily Huffman; $140,000

611 Edgewood Road, Mansfield; Sally and Timothy Skulski to Erica and Robert Parnisari; $189,900

631 Caldwell Ave., Mansfield; Home Crew, LLC, to Terrence and Teresa Lamb; $58,500

219 Euclid Ave., Mansfield; James Starkey to Kayla and Micah Bolander; $89,900

1550 Pine Grove Court, Mansfield; Walter and Lisette Johnson to Jacob Holbrook; $236,000

851 Danwood Road, Mansfield; Jason Miller to Michael and Jody Johnson; $30,000

61 Shaffner Blvd., Mansfield; Fawzi Hamed to Cynthia Robinson; $135,000

474 Parkview Ave., Mansfield; Timothy Fensch and Thomas Fensch to Brittany Payne; $74,000

1614 Hidden Oak Trail, Mansfield; David and Jennifer Daugherty to Robert and Janice Barrington; $299,000

511 Westview Blvd., Mansfield; Valerie Reynolds to Kathleen and Richard Burns; $115,900

361 First Ave., Mansfield; David Oswalt to Darrell and Kathy Clemons; $21,000

196-198 Saxton Road, Mansfield; John and Zuzanna Pfeiffer to Austin and Ryleigh Pfeiffer; $73,000

1367-1369 Wilging Drive, Mansfield; Ideal Properties, LLC, to Brooke and Ryan Kersten; $189,900

302 Greenlee Road, Mansfield; Richard Zeigler to Helen Billups; $99,900

96 Massa Ave., Mansfield; Estate of David Angle to Daniel Myers; $62,900

98 Willowbrook Drive, Mansfield; Karen and Cecil Ramey to Jessica and Jonathan Chapman; $95,000

662 Yale Drive, Mansfield; Neera Finefrock to Ryan Riggleman; $110,000

455 W. Dixon Ave., Mansfield; Kenneth and Jennifer Black to Shawn Sydnor Sr.; $8,000

1031 Burkwood Road, Mansfield; Clendon Parr Jr., William Parr, Bonnitta Debo and Carol Parr to Barbara and Kenneth Lett; $158,500

825 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; Samuel and Deborah Renfro to IFM Properties of Mansfield, LLC; $40,000

100 Western Ave., Mansfield; Bruce and Gayle Glenn to JRM Properties of Mansfield, LLC; $17,000

288 Harding Road, Mansfield; Mark and Laura Davis to Eric Ellis; $65,000

129 E. Arch St., Mansfield; Geraldine Freeman to Todd Hoovler; $24,000

91 Wolfe Ave., Mansfield; Mark Coursner to Heather Hipsher; $84,900

431 Hammond Ave., Mansfield; Craig Adie to Ian Kent; $36,378.58

Hedges Street, Mansfield; Struble Properties, LLC, to Jaron Allen; $200

437 Overload Road, Mansfield; Jared and Courtney Harmony to Adam Daniels; $142,500

136 W. Sixth St., Mansfield; Milark Industries, Inc., to Calvin and Mildred Caldwell; $22,000

362 Gem Ave., Mansfield; April Rannigan to Trever Carter; $77,000

558 Bennington Drive, Mansfield; Buddy Jr. and Leslie Miller to Kristen Morrison; $225,000

512 Forest St., Mansfield; Larry Wilkes to Andrew Frazee; $78,000

1027 Curtis Drive, Mansfield; John Bui to Derek and Claire Holloway; $148,000

382 Jade Ave., Mansfield; Olivia Marshall to Jordan Slarb; $60,900

630 Acker Drive, Mansfield; Jake Bouch to William Cole; $92,500

616 Cline Ave., Apt. 119, Mansfield; Rebecca Tonne to Sharon Berry; $85,000

920 Whipporwill Lane, Mansfield; Gregory Loesch to Mark Strong; $159,900

1458 Brookpark Drive, Mansfield; Charles and Natalie Henrich to Alex and Amanda Kulka; $225,000

656 Scholl Road, Mansfield; William Breedlove to Michael Bailey; $80,000

757 W. Third St. and 316 Myers Ave., Mansfield Roger and Elizabeth Bach to SPS Properties of Mansfield, LLC; $33,000

160 Glessner Ave., Mansfield; Timothy Justice to Jason Rose; $1,100

320 Wayne St., Mansfield; Richard and Sharon Bishop to WT Holdings, LLC; $9,000


2122 Rosewood Drive, Ontario; Trudie Swanger to Candi Cobb; $84,900

2403 Ferguson Road, Ontario; Nausheen Ahmed and Muhammad Ali Khalifa to Shannon Lorentz-Wiese and Robert Wiese; $260,000

590 N. Rock Road, Ontario; Robert and Rebecca Craig to Wyatt Fox; $270,000

416 Home Road North, Ontario; HBI Investments, LLC, to Scott Rowland II; $79,900

89 Maple Lane, Ontario; J. Steve and Jennifer Sheldon to Vickie Nusbaum; $67,000

1341 Deer Ridge Lane, Ontario; Paula and Richard Wander to Mark Johnson; $160,000

2012 Teakwood Drive, Mansfield; Teakwood Properties, LLC, to Stephen and Brittany Hobson; $235,634

1936 Rosewood Drive, Ontario; The Machaira Group, LLC, to Amos Bolen Jr. and Elaine Abreu-Bolen; $189,900


90 Glenwood Drive, Shelby; Richard and Marilyn Griffith to Jeanine Haney; $75,000

560 S. Gamble St., Shelby; Estate of Mary Stewart to James Summers; $104,000

18 E. Jefferson Ave., Shelby; Scott Hancock to Brandel Boyd; $183,000

18 Seltzer Ave., Shelby; JoAnn Krausman to Justin and Rebecca Branham; $31,800

97 Auburn Ave., Shelby; Michael Trimmer to Mary Breen; $112,000

96 Second St., Shelby; 3 Roses Property Management, LLC, to Virgil and Victoria Stephens; $27,500

15 Franklin Ave., Shelby; Adrianna Wichterman to Emily Roberts; $87,900

53 Renfrew Drive, Shelby; Jeffrey Schaub to Brittany Tharp; $159,900

47 Third St., Shelby; James and Sharon Sifferlin to Jeffrey Sifferlin; $10,000

140 N. Columbus St., Shelby; Kevin Mead to Brooklyn Shepard and Mathias Lewis; $85,000

42 Fourth St., Shelby; Charles Jr. and Charlotte Schiffer to Ethan Walton; $72,000


Vacant lot, Appleseed and Rhinehart Roads; Bellville; Rose Hess to Mansfield Airport Warehousing, Ltd.; $650,000


235 Reeder Drive, Butler; Carol Hollar to Kristina Nye; $102,000

176 W. Henry St., Butler; JP Morgan Chase Bank to Charles Rogers; $40,300

215 Forest Ave., Butler; Seth Oyster and Courtney Oyster to Charles and Deborah Geiger; $189,900


218 Sherwood Drive, Lexington; Brandon and Amber Stoffer to James and Cathy Smith; $137,500

208 Hanover Road, Mansfield; Joey Shaver to Rafael and Sarah Barbosa; $93,000

167 Holiday Hill, Mansfield; Gerald and Donna Oates to Adrienne Cogburn and William St. Myer; $145,500

156 Otterbein Drive, Lexington; Thomas and Tammy Prokopchak to Margaret Buntin; $161,900

130 Kimberwick Road, Lexington; Jared Pollick to Jeffery and Alexandria Barker; $248,500

139 Sherwood Drive, Lexington; Danielle Lynn to Bradley Korbas and Eliana Sorrenti; $65,000

131 Essex Circle, Lexington; David Hane to Kathleen Wolf; $151,500

301 Fenway Blvd., Lexington; MB Renovations, LLC, to Robyn and Scott Hazen; $161,250

214 Hanover Road, Lexington; Hanna and Aaron Sanders to Matthew Frazier; $110,000


32 E. Haney Road, Lucas; U.S. Bank Trust to Dan Arnold; $65,000


2.98 acres, Ohio 61, Plymouth; Mark and Susan Fry to Rhonda Lindsey; $245,000

41 Birchfield St., Plymouth; James and Kristin Hedeen to David Jr. and Jessica Miller; $110,000

246 Plymouth St., Plymouth; George and Shannon Logan to Jared Lewis; $51,500


49 Scott St., Shiloh; Sally Baum to Timothy and Terri Sweeney; $97,185


8415 Swanger Road, Shiloh; Victor Fox to Jesse Fox; $138,000


1500 Cairns Road, Mansfield; Nancy Pribilski to Lana Sinclair; $150,000

1300 Cairns Road, Mansfield; Nancy Pribilski to Barry and Linda Naugle; $48,000


2456 and 2458 Taylortown Road, Shelby; Rosemary Bricker to James and Amanda Bricker; $145,000

2579 Springmill Road, Shelby; Gerald and Betty Craighead to John Volk; $180,000

3903 George Hawk Road, Shelby; Walnut Grain Farms, LLC, to Kathy Morrison; $15,000


5482 Durbin Road, Bellville; Julia Campbell and Andrew Walters to Charles and Montanna Bubenheim; $109,000

Vacant land, Ohio 13, Bellville; One Legend, LLC, to Shannon Thrush; $1,822.20

861 Rhinehart Road, Bellville; Randy Shumate to Bryan and Natalie Johnson; $130,000


882 Stewart Road North, Mansfield; Keith and Dawn Ward to Sally and Denny Baum; $120,000

926 Grace St., Mansfield; Daniel and Cindy Lewis to David and Kelsey Lewis; $79,900

1060 Tarzana Drive, Mansfield; Richard III and Whitney Belt to Aaron and Mary Eckert; $314,500

1423 Virginia Lane, Mansfield; Ronald and Jodivine Miller to Sharon Williams; $75,000

50 N. Walker Ave., Mansfield; Matthew Burrell to Jonah Burrell; $65,000

205 Michigan Ave., Mansfield; Daniel and Katie Schoonover to Sydney and Tyler George; $100,900

Oakdale Drive, Mansfield; Mark Leuthold to Andrew and Belinda Foster; $13,000

390 Terrace Drive, Mansfield; Tyler and Tiffany Hardin to Alexandrea Barber and R'trell Carter; $83,000

579 Fleming Falls Road, Mansfield; Christopher Pifher to Alex Culler; $84,000

801 Unity Drive, Mansfield; Linda Smith to Logan Barnett; $106,000

531 Parry Ave., Mansfield; Brian Wilson to Reid and Angie Peterson; $67,000

1049 Annfield Drive, Mansfield; Conrad and Esther Cook to SCIG Series III REO, LLC; $78,214.92

507-513 Michigan Ave., Mansfield; 507-513 Michigan Avenue, LLC, to Wilmington Savings Fund Society; $80,700


2270 Lakecrest Drive, Mansfield; Stephen and Linda Perry to Dinsmore Property, LLC; $122,517

1934 Hout Road, Mansfield; Mary Ann Madden to Sarah Ludwig; $65,900

Vacant lot, Chew Road, Mansfield; Nauny Boyd to Margie and Eric Haus; $40,000

1993 Satinwood Drive, Mansfield; Christopher Zickefoose and Jenna Hendershot to Steven and Jennifer Huey; $280,000

676 Zachary Way, Mansfield; Robert and Angela Kuehnle to Emily VanBeveren; $302,000

1112 Fairfax Ave., Mansfield; Carrie May to Crispy Properties, LLC; $10,000

16 Wolf Road, Mansfield; Dian Owens to Taylor Ison; $145,000

1011 Reed Road, Mansfield; Donald Carroll II to Timothy Sweet II; $140,000

765 Koogle Road, Mansfield; James Karsmizki to Richard Zeigler; $160,000

1997 Hout Road, Mansfield; Donna Osborne to Fifth Third Bank; $26,000


10.743 acres, Swigart Road, Bellville; Conrad and Lois Miller to Daniel Cooper and Debra Miller; $64,458

1775 Ohio 39, Lucas; Jeremy and Whitney Maloney to Matthias Stewart; $164,000

2144 Berry Road, Lucas; Jordan and Shannon Oyster to Raymond Jr. and Carolyn Dowell; $235,000


7071 Follin Road, Bellville; James Ammons to Matthew Smith; $110,000


4390 Parsel Road, Plymouth; John Rusynyk to Roy and Julie Walters; $48,000

Baseline Road, Plymouth; James and Regina Zimmerman to Loren and Leslie Zimmerman; $125,000


4841 Lincoln Highway, Crestline; John Hess to Ralph and Christine West; $160,000

98.04 acres, Thrush Road, Crestline; Estate of Leoma Gordon to Sutter Brothers, an Ohio General Partnership; $823,620

Vacant lot, Ohio 309, Mansfield; Z and W Legacy, LLC, to Rick and Michelle Leveque; $4,500

342 S. Crestline-Bloominggrove Road, Galion; Alan and Deanna Miller to Jeffrey and Deborah Baldridge; $359,900

1737 Thrush Road, Crestline; Estate of Leoma Gordon to Brian and Mary Houghtby; $171,500

1086 Lohr Road, Galion; Curtis Mitchell to Carla Caudill; $134,900

5458 Lincoln Highway, Crestline; William and Marilyn Horning to Nathan Parsons; $150,000


8.139 acres, Stein Road, Shelby; Vicki Schroeder to Todd Schroeder; $440,000


587 Ohio 314, Mansfield; R&J Turst to Kelly Kleman and Megan Kleman; $265,000

230 Avalon Drive, Mansfield; Paula Wells to Partin Property Development, LLC; $29,000

1272 Lewis Roa, Mansfield; Clear Creek Rentals, LLC, to Ronald Cremeans; $179,900

230 Avalon Drive, Mansfield; Partin Property Development, LLC, to JRM Properties of Mansfield, LLC; $68,500

3945 Kings Pointe Drive, Mansfield; Rick and Debra Varner to Lindsey Thompson; $254,396.26

4623 Lincoln Highway, Crestline; Adam and Julia Robbins to Robert and Renee Oswalt; $120,000


2795 Marion Ave. Road, Mansfield; Robert and Janice Barrington to Patrick and Jennifer Fields; $359,000

631 Bailey Drive, Mansfield; Thomas Butterbaugh to Shawn Chitwood; $20,100

3309 Addeline Drive, Lexington; Constance Withrow to Tyler Dinkel; $103,000


1014 Devonshire Lane, Mansfield; Mark William to Dakota Loretta; $235,000

311 Alexander Road West, Bellville; Barbara Clements to Daniel and Sarah Slaughter; $186,500

934 Taylor Road, Mansfield; Gregory Smith to Thomas Frasz and Daryl Frasz; $148,500

4215 Andrews Road, Bellville; John Lude to Brandon Barker; $155,000

96 E. Straub Road, Mansfield; Eric and Susan Haas to Thomas and Terry Prokopchak; $176,000

1426 Josephine Ave., Lexington; Steve Bush to Lori Holland; $174,500

552 Morrison Ave., Mansfield; Robert and Virgina Grose to Doyle and Georgetta Prichard; $165,000

670 Fuhrer Ave., Mansfield; Sherri and William Burgett to D.B. Properties, LLP; $70,000

1849 Red Oak Drive, Lexington; Jeffrey and Alexandria Barker to Steve Shears Jr.; $153,500

1336 Eisenhower Ave., Lexington; Stanley Szybka to Steve and Vikki Lutz; $133,000

1915 Braden Lane, Mansfield; Christi Truax to Cyril III and Christina Jamieson; $158,000

1191 E. Hanley Road, Mansfield; Robert and Kathryn Earhart to Milton Johnson Jr.; $87,800


7540 N. Liberty Road, Butler; Rick Snider to Edward and Martha Raber; $265,000

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