The former Ninja Steakhouse on West Fourth Street in Ontario.

ONTARIO -- A building that once housed the Ninja Steakhouse has recently been sold for $600,000, according to property transfers from the Richland County Auditor's Office.

The property at 2284 W. Fourth St. was sold by Ye Sisters, LLC, to Chen Mayflower, LLC.

Li Ying Chen is listed as the agent for Chen Mayflower, LLC, according to business records filed with the Ohio Secretary of State. It was formed on Feb. 19. The building is currently being remodeled.

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The Ye Sisters, LLC, was formed in October of 2014 with Min Pan of Findlay, Ohio, as the agent. This LLC was dissolved on July 26, 2018, according to Ohio Secretary of State records.

In other recent Richland County property transfers:


1977 Cliffwood Drive, Mansfield; Joseph and Johnis Gribbin to Cindy Shasky; $92,900.

1368 Brookpark Drive, Mansfield; Walter and Janice Ferger to Stanley Hobson; $188,000.

465 Hammond Ave., Mansfield; Dann Simmons to Nicole Krause and Mark Cooperwood; $24,000.

2240 Whippoorwill Lane, Mansfield; Kenneth Goff, successor trustee of the Helen Stanton Trust, to Gene and Linda Bowman; $130,000.

1012 Burkwood Road, Mansfield; Barbara Smith to Anthony Fuhrman; $159,000.

595 Woodville Road, Mansfield; Everbank to CAN Property Investments, LLC; $19,000.

33 Clifton Ave., Mansfield; JP Morgan Chase Bank to Larry Merwine; $31,250.

296 5th Ave., Mansfield; Michael Perry to Kathryn Kent; $61,900.

477 Davidson St., Mansfield; Jack Stancato to Kathleen Boyle; $30,000.

59 Harvard Ave., Mansfield; Bonnie Tittle to Cameron West; $64,500.

342 Davis Road, Mansfield; Walter and Kay Ruess to Christopher and Alexis Winters; $124,900.

21-23-25-27 North Main Street, Mansfield; CitiChurch, Inc., to Richard McCready, trustee, and Marilyn McCready, trustee; $115,000.

411 Luther St., Mansfield; Richland County Sheriff J. Steve Sheldon on behalf of Kevin Blaney, to Adam Thornton; $21,000.

490 McPherson St., Mansfield; Laurie and James Mooney to Robin Adams and Lisa Adams; $5,000.

859 S. Main St., Mansfield; Richland County Sheriff J. Steve Sheldon, on behalf of Kevin Blaney, to Larry Merwine; $22,000.

861 S. Main St., Mansfield; Richland County Sheriff J. Steve Sheldon, on behalf of Buckeye Auto Center, to Richard Fournier; $20,000.

334 Grandview Ave., Mansfield; Sadie Perdue to Anthium, LLC; $32,000.

1823 Riva Ridge Drive, Mansfield; Darrin and Rhonda Brogan to Cynthia Kennedy; $187,000.

468 Old Mill Run Road, Mansfield; Byrne Services, LLC, to Mary Marshall; $160,000.

1545-1547 Silver Lane, Mansfield; Marilyn Estep to GLB Holdings, LLC; $95,500.

144 Ohio St., Mansfield; Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Latonya Crawford; $1.

561 Crescent Road, Mansfield; Christopher and Rachel McKinniss to One House at a Time, LLC; $47,900.

715 McPherson St., Mansfield; 715 McPherson Street, LLC, to Alma Kososky; $20,000.

146 Stewart Ave., Mansfield; Steven Etzel to Larry Merwine; $36,000.

510 Broken Oak Court, Mansfield; Kenneth and Penelope Ekegren to Christopher Grove; $173,000.

924 Linden Circle West, Mansfield; Teresa Anderson, trustee of the Knee Family Trust, to Kenneth and Janet Bishop; $144,000.

1525 Cape Cod Drive, Mansfield; Kenneth and Janet Bishop to Karen and Richard Riegel; $165,000.

1910 Whippoorwill Lane, Mansfield; James Eagleston to Beverly Urschel; $140,000.

401 Davidson St., Mansfield; Debra Kisner, executor of the estate of Marlene Corns, to Richard Tilton; $59,900.

605 Sequoia Lane, Mansfield; Charles and Doris Miller to Michael and Deborah Miller; $115,000.

519 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; AWBD, LLC, to David Rummel and Naya Laurent; $17,550.

443 Marion Ave., Mansfield; Anthony and Angela Persky to Amber and Cory Hickman; $88,000.

1310 Bridgewater Way North, Mansfield; Constance Goodman and Karen Seevers to Patricia Thompson Dubose; $250,000.

418 Marion Ave., Mansfield; Donald and Kate Blakley to John Powell, Lisa Powell and Lloyd Powell; $78,000.

1659 Wilmington Point, Mansfield; Joetta Goodman, trustee of the Joetta Goodman Living trust, to Kara Kapustar; $158,900.

1073 Sunset Boulevard, Mansfield; MBLD Properties LLC, to Collin and Courtney Neumann; $85,000.

63 Granite St., Mansfield; Paula Holmes to Melvin Melton; $18,000.

1110 Whippoorwill Lane, Mansfield; Ursula Unterwagner to Michael and Elizabeth Riegel; $105,000.

1640 Wilmington Point Drive, Mansfield; Walter and Linda Hunsinger to Robert and Mary Ann Konstam; $234,900.

1012 Briarwood Road, Mansfield; Mary Hackworth to Amer and Dennis Sowders; $115,000.

1099 W. Fourth St., Ontario; 1099 West Fourth, LTD, to Chiqski Properties, LLC; $205,000.

522 Bennington Drive, Mansfield; Angela Andrews to Gideon and Janet Snyder; $233,000.

580-582 Park Avenue, Mansfield; Kurt Stimens, trustee of the Kurt Stimens Revocable Living Trust, to JBR Holdings; $140,000.

631 Johns Ave., Mansfield; CT Homes, LLC, to A&M Properties of Mansfield, LLC; $6,500.

411 Scholl Road, Mansfield; Daniel Haines to Seth Jolin; $80,000.

303 Fourth Ave., Mansfield; Judith Mayer to Bryan and Sydnee Reurer; $1.

36 Hoffman Ave., Mansfield; Estate of Gary Henson to David Morehead; $38,500.

477 Wayne St., Mansfield; Christopher Risner, executor of estate of Roy Risner, to Shawn Sydnor; $6,000.

590 Yale Drive, Mansfield; Noah Johnson to Joshua and Dana Smith; $95,000.

146 Wimbledon Drive, Mansfield; Cynthia Moore to Nanette Cole; $122,900.

1858 Evline Drive, Mansfield; David and Samantha Bowling to Robert North; $189,500.

1032-1038 1/2 Woodville Road, Mansfield; Kurt Stimens, trustee, to Tien and Yun Chang; $215,000.

208 S. Diamond St., Mansfield; Butternut Property Group, LLC, to Rebecca Champion; $20,000.

1316 Evergreen Ave. West, Mansfield; Joseph and Jennifer Harwood to Patricia Brewster; $130,000.

452 Cherry St., Mansfield; Gary Bowling to Clear Creek Rentals, LLC; $12,500.

2697 Peterson Road, Mansfield; Steve and Tondalea Frazee to Simpson Homes, LLC; $8,000.

105 Columbia Ave., Mansfield; MPW Redux, LLC, to Brook and Marjoe Taylor; $4,000.

130 Lasalle St., Mansfield; Mary Terry to Tien and Yun Ing Chang; $46,000.

39 E. Cook Road, Mansfield; Earl James and Joy Geib to Eric Kovach; $68,000.

340 E. Fourth St., Mansfield; Mark Wallace to HR Enterprises, LLC; $110,000.

188 Cleveland Ave., Mansfield; Michael Cox to Andrea Riggs; $6,000.

232 Fifth Ave., Mansfield; Simpson Homes, LLC, to Devin Arnett; $5,500.

185 E. Marshall Ave., Mansfield; Amy Breitinger to Michael Rose; $10,000.

460 Birchlawn Boulevard, Mansfield; Andrew Harsh, sole trustee of the Robert O. Hall Keystone Inheritance, to Michael and Vivian Holzmiller; $134,000.

2674 State Route 13, Mansfield; Sheri Gross and Michael Baldridge to Kay Fannin and James Simones, Sr.; $186,000.

78 Winwood Drive, Mansfield; Steven Mayers to Brett Garand; $81,500.

493 Bryden Road, Mansfield; Janice Grabeal to Sin Joe Ng; $91,500.


1104 Cobblefield Drive, Ontario; John Bechtler to Robert and June Reed; $140,000.

843 Shelby-Ontario Road, Mansfield; Beth Alkire to Danielle and Kenneth Palesh; $165,000.

316 Allen Drive, Mansfield; David Paone Jr. to Dennis Smith; $80,000.

1132 Cobblefield Drive, Ontario; Judy Russell-Dedrick to Dean and Irene Haycock; $135,00.

Lot(s), Rock Road, Ontario; Stephen and Kingkarn Shoup to Affordable Housing of Mansfield, LLC; $5,000.

1192 Cobblefield Drive, Ontario; Chong Sun Cha and Hyun Jung Cha to Susan and Rodney Collins; $160,000.

3820 Horizon Drive, Ontario; Seigneur Fox Construction, LLC, to John and Diane Gurki, co-trustees of the Gurik Family; $396,000.

1061 Crestfield St., Ontario; William and Karen Hindenlang to Luxury Apartment Rentals, LLC; $122,000.

1164 Cobblefield Drive, Ontario; Richard Pauley and Brett Pauley to Donnell Cornell; $154,000.

90 Maple Lane, Ontario; Jacques Boisvert to Rebecca Hicks; $76,000.

1935 Sandelwood Drive, Ontario; Teakwood Properties, LLC, to Donald and Amy Jones; $159,900.

3518 Mabee Road, Ontario; Shane and Monique Eberst to Darrin and Rhonda Brogan; $169,000.

504 Townview Circle, Mansfield; Robin Seitz to Bernard and Sonja Ross; $120,000.

365 Overbrook Court, Ontario; Robert and Beth Reitler to Richard and Frances Granger; $249,900.


54 Hariette Drive, Shelby; Ruby Shriver Estate to Ronald Miller; $60,000.

31 Flint St., Shelby; Sharon Moore to Joshua and Hope Kocher; $45,000.

3345 George Hawk Road, Shelby; Donald and Amy Jones to Joshua and Jessica Slusher; $156,000.

15 Williams Court, Shelby; Eric and Erin Howarth to Timothy and Angela Carroll; $95,500.

185 W. Park Drive, Shelby; Carl Foster to Carl Schroeder; $36,000.

47 Walnut St., Shelby; Estate of Errin Echelberry to Andrea Johnson; $41,250.

23 Sunset Drive, Shelby; Kevin Knudson to Jarrod and Julia Moore; $138,000.

59 W. Smiley Ave., Shelby; Mary Fagan by Mark Fagan, POA, to Thomas Yetzer; $17,500.

27 Vernon Road, Shelby; David and Melissa Baker to Rodney and Suzanne Hannafius; $67,000.

20 Woodland Road, Shelby; Wallace Bakewell to U.S. Bank National Association; $109,200.

107 Mansfield Ave., Shelby; Trent and Shelly Heyman to Ricky and Jeannie Sutter; $105,000.

Oak Street, Shelby; William Hamman to Jessica Morrow; $7,000.

673 Bendle Ave., Shelby; Charles Miller to Austin Hintz and Sierra Roberts; $85,000.

61 W. Smiley Ave., Shelby; Richard and Rebecca Young to Raymond and Lisa Montgomery; $95,000.


131 Church St., Bellville; Bart and Francesca Higgins to Edward Crain; $135,900.

109-111 School Street, Bellville; Kurt Stimens, trustee of the Kurt Stimens Revocable Living Trust, to MATKIM Holdings, LLC; $84,000.

176 School St., Bellville; Patrick Durham to ARSA, LLC, $12,500.

55 Church St., Bellville; Michael and Courtney Cline to Rachel Thursh; $215,000.


140 Main St., Butler; Estate of Gaye Lawhorn to Jerry Landis; $43,000.


51 Charles Court, Lexington; Lindsay and Ryan Eldridge to Mark and Mary Ashley; $52,000.

105-107 Main Street, Lexington; Forest and Patricia Foust to Jayne Carthy; $155,000.

139 Essex Circle, Lexington; Jason Reed to Heidi Combs; $145,000.

135 W. Main St., Lexington; Vicki Kimes to Brandon Garver; $132,000.

70 Dartmouth Drive, Lexington; Sandra Ransom to Travis and Jessica Porter; $193,000.

20 Sussex Court East, Lexington; Allan and Deanna Laury to Bradley Partin; $132,000.

73 Essex Circle, Lexington; Kent and Kathy Lester to Heath and Stacie Whitehair; $110,000.

1739 Rocky Rill Court, Lexington; Raymond and Christy Hughes to Jonathan and Cassandra Kampfer; $185,000.

54 Dartmouth St., Lexington; Jay and Ilenn Levant to Joseph and Jennifer Harwood; $239,900.


135 S. Union St., Lucas; Steve and Kelly Dickson to Michael Jenkins; $118,000.


12 Stock St., Shiloh; Jason Shedron to Joy Welch; $13,000.


1186 Snake Road, Shelby; Patti Luckie to Fixed Up Properties, LLC; $67,000.

268 Free Road, Shiloh; Ervin and Almeta Sensenig to James and Alta Sensenig; $150,000.

32.5 acres, Amstutz Road and Rome-Greenwich Road; Ervin and Almeta Sensenig to James and Alta Sensenig; $350,000.

7168 Amstutz Road, Shiloh; Ervin and Almeta Sensenig to Moses and Joana Sensenig; $450,000.

447 State Route 603, Shiloh; Jeffery and Kristy Bradford to Ethan Walter; $70,000.


Vacant line, Distline Road; Claude Handshoe to Candace Lambert and Jennifer Lambert; $7,000.

1617 State Route 603, Shiloh; Wilson and Norman Newsanger to Galen and Jennifer Newswanger; $180,000.


438 Eby Road, Shiloh; Wilma Hoover to Phillip and Miriam Hoover; $3,400.

4390 Teresa Drive, Shiloh; Randal Robinson, successor trustee or the Robinson Family Revocable Living Trust, to Michael and Charlene Rock; $157,500.

162 Timmerman Road, Mansfield; Andrew and Autumn Whitcomb to Sandra Brown; $118,000.


2830 Plymouth-Springmill Road, Shelby; Andrew and Marcia Biglin to Jeffrey and Meghan Turner; $170,000.

3202 Oesch Lane, Shelby; Jill Seymour to Clifford Peters; $98,500.


211 Rhinehart Road, Bellville; Ronald and Loretta Ernsberger to Brett and Andrea Papst; $29,500.


995 Grace St., Mansfield; Joyce Wheaton to Angela Smith and Linda Cole; $56,180.

1636 N. Stewart Road, Mansfield; Mark and Jodean Usher to Walter and Janice Ferger; $140,000.

813 Unity Drive, Mansfield; Thomas Ball and Gerald Ball to Barbara Tucker; $40,000.

1060 Tarzana Drive, Mansfield; Stephen and Kimberly Cobb to Richard and Whitney Belt; $305,000.

645 N. McElroy Road, Mansfield; Kimberly Brewster to Robert and Cassandra Hoagland; $134,900.

1503 Grace St., Mansfield; William Schooley to Dustin and Kerry Griffith; $68,435.65.

North Stewart Road, Mansfield; SSM, Inc., to McDonald's Real Estate Co.; $90,000.

718 Fairfax Ave., Mansfield; Richland Bank to Birchwood Homes, LLC; $9,100.

1316 Evergreen Ave., Mansfield; Patricia Brewster to Lisa Bandagski; $42,000.

798 McElroy Road, Mansfield; Adam Thornton to Paul Monts; $77,500.

610 Crall Road, Mansfield; Jeffrey and Dee Luttrell to Erick Schell and Michelle Applegate; $147,000.

633 Kentucky Ave., Mansfield; Robin Remaley to Nathan and Pamela Young; $60,000.

387 Esley Lane, Mansfield; Susan Lory to Rebecca Herder; $126,000.

1633 Hickory Lane, Mansfield; Estate of David Pesec to Dwight and Terri Whaley; $80,000.

1065 Neil Circle South, Mansfield; Carmen Hively to Wayne and Charity Smith; $124,500.

1415 Virginia Lane, Mansfield; Daniel Kisling to Roger and Karen Owens; $70,000.


2350 State Route 430, Mansfield; Jacob Baumberger to Cara Miller; $93,410.

1971 Farmdale, Mansfield; James Toth to Wood Hill Holdings, LLC; $36,000.

2161 State Route 430, Mansfield; Richland County Sheriff J. Steve Sheldon, on behalf of K.T. Golf, Inc., to Megan Blaney; $40,000.

2278 Sprucewood Drive, Mansfield; U.S. Bank National Association to Frank Nemeth III and Frank Nemeth Jr.; $50,505.

1246 Richard Court, Mansfield; Suellyn and Jack George to Julia and Todd Wurthmann; $61,000.

1712 Windsor Road, Mansfield; Richard Pass to Jonathan and Skye Hersman; $80,000.

961 Laver Road, Mansfield; Marc and Deborah Harris to Michel and Carolyn Geib; $117,500.

2238 Satinwood Drive, Mansfield; Chad Kingery to Marvin Horton; $144,000.

611 Ironwood Drive, Mansfield; James and Diana Owens to Kimberly Brewster; $145,000.


2130 E. Hanley Road, Lucas; Jerome and Caroline Bickimer, co-trustees, to Jason and Crystal Reed; $249,500.


2970 Bellville Johnson Road, Bellville; Monroe and Linda Miller to Marcus and Rachel Parker; $127,000.

6771 Werner Road, Fredericktown; Jennifer and Thomas Hinkle to Marcie Coder; $189,900.

6381 Darlington Road South, Bellville; James Davis to David and Emily Murphy; $249,000.


7751 State Route 98, Plymouth; Joshua Handshoe to Gregg Davis; $13,000.

8058 State Route 98, Plymouth; Rachele Weiss to James Burton and Rebekah Perry-Fearing; $22,000.

292 acres, Plymouth Township; Orva and DeeDee Dawson to Duane Dick et all PLL; $2,112,500.


5427 State Route 309, Galion; Reginald and Susannah Lowe to Newman Technology, Inc.; $130,000.

4851 Bloominggrove Road, Galion; James and Theresa Sparks to Brian and Heather Smith; $149,000.

1048 County Line Road, Crestline; Bruce and Brenda Samples to Sandra Long; $45,000.


4217 Beam Road, Crestline; Steven Kerst to Randy and Cherylon Deems; $61,201.19.

785 S. Lexington-Springmill Road, Mansfield; Robert Brokaw to Amanda Woodrow; $45,000.

2791 Millsboro Road East, Mansfield; Millsboro Farms, LLC, to Collin and Desiree Barkdull; $142,000.


2356 Marion Ave., Mansfield; FC Bank to James and Krista Alexander; $65,000.

3647 Maxwell Road, Lexington; Mark Heil to Matthew and Ashley Eberst; $205,000.

4615 Bloominggrove Road, Mansfield; April Ebert to Korbyn and Bailee Huston; $115,000.

4184 Schmidt Road, Lexington; Robert and Christina Bennington to Bradley and Eliana Sorrenti; $225,000.

3402 Whitetail Drive West, Lexington; Kecia Zuercher to Shane and Erica Weiss; $312,000.

2.015 acres, Grubb Road, Lexington; Andrew Walker, Michael Walker and Charles Walker to Derek Zeiter; $22,000.

2012 Graham Road, Mansfield; Travis and Jessica Porter to Catherine Breedlove; $145,000.

2359 Marion Ave. Road, Mansfield; Angela Moore to Kim and Susan Thoma; $247,000.

1970 Graham Road, Mansfield; Michael and Carmen McKinley to Brady and Jaclyn Dodson; $287,000.

2160 W. Cook Road, Mansfield; Khader Khan to Carla Shade; $115,000.


68 Gatton Drive, Bellville; William and Shanna Wake to David and Patricia Mann; $165,000.

40.32 acres, East Hanley Road, Little Washington; Connie Lehman to James Wilson, trustee of the James Wilson Living Trust; $95,000.

2365 Lexington Ave., Mansfield; Wells Fargo Bank to Donald and Kathy Wilson; $128,000.

2370 Ranchwood Drive, Mansfield; Joseph Kinzel to Chad and Laurie Richter; $159,500.

2084 Random Drive, Lexington; John and Margaret Hetrick to Christopher Rice; $165,000.

1336 Kings Corners Road, Lexington; Larry and Joan Harter to Jeff and Kathleen Wojcehowicz and Lyndsey Wojechowicz; $239,800.

120 Straub Road West, Mansfield; Harold and Margaret Patterson to Peter Johnson; $157,000.

2355 Mansfield Washington Road, Mansfield; Eric Byus to Jeffrey and Rhonda Ramey; $121,000.

1224 Pleasant Valley Road, Mansfield; J. Sauder Construction, LLC, to Kevin and Debora Hardesty; $275,000.

1323 Terman Road, Mansfield; Eric and Kristin Husty to William and Cherry Eshelman; $189,900.


4297 Harris Road, Butler; Emily Higgins nka Emily Murphy to Bart and Fracesca Higgins; $170,000.

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