drug mart property sold

A building in Ontario that is home to Discount Drug Mart and three other retailers recently sold for $3 million, according to property transfers filed with the Richland County Auditor's Office.

A building that is home to a Discount Drug Mart and other retail establishments in Ontario recently sold for $3 million, according to property transfers filed with the Richland County Auditor's office.

The structure is at 25-31 Briggs Drive, near the intersection of Park Avenue West and Lexington-Springmill Road.

The property was sold by DDM-Ontario, LLC, a corporation formed in 2011 that lists David Thomas of Canton as the statutory agent, according to filings with the Ohio Secretary of State's office.

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It was purchased by 25 Briggs, LLC, a corporation formed in September 2019 with Kara Dodson of Canton as the statutory agent, according to the Secretary of State's office.

Other recent property transfers, according to the local auditor's office, included:


453 Van Buren Ave., Mansfield; Drema Tooker to Troyer Real Estate, LLC; $36,000

150 Home Ave., Mansfield; Robin Scott to Nyshia Brooks; $23,000

144 Vennum Ave, Mansfield; Donna Beck to Gerri Dooley; $63,000

545 Warren Road, Mansfield; Kathy Belt to Jack Elswick; $5,000

562 Westview Blvd., Mansfield; Amber Sloan-Barlow to Tamara Church; $80,000

1270 Rosedale Drive, Mansfield; Olga Starr and Lisa Pleasants to Adam Tridico; $170,000

1146 Springbrook Drive, Mansfield; Arthur and Diana Profit to Francetta Lane; $125,000

401 Opal Drive, Mansfield; Estate of Ethel Grinnell to Laura Barber; $62,000

476 Beechwood Drive, Mansfield; David and Pamela Warren to Kris Miller; $124,000

205 Helen Ave., Mansfield; Thomas Burkhardt to Simpson Homes, LLC; $1,000

1480 N. Lascerne Circle, Mansfield; Joseph Ziegler to Andrew Ziegler; $82,600

322 Fifth Ave., Mansfield; Lonnie and Joyce McGhee to Taylor Vance; $18,000

1582 Bridgewater Way South, Mansfield; Juan and Yvonne Miranda to J. Todd and Becky Sipe; $290,000

226 Cliffbrook Drive, Mansfield; Diane Bumpus to Justen LaPlante; $49,000

29 W. Prospect St., Mansfield; Cherie Free to Chelsea Nixon, Max Nixon and Matthew Anatra; $85,000

956 Maumee Ave., Mansfield; Brian Haynes to Arthur and Diana Profit; $79,900

84 Ohio St., Mansfield; Quest Trust Company FKA to James McCloy-Brooks; $15,000

542-544 Bailey Drive, Mansfield; Lucas McGhee to Lonnie and Holly McGhee; $95,000

158 Ohio St., Mansfield; Mitchell Pfeiffer to Alex Pfeiffer; $31,500

1669 Lexington Ave., Mansfield; Lexington Avenue Offices, LLC, to HFT Property Management, LLC; $641,370

497 Grant St., Mansfield; Leslie Peyton to Lindale Holdings, LLC; $23,000

65-67 Mendota St., Mansfield; Fred and Kathleen Moore to Sita Investments, LLC; $500

112 W. Cook Road, Mansfield; James Levingston, trustee of The Levingston Family Trust, to Cynthia Lacek; $65,000

838 Red Oak Trail, Mansfield; Samuel and Ana Hartsock to Bobbi Magistro and Bryan Bundesen; $119,900

316 S. Diamond St., Mansfield; Scott Calderhead to Nick Maciejewski; $6,000

464 Parkview St., Mansfield; Andre Brooks to Eric Shultz and Reid Peterson; $54,820

134 W. Second St., Mansfield; Jean Mauler to Joshua Arneson; $40,000

32 W. Arch St., Mansfield; Isanjo Properties of Mansfield, LLC, to Gregory Thoms; $5,000

1215 Butternut Court, Mansfield; John and Janelle Wyant to Dammeon and Christina Syroid; $234,000

684 Deborah Court, Lexington; Ricky Knapp, Steven Knapp, Jeffrey Knapp and Kris Knapp to Earlene Taylor, trustee of the Edward and Earlene Taylor Joint Revocable Trust; $198,000

552 Lida St., Mansfield; Dianne Dennis to Michael Micucci; $3,000

990 Burkwood Road, Mansfield; Elva Newdome to David and Pamela Warren; $154,000

454 Marion Ave., Mansfield; Keybank National Association to Bigelow Enterprises; $37,587

388 Gem Ave., Mansfield; Raymond McKean to Norma McVey; $30,000

95 Grasmere Ave., Mansfield; Albert Schuster, Johann Schuster, Annette Merle and Mathilde Merkll; $75,000

1298 Deer Run Road, Mansfield; Sharon Granter, trustee, to William and Pamela Robinson; $556,601

509 E. Townview Circle, Mansfield; ECM Property Investments, LLC, to Bulldog Capital, LLC; $125,525

486 Birchlawn Blvd., Mansfield; Carol Michaels to Jennifer Jacocks; $145,000

1510 White Oak Court, Mansfield; Kristoffer and Candiss Patrick to Richard and Whitney Belt; $307,000

669 Old Mill Run, Mansfield; John and Diane Gurik to Christopher and Nelwyn Michel; $440,000

1204 Seminole Ave., Mansfield; Teresa Craft to Mitchelle Cole; $13,000e

302 Second Ave., Mansfield; Schunatz Rentals, LLC, to David Schunatz; $5,000

865 Red Oak Trail, Mansfield; Rosina and Milorad Vokov to Donald and Lucillia Beard; $134,900

586 Glendale Blvd., Mansfield; Joshua Whitt, trustee, to Christopher Brown and Rachel Myers; $115,000

Vacant lot, Middle Bellville Road, Mansfield; William Miller to MGM Property Managers, Inc.; $12,500

214 Chilton Ave., Mansfield; Morgan Rissler to Trilina Fife; $62,900

500 Crescent Road, Mansfield; Christopher and Heather Swanson to Sonequa and Mauro Pereira; $107,000

707 Woodland Road, Mansfield; Elizabeth Black, successor trustee of The Suzanne Davis Trust, to Jeffrey and Suzanne Hape; $192,000

151 Poplar St., Mansfield; Susan Maul to John Kennedy; $31,000

328-330 Clifton Blvd., Mansfield; Lindsay Zimmer to Ohio Heartland Properties, LLC; $176,900

116 Parkwood Blvd., Mansfield; J. Steve Sheldon, sheriff of Richland County, to Renovate 1st, LLC; $40,000

184 Hillside Circle, Mansfield; Harold Chumbley to Shane Chumbley; $19,300

231 S. Mulberry St., Mansfield; Colin Hardman to U.S. Bank National Association; $18,000

593 Garfield Place, Mansfield; Spanky, LLC, to 5 Star Properties, LLC; $4,800

187 Atcheson Ave., Mansfield; Taylorwood Properties, LLC, to Redwood Homes, LLC; $3,200

395 Brenda Drive, Mansfield; Aaron Thomas to Wade and Marilyn Martin; $94,000

86 Gibson Ave., Mansfield; Jonathan Cole, trustee of the Jonathan Cole Living Trust, to Alek Schermine; $85,500

1195 Devonwood Road, Mansfield; Margaret Campbell, trustee of the Margaret Campbell Living Trust, to John Young; $90,000

556 Hanna Road, Mansfield; Joanne Fyffe to Matthew and Kristina Lyons; $16,500

201 Euclid Ave., Mansfield; Shelter Management, LLC, to LDH Properties, LLC; $155,000

557 Arlington Ave., Mansfield; John and Victoria Cochran to GBC Enterprises, LLC; $41,004.72

1443 N. Lascerne Circle, Mansfield; Laura Dankovic to Sherry and John Malone; $79,900

159 W. Fifth St., Mansfield; Edgar and Karen Dominguez to Donnie Eatmon, Restoration Building Services, LLC; $2,000

511 Woodward Ave., Mansfield; Cynthia Lacek to Tammy Wurthmann; $108,000

257 E. 2nd St., Mansfield; Edison and Evelyn Dorsey to Kiera Taylor; $6,750

180 Taylor Road, Mansfield; Colin and Janet Dickson to Ian Stumbo; $102,000

1020 Larchwood Road, Mansfield; Frank Nemeth Jr., Attlia Nemeth, Erika Young and Ildiko Danals et al to Teresa Roe; $109,900

456 Lexington Ave., Mansfield; CLH Rentals, LLC, to Kevin and Annette Depue; $34,062.50

1160 W. Fourth St., Mansfield; Meckes Family, LLC, to SRR Mansfield Real Estate, LLC; $375,000

438 Davidson Ave., Mansfield; Kathryn Ward, trustee of the Ward Family Living Trust, to Jesse Jackson; $47,700

770 Forest Drive, Mansfield; Logan Bradshaw to Tyronza Brown; $96,000

706 Hollywood Lane, Mansfield; Cherie Wade to Dylan and Anastaisa Harper; $120,000

1515 Brookpark Drive, Mansfield; Daniel and Erin Richter to Christopher and Arin Durbin; $235,000

118 Leppo Lane, Mansfield; Randy Kleer to William and Sharon Lacy; $64,000

737 Bowman St., Mansfield; Tommie Carter to Freedom Rentals USA1, LLC; $21,500

618 Highland Ave., Mansfield; Nancy Eriksen to Jayson and Jennifer Hudson; $23,351.32

182 Marlow Road, Mansfield; Dana Haag, Daryl Haag and Carole Haag to Darrell Miller; $34,668

40 W. Cook Road, Mansfield; Mary Kirkpatrick to CHP Properties; $31,000

276 E. 1st St., Mansfield; Classie Harris to Wells Fargo Bank; $15,000

181 Wolfe Ave., Mansfield; Ricky Jordan to Irene Lim; $65,000

197 Dolan Court, Mansfield; Roger and Sara Endicott to Michael and Exa Burnette; $69,000

263 Hanna Road, Mansfield; John Lawhorn to Ignacio Solia; $15,000

405 Marion Ave., Mansfield; Christa Riddle to Ryan Liming; $50,000

696 McPherson St., Mansfield; Amy Stentz to Tarrelle Fowler; $33,500

1932 Chelsea Drive, Mansfield; Richard and Sandra Zerby to Kathy Claycomb; $255,000

634 Scholl Road, Mansfield; Mary Sagraves to LAJI Properties of Mansfield, LLC; $23,000

425 Sherman Place, Mansfield; Larry Merwine to Clendon Parr; $14,000

290 Grace St., Mansfield; Reuben and Janet Hamilton to Leo Gordon; $1,000

459-473 W. Third St., Mansfield; James Oberlin to Third Street Apartments; $20,000


1188 Cobblefield Drive, Mansfield; Robert John, trustee of the John Family Irrevocable Living Trust, to Robert and Virginia Grose; $165,000

1125 Cobblefield Drive, Mansfield; Estate of Wilma Callan to Douglas and Cheryl McBride; $150,000

70 Scotland Blvd., Ontario; JAMCO GREEN, LLC, to Vincent Sansalone; $124,900

1061 Crestline St., Ontario; Luxury Apartment Rentals, LLC, to Don Cox and Jill Hittinger; $134,900

1891 Tanglewood Drive South, Ontario; Estate of Russell Bradshaw to Coral Edmonds to Judy Conners; $95,500

Vacant lot, Lewis Road, Ontario; Stephen and Kingkam Shoup to Affordable Housing of Mansfield, LLC; $8,360

2640 W. Fourth St., Ontario; Diana Burns and Barbara Malone to Alexander Griffeth; $38,000

3688 Carmen Drive, Ontario; Brandon Hall to Elizabeth Wakefield; $375,000

245 Sloboda Ave., Ontario; John and Virginia Linsdau to Enrico and Danell Allen; $280,000

1667 Victoria Court, Ontario; Jeffrey Slusher and Matthew Slusher to Mark Miller; $30,000d

94 S. Ireland Blvd., Ontario; Rachel Armstrong to Kelly Rose and Angela Rose; $58,500

735 E. Debby Lane, Ontario; Lori and Justin Mittelstadt to David and Nicole Malone-Martinez; $225,000

1996 Teakwood Drive, Ontario; Teakwood Properties, LLC, to Karen Mara; $179,900

690 Scott Drive, Mansfield; John Stewart to William and Diane Reed; $135,000

282 Camelot Lane, Ontario; Russell and Barbara Woodman to Alan Miller; $507,000

0 W. Fourth St., Ontario; First Federal Bank of Ohio to John and Elizabeth Miller; $125,000

1667 Victoria County, Ontario; Mark Miller to Christopher Miller; $32,000

2427 Whitney Ave., Mansfield; Brian and Christina Anatra to Brent and Anna Smith; $235,000

3575 Ridgestone Drive, Ontario; Donald and Carri Lane to Lewis and Lisa Dolezai; $300,000

Fairway Crossing, Ontario; John Hoffman, co-successor trustee of The Hoffman Family, to Kenneth and Jennifer Black; $42,500

1675 Victoria Court, Ontario; Ronald and Dawn Caudill to Cynthia Risser and Michael Littig; $92,000

25 Frazier Road, Ontario; Estate of Margaret Meyer to J. Steve Sheldon and Jennifer Sheldon; $75,000

3551 Ridgestone Drive, Ontario; Douglas and Kathy Talkington to Guillermo and Cristine Amurao; $340,000

3662 E. Shangri La Ave., Ontario; Michael and Amy Caudill to Jeremy and Christina Williams; $233,755

335 Shelby-Ontario Road, Ontario; Michael Eyerly to Andrea Taylor; $16,500

746 Larry Court, Ontario; Craig and Kimberly Underwood to John and Betty Fraley; $237,000

1285 Spring Village Drive, Mansfield; Board of Township Trustees of Springfield Township to Robert and Dian Hetrick; $112,500

3510 Oakstone Drive, Ontario; Sean and Lindsay Hayes to Chasity Moton; $327,500


89 Marvin Ave., Shelby; Connie Strine to Daniel and Annie Harvey; $115,000

78 Mickey Road, Shelby; Amber Metzger to Randall and Melanie Davis; $133,000

22 W. Park Drive, Shelby; Robert and Linda Caudill to Meghan and Mary Allwine; $68,500

52 Taft St., Shelby; James Bianchi to Michael and Leanne Beer; $162,400

81 Mack Ave., Shelby; Trent Peterson to Phileo Properties, LLC; $29,900

104 Britannia Court, Shelby; Kevin and Keely Wade to Sylvan Donohue and Barbara Donohue; $256,000

14 Sixth St., Shelby; Denise Shepherd to Carl Schroeder; $20,000

43 W. End Blvd., Shelby; D&P Properties, LLC, to Kelly Sanders; $56,066

42 Shelby Ave., Shelby; Michael Williams by PSO to MidFirst Bank; $66,880

14 acres, 046-08-222-26-000, Shelby; Shelby Horizons Ltd. to City of Shelby; $195,000

19 Third St., Shelby; Regina Lueck to Steven Schag; $39,000

24 Sunset Drive, Shelby; Louise Kleman to Dale and Linda Schroeder Farms, LLC; $138,000

520 Bendle Ave., Shelby; Paul Roub to John Thauvette; $180,000

69 Auburn Ave., Shelby; Jess and Cynthia Carey to Earick Walls; $84,900

42 Taft St., Shelby; Clarence and Nancy Ousley to William and Francine Schroeder; $140,000

67 Sherman Ave., Shelby; Elgin Land Management, Inc., to Garry Plew; $25,000

48-58 W. Main St. and 14 Gamble St., Shelby; Linville Enterprises, LLC, to Shelby Main St., LLC; $300,000

18 N. Long St., Shelby; Cletus and Julie Monk to Randolph Howard Jr.; $125,000

106 Shelby Ave., Shelby; Jill and Paul Seymour to Virgil and Victoria Stephens; $25,000

11 Morris St., Shelby; Rosemary Riley to Sean and Kristan Nolen; $132,900

37 Gaylord Ave., Shelby; Paul Ritenour to Staci and Allen Booker; $154,000

37 Gaylord Ave., Shelby; Staci and Allen Booker to Bo Evans; $175,000

97 Devonshire Court, Shelby; Lisa Bihl to Allen Booker and William Parr; $309,900e

32 Sharon St., Shelby; Jordan Grant to Robert Snyder; $82,000

86 & 88 W. Main St., Shelby; Robert and Sally Howerton to Jeff and Jennifer Watson; $49,000

14 N. Long St., Shelby; Julie Ginter to Cletus and Julia Monk; $142,500


Ohio 97, Bellville; Troyer Corp. to AAA Real Estate of Ashland; $377,520

240 Markey St., Bellville; Joshua Stein to Leo Swank; $80,000

118 Hamilton Drive, Bellville; Halle Robinson to Victor and Cassandra Swisher; $280,000

253 Bell St., Bellville; Juanita Pipes to Joshua Stein; $118,100

176 School St., Bellville; A.R.S.A., LLC, to Chelsea Lehnart; $112,000

901 Mill St., Bellville; Nellie Lynn to Matthew and Rebekah Beachy; $35,000


101 N. Union St., Butler; Brent Lotz to Dustin Sprang; $45,000


Lot 1693, Benjamin St., Lexington; Walker Brothers Lexington, LLC, to David and Karen Higgins; $35,000

130 Dartmouth Drive, Mansfield; Jill Hittinger to Travis Pence and Stephanie Whitesel; $198,500

19 Avon Drive, Lexington; Whitney Olson to Jason Woods; $125,000

88 Mohican Trail, Lexington; David and Christina Walsh to Rex and Helen Hester; $132,000

272 Oxford Road, Lexington; Christian and Briana Nuetzel to Christopher and Maria Nuetzel; $140,000

114 Oxford Road, Lexington; Tawny Warnes to Gloria and Craig Mills; $129,900

154 Oxford Road, Lexington; Nickolas Kaufman to Austin Howard and Katie Crall; $125,000


140 Leiter Road, Lucas; Zachary Resar to Donald and Robin Taylor; $147,500

281 W. Main St., Lucas; Nicholas Cox to Debra Mauk; $64,500

82 Pleasant St., Lucas; Estate of Virginia McCammon to Hanna Shenberger; $77,500

3230 Gladden Road, Lucas; Donna Ramey to DS Legacy, LLC; $155,000

90 Church St., Lucas; Bradford and Michelle Porter to Joshua Riddle; $120,750


4801 Ohio 545, Ashland; William and Michelle Bradley to Scott Stoops; $70,000


Parent Parcel #035-56-177-09-00, Plymouth; Brandon and Kayley Walcher to Randal and Kimberly Stephens; $20,000


28 N. Delaware St., Shiloh; Claudine Blair to Adam and Angela Miller; $8,000

29 E. Main St., Shiloh; Lance and Kristin Seaman to Justin and Meranda Flickinger; $20,000


105 Ohio 603, Greenwich; Alan Gano, successor trustee, to Fixed Up Properties, LLC; $120,000

5490 Ganges Five Points Road, Shelby; Marcia Snyder to Michael Crum; $160,000

1182 Snake Road, Shelby; Emmett Bond and Jodie Stickney, trustees of the Bond Family Trust, to James and Martha Zimmerman; $500,000


6878 McQuillen Road, Shiloh; James Hill to Larry Leid; $450,000

80 acres, Town Line Road, Ashland; Gary Glenn to Marcus and Minerva Martin; $560,000

Vacant land, Lot #706, Blue Bird Drive, Butler; Ranshaw Enterprises, Inc., to Gary and Patricia Music; $28,000


1605 Shelby Ganges Road, Shelby; Scott and Deanna Jennings to Hildman Elliott; $30,500


1368 Boyce Road, Shelby; Hollie Ferreira to Frederick Sanicky; $116,300

386 Chesrown Road East, Mansfield; Christina Bennett to James and Catherine Bly; $332,000

64 Chesrown Road, Mansfield; Donald and Lucillia Beard to Carol and Jeff Roza; $250,000

12.88 acres, Chesrown Road, Mansfield; Thomas and Lori Tackett to Carol and Jeff Roza; $95,000

3668 Ganges-Five Points Road, Mansfield; Estate of Joy Stevens to Brendan and Angela Leightey; $70,000


Laser Road, Shelby; Brian and Margaret Crall to P&H Farms, LLC; $158,750

Wareham Road, Shelby; Janice Boyce, sole surviving trustee of the Charles and Janie Boyce Trust, to Michael and Leanne Beer; $45,000

3292 George Hawk Road, Shelby; Gary King to Christopher and Barbara Wilcox; $125,000

3203 Oesch Lane, Shelby; William and Karen Chomic to Angel Pelfrey; $171,000

2242 Stiving Road, Mansfield; Colton and Krista Dull to Rudy Oney; $182,000

1818 Myers Road, Shelby; Robert and Jean Burrows to Colton and Krista Dull; $350,000

2425 Taylortown Road, Shelby; R. Troy Lusk to Marcile and Ryan Zimmerman; $839,437.50

2700 Myers Road, Shelby; Linda Clouse to Jacob Penwell; $50,000

2851 Springmill North Road, Shelby; George Will, trustee, to Ronald and Sadie Walp; $166,500


561 Ross Road, Bellville; Rhonda Beheler to Anthony and Christen Arata; $236,000

Vacant lot, Clever Road, 3.204 acres, Bellville; Joshua Stein to David and Sherrye Stein; $31,900

942 Ross Road, Bellville; Roxanna Parker to Michael and Elizabeth Hoffman; $170,000

1103 Ohio 97 East, Bellville; Richard and Betty Swendal to Richard Swendal Jr.; $150,000


413 N. McElroy Road, Mansfield; David Miller to John Clow, Barbara Clow and John Clow; $67,500

1194 Lucas Road, Mansfield; Joshua and Stevie Reiss to Edward and Kristen Mikula; $134,950

1176 Lenox Ave., Mansfield; Karen Vesper by PSO to Allegiance Equities, LLC; $10,500

954 Averill Ave., Mansfield; Mary Carpenter to Randy and Chyrl Totman; $48,000

526 Valley View Road, Mansfield; Bradley Humble to Mary Ninness; $116,500

26 N. Walker Ave., Mansfield; Timothy and Sandra Toth to Joseph Nichols; $7,500

1214 Crestwood Drive, Mansfield; JoAnn Wolfe fka and JoAnn Pratt to Gary Pratt; $32,500

1246 Woodville Road, Mansfield; Tony Jones to Dean and Erica Russell; $57,000

959 Neil Circle North, Mansfield; Mary Thomas to Brian Haynes to Catherine Mosier; $179,500

1074 N. Stewart Road, Mansfield; Bertram Rayburn to Donald Hoehn; $52,500

600 Brace Ave., Mansfield; Danny and Lisa Robinson to Richard and Twila Senters; $70,000

436 McElroy Road, Mansfield; Michel and Jennifer Meyers to Greenline Properties, LLC; $52,500

1047 Duke Ave., Mansfield; Lucinda Johnson to David Miller; $35,000

808 Cairns Road, Mansfield; Robert and Nancy Robinson to Corey Thomas; $128,000

749 N. McElroy Road, Mansfield; Shelter Management, LLC, to LDH Properties, LLC; $220,000

1090 Grace St., Mansfield; Kenneth Weaver to Elizabeth Clark; $50,000

1532 Plum Place, Mansfield; StoneChurch, LLC, to Julie Kirkpatrick; $86,000

340 Esley Lane, Mansfield; Estate of Richard Bell to Ian and Taylor Prince; $74,900

856 Ashland Road, Mansfield; Sandra and Arthur Ramey to Randy and Teresa Stevens; $79,900

1004 Springmill St., Mansfield; Collmar Marlann to A Plus Investment Group, LLC; $5,000

219 Seventh Ave., Mansfield; Raymond McKean to Treven Au; $1,500

1584 Mansfield-Lucas Road, Mansfield; Rene Clark to Michelle and Scott Laird; $140,800

418 Apple Lane, Mansfield; Michael Hoffman to Randy Delfs; $111,500

1590 Plum Place, Mansfield; Kyle and Emily Gordon to Kristen Kerwin and Brandon Agee; $130,900

1038 City View Drive, Mansfield; Andrea Taylor to Simpson Homes, LLC; $3,000

990 Moritz Lane, Mansfield; Amelia Boyd to Bryan and Stephanie Breinich; $219,900

585 Brace St., Mansfield; Roelin and Charlene Holmes to David Martin; $29,900

840 N. Trimble Road, Mansfield; David and Catherine Beach to ADS, Inc.; $90,000


2070 Windsor Road, Mansfield; Bernice Friend to Ralph and Margaret Freed; $496,400

3401 Shad Drive East, Mansfield; Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to David and Mackenzie Sipes; $58,500

3440 Peterson Road, Mansfield; Joann Cains to Benjamin and Erin Shroyer; $142,000

1861 Mt. Zion Road, Mansfield; J. Steven Sheldon, sheriff of Richland County, to Melvin and Wilma Burkholder; $454,667

900 Laver Road, Mansfield; Ronald Dudley, trustee of The Ronald Dudley Trust, to All-State Fire Protection & Service, LLC; $90,000

1696 Honeysuckle Drive, Mansfield; Vickie Stano to Edward Atwell; $153,900

0 Pinewood Circle, Mansfield; William Bauer, Michael Bauer and Jane Bauer to Amanda Stutz and Christopher Fletcher; $14,000

1964 Outer Drive, Mansfield; Curtis Parrish II to Joshua Brewer; $89,900


1639 Pulver Road, Mansfield; Kimberly Fizer to Richard Hauger, Brandis Hauger and Richard Hauger; $165,000

3494 Welty Road, Lucas; Christopher and Regina Bales to Tommy and Clara Boyer; $199,900

4011 Hastings Newville Road, Lucas; Jeffery and Christine Young to U.S. Bank National Association; $116,667


2969 Darlington West Road, Bellville; Johnny and Ella Mast to Wayne and Rachel Yoder; $90,000

3.78 acres, Ohio 546, Perry Township; John and Shelbi Kindt to Leesha and Alec Sprout; $30,000

1700 Bellville-Johnsville Road, Bellville; Richard Swendal Jr. to Shawn Seitz; $185,900


Crestview Drive, Crestline; Kim Bowman and Shelley Shaum to Fredric and Linda Sharp; $2,500


Hook Road, Crestline; Joe and Janeen Keller, LLC, to Brian Knowlton and Amanda Moyer; $18,000

4058 Ohio 61 South, Shelby; RJD Rentals, LLC, to Jordan and Corey Grant; $146,000


4018 Ohio 309, Mansfield; Jean Phillips to Jay Phillips; $12,500

1088 Marion Ave., Mansfield; Arthur and Rhonda Adkins to Linda Applegate; $130,000

4295 Flowers Road, Mansfield; John Young to Edwin and Linda Zinn; $174,000

3017 Springmill West Road, Mansfield; Frescia Poth to Kathlene and Matthew Dille; $90,000

618 Rudy St., Mansfield; Brian and Jennifer Kimpton to Mark Stofer, Sharon Stofer and Andrew Stofer; $315,000

Vacant lot, Ohio 314; Roger and Juana Gillispie to Brian and Jodi Glasener; $20,000

2020 N. Lexington-Springmill Road, Mansfield; Stephen and Kingkarn Shoup to Kenneth Haring; $12,500

1697 Kenmore Drive, Mansfield; Harvey Mace, successor trustee of The Mace Family Trust, to Jennifer Collins; $129,000

1836 Rock Road West, Mansfield; Clair Haskins to Ronald and Dawn Caudill; $125,000

3945 Kings Pointe Drive, Mansfield; Keith and Suzanne Schmidt to Rick and Debra Varner; $329,900

1182 Walcrest Drive, Mansfield; Jennifer Henderson to Dennis Nedrow; $129,000

4131 Millsboro Road West, Mansfield; Klupp Investments, LLC, to Michael Caudill, Amy Caudill and Gregory Caudill; $215,000

355 Somerset Court, Mansfield; Chasity and Jerry Moton to Jennifer Henderson and Bryan McBride; $235,000


3570 Needham Road, Lexington; Darrel Brown to John and Andie Terry; $325,000

3845 Needham Road, Lexington; Joshua and Jenae Craig to Heather and Kristy Getz; $125,000

3995 Ohio 42, Lexington; Thomas and Bobbi Magistro to Kori and Mitchell Wolfe; $198,900

1443 Lexington-Ontario Road, Mansfield; Robert and Carole Taylor to Amanda and Thomas Roush; $250,000

Maxwell Road, Lexington; Jennie Eklund to Robert and Susan Hogsette; $39,900

3254 Eckert Road, Lexington; Kelli Cyrus to William and Carol Ellis; $275,000

3905 Maxwell Road, Lexington; Jennie Eklund to Larry and Paula Blankenship; $172,500

1660 Carter Drive, Mansfield; James and Jody Henson to Joseph Parikson; $260,000

1320 S. Home Road, Mansfield; John and Elizabeth Marquardt to John and Teddi Carter; $995,000

1320 S. Home Road, Mansfield; J.B.M. Properties, Inc., to John and Teddi Carter; $65,000

1598 W. Hanley Road, Mansfield; Frank and Lana Rauschenberger to Tristen and Shawn Beltz; $173,500

1617 Hanley Road, Lexington; Patricia Colombo to Allen Murphy; $122,000

2037 S. Lexington-Springmill Road, Mansfield; Frank Dodson to Edward Newmeyer; $42,000

2547 Ellen Ave., Mansfield; Sarah Rowland to Christian and Jennifer Yoder; $97,500

4142 Wolf School Road, Mansfield; Mikel and Patricia Lydy to Tyler and Jessica Dunn; $4,500


2851 German Church Road, Mansfield; Mary Ann and Richard Mellor Jr. to Gabriel Sanchez; $125,575

0.71 acres on Straub Road, Mansfield; Suzanne Cole, co-trustee of the Earnest and Eleanor Tinkey Trust, to Michael Ballard; $3,500

494 Orchard Drive, Mansfield; John and Andie Terry to Michael and Ashley Tippens; $175,000

778 Walnut Drive North, Mansfield; Richard Stull to Adam Compton; $156,000

1064 Devonshire Lane, Mansfield; Carolyn Bruhn to A&O, LLC; $62,500

0 Mansfield-Washington Road, Mansfield; Billy Conn to Knox County Woodland, LTD; $154,000

1590 Bridgewater Way South, Mansfield; Cindy Callen-Lynch to Steven and Carol Miley; $330,000

3765 Bellville North Road, Bellville; Gerald Staton and Cynthia Scodova to Colton Woodruff and Kristi Crabb; $278,000

1760 Devonshire Lane, Mansfield; Christopher Gadfield to Terrence and Bonita Neff; $152,000

190 Kochheiser Road, Bellville; Joel and Peggy Warner to Sean and Andrea Weiss; $285,000

1599 S. Main St., Mansfield; Nancy Francis to Javier Benavides and Destini Benavides; $120,000

Keefer Road, Mansfield; John Hoffman, co-successor trustee of The Hoffman Family, to Eric and Rochelle Byus; $22,900

525 E. Hanley Road, Mansfield; Phyllis Mortimer to Eric and Danette Czernewski; $280,000

1818 S. Main St., Mansfield; Nancy Holtrey, successor co-trustee, to Jonathan Cole, trustee; $134,100

741 E. Hanley Road, Mansfield; Estate of Carl Roach to Logan Bradshaw; $160,000

Possum Run Road, Mansfield; Hillside Cottage Getaway, LLC, to Douglas and Gabriella Domka; $250,000

341 Grandview Court, Mansfield; Mark and Sharon Stofer to Erik and Kristen McPeek; $337,500


1550 Osbun Road, Mansfield; Clifton and Jennifer Powell to Kevin and Kateri Ondrick; $180,000

2630 Ohio 96, Ashland; Lisa Graves to Jeffrey Carver; $101,010

3135 Robinson Road, Mansfield; Amber Maynard to Noah Kelm; $56,201

2224 Cotter Road, Mansfield; Lewis Workman to Linda Alexander; $27,000

790 Ohio 96 East, Shiloh; Anatolij and Carlena Obrynba to Roger Wilson Jr.; $187,000

3765 Olivesburg Road, Mansfield; Allyson Rosich to Mitchel Howell; $148,000

715 Ohio 96, Shiloh; Richard and Angela Eichinger to Craig and Karen Sanders; $78,000


5131 Teeter Road, Bellville; Jennifer Nothacker to Trevor Rush and Allison Kunz; $159,900

349 Resort Drive, Butler; Joseph Parkison to Northern Light Resort, LLC; $355,000

2586 & 2606 Snyder Road, Bellville; James Wilson, trustee of the James Wilson Living Trust, to Robert and Penny Priess; $105,000

20 acres, Snyder Road, Bellville; Michael Snyder to Sean Adams; $100,000

20 acres, Hagerman Road, Bellville; James Wilson, trustee of the James Wilson Living Trust, to Sean Adams; $100,000

4668 Opossum Run Road, Bellville; Robert and Penny Priess to Kevin Carmen; $279,500

4883 Forbes Road, Perrysville; Mitchell and Morgan Miles to Michele Johnson; $133,500

3252 Butler Newville Road, Butler; David and Sandra Kinsey to James and Lindsey Smith; $195,000

2097 Snyder Road, Butler; Bradley and Joan Hoffert to Richard and Paula Wander; $303,000

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