The building that is home to Applebee's Grill + Bar at 1023 N. Lexington-Springmill Road in Ontario was recently sold for $3,430,000, according to property transfers from the Richland County Auditor's Office.


ONTARIO -- A building that is home to Applebees Grill + Bar in Ontario was recently sold for $3.43 million, according to property transfer records from the Richland County Auditor's Office.

The property at 1023 N. Lexington Springmill Road was purchased by Joe Properties, a California-based limited liability company. It was sold by ACV Watkins Portfolio II, a Delaware-based LLC.

The 5,800-square foot building, constructed in 1994, sits on 1.61 acres.

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Other recent property transfers, according to the auditor's office, include:


75 Sturges Ave., Mansfield; Kurt Stimens, trustee of the Kurt Stimens Revocable Living Trust, to Great Land Real Estate Investments, LLC; $450,000

276 Hedges St., Mansfield; Mascan Ventures, LLC, to Jason and Lonisa Hall; $65,000

91 Stewart Ave., Mansfield; Felecia Hall to Brian Hull; $50,000

124 Chilton Ave., Mansfield; Carol Dillon to Jonathan and Ashley Worthington; $25,000

250 Helen Ave., Mansfield; James Ingersoll, trustee of the Ingersoll Financial Midwest Land Trust, to SPA 2, LLC; $15,498.50

49 Wolfe Ave., 45 N. Foster St., 133 Arthur Ave., 129 Gettings Place, 574 W. 4th St., 179 Western Ave., 214 Atcheson Ave., 258 Elmwood, 425 W. 4th St., 701 Springmill St., 379 Home Ave., 155 W. 5th St., 151 Boughton Ave., 375 3rd Ave., 290 Home Road, 139 S. Franklin Ave., 136 Weldon Ave., 138 Weldon Ave., 38 Rowland Ave., 40 Rowland Ave., 147 W. 5th St., 147 1/2 W. 5th St., 146 S. Main St. (#1, 2, 3, 4), 316 Hammond, 278 Home Ave., 478 Wood St., Mansfield; Deborah Reich to Kelli Eater; $69,900, Mansfield; and 431 Plymouth St., Plymouth (#1, 2, 3, 4); Residential Income Fund 56, LLC, to NSEM Mansfield 1, LLC; $500,322.68

232 S. Mulberry St., Mansfield; James and Vennessa Williams to Howard and LisaAnn Rauenzahn; $36,000

17 Augustine Ave., 23 Chilton Ave., 25 Chilton Ave., 139 Helen Ave., 164 W. Blanche St., 164 1/2 W. Blanche St., 167 Wood St. (#1, 2), 202 Diamond St., 203 Buckingham Ave., 205 Buckingham Ave., 218 Penn Ave., 273 Myers Ave., 315 Harker St., 316 Wayne St., 319 3rd Ave., 321 Greendale Ave., 3232 Crimson Road, 353 Wood St., 373 Wayne St., 412 Woodland Ave., 458 Pearl St., 551 Wayne St., 585 Garfield Place, 652 Bowman St., 1087 Woodside Drive, 1209 Woodville Road, 293 3rd Ave., 371 Beryl, 431 Beryl, 50 Reba Ave., 828 Hoover Road, Mansfield; and 57 Grand Blvd, Shelby; and 417-419-421 Plymouth St., Plymouth (A, B, C); Residential Income Fund 51, LLC, and Residential Fund 56, LLC, to NSEM Mansfield 2, LLC; $500,322.68

554 Gadfield Road, Mansfield; Belinda and Johnny Morgan to Selene Finance, LP; $72,960

166 Cliffbrook Drive, Mansfield; Theresa Fichter to Gregory Comer; $80,000

150 Buckeye, Mansfield; Michael Kiley, Jr., to B and G Rentals, LLC; $5,000

70 Helen Ave., Mansfield; Christole Page to Mirl Timmons; $8,000

148 Bartley Ave. and 118 W. Prospect St., Mansfield; Michael Stumpf to Kevin Humbert; $40,000

296 Grace St., Mansfield; CR 2018, LLC, to Danny Brown; $22,000

136 Sunnyslope Drive, Mansfield; CSM Prorperties of Mid-Ohio, LLC, to BLM Rentals, LLC; $115,000

167 Malone Road, Mansfield; Reginald and Lauren Sturts to Rebecca Cooper; $65,000

455-457 Midland Drive, Mansfield; MJS Squared, LLC, to Global Cost Solutions, LLC; $110,000

109 Sunnyslope, 21-23 Sunnyslope, 44 Sunnyslope, Mansfield; Kurt Stimens, trustee of the Kurt Stimens Revocable Trust, to Baljit Singh; $308,000

414 Ruby Ave., Mansfield; Jeffry Curtis to Paul Curtis; $26,000

381 Beryl Ave., Mansfield; Michael and Sabrina Lodwick to Arlene Woods; $62,000

1591 Harrington Memorial Road, Mansfield; Susan Smith FKA Susan Bilka to Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc.; $150,000

41 Ridgewood Boulevard, Mansfield; Michelle Mosier (fka Cobb) to Richard Sanchez; $85,000

147 Gibson Ave., Mansfield; Gary Zeigler to Set Properties, LLC; $36,000

1216 Wyandotte Ave., Mansfield; Quillie Dasher, administrator of the estate of Lois Dasher, to David Webb; $13,767.69

492 Midland Drive, Mansfield; Michael Dailey to Julie Miller, trustee of Julie Miller Revocable Living Trust; $107,500

186 Cleveland Ave., Mansfield; Abraham Lacourse to Andrea Riggs; $5,000

885 Danwood Drive, Mansfield; Dustin Porter to Erin Dendlinger; $73,234

475 Wayne St., Mansfield; Christopher Risner to Shawn Sydnor; $6,000

236 Fairlawn Ave., Mansfield; Michael and Kerry Nelson to Grant and Kayla Griggs; $79,000

801-803 Greenfield Drive, Mansfield; Garver Properties, LLC, to Richard and Catherine Wiehe; $125,000

505 Connor Drive, Mansfield; David and Joan Moysi to Stephen and Susan Bird; $80,000

638 Weller Ave., Mansfield; Gerald and Akemi Showecker to Jeannette Hoffman and Audrey Soule'; $168,000

195 S. Franklin Ave., Mansfield; Richard Sauder, Jr., to Home Crew, LLC; $4,400

18 Bradford Ave., Mansfield; Robert and Marcia Rice to Mike Conrad; $7,500

632 Courtwright Blvd., Mansfield; Douglas Laser to James and Amelia Boyd; $95,000

632 Courtwright Blvd., Mansfield; James and Amelia Boyd to Henry Henfield; $144,100

291 Greenlee Road, Mansfield; Julie Bauer to Wells Fargo Bank; $34,667

135 Buckeye Ave., Mansfield; Michael Killey, Jr., to James Gollehon; $6,000

529 N. Illinois Ave., Mansfield; Eve McCarrick to Jessee Kinney; $48,000

199 N. Main St., Mansfield; North End Community Improvement Collaborative, Inc., to Andrew Whapham; $30,000

778 W. Fourth St., Mansfield; Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, to Ignacio Solis; $28,000

Woodville Road, Mansfield; Kurt Stimens, trustee, to Timothy Mauk; $10,000

887 Red Oak Trail, Mansfield; Barbara Garrison to Frederick and Cathleen Dahlstrand; $147,000

826 York St. West, Lexington; David Thierlein to Eric Marshall; $219,900

1220 W. Longview Ave., Mansfield; Loretta Curry to Mikayla Kahl; $87,000

155 Wimbledon Drive, Mansfield; Janet Canfield to Patricia and Bohdanius Jaworsky; $129,900

75 Helen Ave., Mansfield; GOF, LLC, to GOF House, LLC; $14,935

1730 Rippling Brook Drive, Mansfield; Jeffrey and Brenda Smith to Marcus Carroll and Rachel Frantz; $192,000

403 Emerald Ave., Mansfield; Robert Crawford to Todd Curtis; $77,429

445 Pearl Ave., Mansfield; Jonathan and Erica Smith to Kristal Russell; $78,000

225 Bartley Ave., Mansfield; John Wright to Lisa Justi; $60,000

363 Lexington Ave., Mansfield; Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, to Synergy Property Solutions, Inc.; $26,000

569 W. Fourth St., Mansfield; Albert Johnson to Bonnie Middleton; $27,000

489-489 1/2 Glessner Ave., Mansfield; Matthew and Bonnie Pounds to Eli Burdette; $78,000

805-807 Greenfield Drive, Mansfield; Garver Properties, LLC, to Top Branch Properties, LLC; $113,500

366 Taylor Road, Mansfield; U.S. Bank National Association to Joshua Prater; $21,350

585 Sequoia Lane, Mansfield; Jared Miller and Karen Mott, wtta Karen Miller, to Brian Prendergast; $160,000

1803 Riva Ridge Drive, Mansfield; Getz Builders, Inc., to Lorraine Raide; $250,900

1460 Overdale Drive, Mansfield; James and Rita Zara to Lisa Lookabaugh, John Lookabaugh and Skyelar Lookabaugh; $38,250

425 Birchlawn Boulevard, Mansfield; Victoria and Derrick Martin to Wells Fargo Bank; $73,599

458 Clearview Road, Mansfield; James and Erika Zirkle to Michael to Carol Hawkins; $129,900

922 Herring Ave., Mansfield; Donald Campbell to Cirlio Martinez; $38,000

146 Cliffbrook Drive, Mansfield; Keri Juhlke to U.S. Bank National Association; $43,334


2443 Whitney Ave., Ontario; Cyril and Carolyn Akakpo to Aaron and Latonda Williams; $219,000

687 Villa Drive, Ontario; Scott Evans and Beth Ann Webster to Barbara Jerome; $99,900

2331 Park Ave. West, Ontario; Jeffrey Riddle and Carolyn Chambers to Todd and Shawna Dawson; $110,500

1109 Bogey Drive, Mansfield; Willard Home Improvement, Inc., to Tonia Winters, trustee of The Bard Irrevocable Heritage Trust; $163,600.26

Tappan Park Drive, Ontario; The Maiyer Family Trust to Mark and Elizabeth Delaney; $91,720

690 Scott Drive, Mansfield; Margaret Prendergast and Shannon Hennessey to John Stewart; $115,000

V/L Rudy Road, Ontario; Richard and Janis Barth to Michael and Dianna Stumpf; $42,000

1625 Spring Village Lane, Ontario; Dolores Fernandez to Carson Frase and Kathryn Eckert; $160,000

2199 Bennington Drive, Mansfield; Corinna Frey to Andrew and Amelia Skilton; $205,733.75

560 Shelby Ontario Road, Mansfield; Edward and Jane Ank to Roger and Patricia Rhodes; $158,000


50 Carleton Ave., Shelby; Estate of Deborah Townsend to Brandon Townsend; $12,584

12 Lynn Road, Shelby; Estate of Lynlee Crall to Jeffrey and Taryn Cramer; $75,000

36 Oak St., Shelby; Estate of Lynlee Crall to Eric Quinn; $10,000

44 Vernon Road, Shelby; Paul Waggoner to U.S. Bank National Association; $55,000

38 Third St., Shelby; Frances Vanderver to Karson Summit; $77,000

71 Harriette Drive, Shelby; Christopher Zuercher to Lindsay Adkins; $106,000

213 Joelynn Drive, Shelby; Steven and Amy Clark to Lindsay and Kevin Weaver; $142,500

17 Taft St., Shelby; Sharlet and Daniel Luebke to Mechelle and Andrew Boroff; $87,500


70 N. Huron St., Bellville; Michael and Tammy McGhee to Sean Crider and Brittney Finley; $135,000

99 East St., Bellville; Gatton Packaging, Inc., to Clearfork Valley Properties, LLC; $149,500

219 Huron St., Bellville; Michael and Debra Conrad to Matthew Conrad; $60,000


88 Mohican Trail, Lexington; Cynthia Brocklesby (deceased) to David and Christina Walsh; $90,000


30 E. Hanley Road, Lucas; Cheryl Taylor and Stephen Bear to U.S. Bank Trust; $46,667

2142 Moffett Road, Lucas; Suzanne Rose, fka Suzanne Banks, to Kolin Cathers; $118,000


68 Bell St., Plymouth; Cesar Antonio-Lopez to Eliseo Garcia; $10,000

319 S. Plymouth St., Plymouth; Kevin and Jeanette Beabout to Joseph Barnett; $35,000

56 N. Pettit St., Shiloh; Bruce Faw, trustee of the Faw Family Trust, to Robin and Brian Shepherd; $20,000


140 South St., Shiloh; Apryl Kingman to Bryan Brown; $5,500

57 N. Pettit St., Shiloh; Resource Investment Holdings, LLC, to Brandon Slagle; $20,000

9 Prospect St., Shiloh; Kenneth Huston estate, Lorrie Barnett, executor, to Sherman Conley; $30,000


30 Wharton Road, Greenwich; Angela and Bradley Fennewald to David and Nancy Oswalt; $53,000

5572 Ganges Five Points Road, Shiloh; Gary and Suanne Hill to William Martin; $85,000


6220 Olivesburg-Fitchville Road, Greenwich; Residential Income Fund 51, LLC, to NSEM Mansfield 1, LLC; $22,741.94


3571 Ernsberger Road, Mansfield; David and Marcia Harmon to Jarrod and Jessica Burton; $265,000


2131 Myers Road, Shelby; Frederick and Donna Wondrash to Clearcreek Rentals, LLC; $21,500


7539 State Route 13, Bellville; SC Armstrong Farms, LLC, to 5542 Columus Pike, LTD; $50,964

4551 State Route 13, Bellville; Kenneth Miller and Judy Golden to Jarad and Amber Hayes; $340,000


1535 Pear Place, Mansfield; Steve Showecker to Ralph Jason Michael Amick and Cassandra Amick; $95,000

49 North St., Mansfield; Amanda Evans and Debra Valerio to The Bank of New York Mellon; $48,000

1021 Oakdale Drive, Mansfield; Donald Huffman to Fixed Up Properties, LLC; $68,000

871 Unity Drive, Mansfield; Sherry and Larry Collier to John Young; $36,200

1045 Hanna Road, Mansfield; Jeroldine Gilbert to Ashley Bertram; $5,000

1344 Walker Ave. East, Mansfield; Michael Prosser to Ashleny and Chad Hutcheson; $124,000

60 N. Ridge Road, Mansfield; Chad Hutcheson to Matthew Marshall; $85,000

1153 Averill Ave., Mansfield; Barry and Karrie Burris to Scott and Shannon Gerster; $60,000

323 Cairns Road, Mansfield; Donald and Carrie Boyle to Denver Roof; $10,000

419 Indiana Ave., Mansfield; Kathleen Taylor to Rodney Hicks; $37,500

971 Herring Ave., Mansfield; Amy Crabtree fka Amy Karl to Finlay Properties; $54,000

1012 Stewart Road North, Mansfield; Care Free Properties, LLC, to Edward Folia; $200,000


53 Oak Creek Drive, Mansfield; David and Bonnie Halterman to Jonathan and Erica Smith; $198,900

798 Shelaire Road, Mansfield; Glenn and Lori Gore to Robert Snyder, Jr.; $105,000

1418 Paradise View Road, Mansfield; Dale and Cynthia Sharick to Robert Wigton; $73,000

2957 Crider Road, Mansfield; Lorn Knowlton, Jr., to David and Joan Moysi; $145,000

2244 Crider Road, Mansfield; Rosie Kopsch to Kevin and Denise Berger; $55,000

V/L Koogle Road, Mansfield; Joshua Massie, trustee of the Massie Keystone Preservation Trust, and Caroline Taheri, trustee of the Shrewsberry Keystone Preservation Trust, to John and Vanessa Bell; $16,500

2158 Lakewood Drive, Mansfield; Kenneth and Ashley Cornell to Laura and Brandon King; $138,000

1376 Ashland Road, Mansfield; Ronald Strine, trustee of the Jerry Strine Revocable Trust, to Speedway LLC; $44,000

2004 Woodmont Road, Mansfield; Fixed Up Properties, LLC, to Shawn Doherty; $89,900

1739 Honeysuckle Drive, Mansfield; William Rogers Estate to Jennifer Elliott; $114,500

2238 Satinwood Road, Mansfield; Marvin Horton to Steven Williams; $142,000

1095 Sites Lake Drive, Mansfield; Donald Ferguson to Allen Sykes; $152,000


3113 Moffett Road, Lucas; Quinton Foss and Makenzie Sauder to Matthew Smith-Wynn; $108,000

3755 Mount Zion Road, Lucas; Jessica Blanton and Levi Harris to Steven and Cindy Bursaw; $247,000

2159 Pleasant Valley Road, Lucas; Andrew and Mechelle Boroff to Nicholas Rosales and Elizabeth Boroff; $115,000

1823 Pulver Road, Mansfield; Shawn and Kathy Breitinger to Cody Crose; $342,500


4.361 acres, Mock Road, Lexington; Bruce Lanker, trustee of the Bruce Lanker Revocable Trust and Kathy Lanker, trustee of the Kathy Lanker Revocable Trust, to Matthew Volz; $19,624.50


6175 Ohio 61, Shelby; Catherine and Charles Winters to Roby and Linda Patton; $153,500

5885 Champion Road, Shelby; Joycelyn Benedict, trustee, to Charles and Kyle Cooke; $8,000


959 Crestview Drive, Crestline; Richard McCulloch to Allie Shepherd; $94,900

913 Crestview Drive, Crestline; Cheryl Gaddis, trustee of the Howell Keystone Preservation Trust, to Matthew Lester; $108,500


4167 Weidner Road, Shelby; JPMorgan Chase Bank to Greg Friebel; $75,513

5562 Hook Road, Crestline; Steven and Nancy Fensch to Brian Knowlton; $274,000


Bowers Road, Ontario; James and Kimberly Blevins to Latoya and Craig Speck; $29,900

Vacant lot, Cookton-Grange Road, Mansfield; Pamela Jackson and Ryan and Jill Johnson; $1,000

223 Creston Road, Ontario; Jack Harley to Thomas Lind; $113,500

4436 Hook Road, Crestline; Christine Arter to Tyler Congdon; $80,000


3400 Grubb Lane, Lexington; Matthew and Kelly Thayer to Dustin and Tera Ewing; $300,000

3154 Lexington Steam Corners Road, Mansfield; Jack Baumgarten to Bryan Groff; $127,000

2781 Steam Corners Road, Lexington; Reclaimed Restoration Group, LLC, to Dustin and Allison Porter; $185,000

Gass Road, Lexington; Omer ErSelcuk, trustee of The ErSelcuk Revocable Trust, to Nathan and Jennifer Neal; $33,131


1674 W. Cook Road, Mansfield; Matthew Gibson to Aubree and Andy Correa; $132,000

480 Garver Road, Mansfield; Estate of Fredrick Godfredson to James Lavigne; $110,000

762 Joselyn Ave., Mansfield; Douglas and Ruth Ann Baumberger to Denise and Juan Carlos Diaz; $104,000

661 Hanley Road West, Mansfield; Jack Hout and Michael Hout to Dana France; $132,400

4149 Norris Road, Bellville; Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Kathleen and Theodore Nevins; $99,900

2584 Wahl Drive, Mansfield; Prakash and Kiran Goyal to Michael and Paula Fidler; $140,000

1741 Willowick Road, Mansfield; Robin Tackett to Anthony and Kristin Whitt; $180,000

1694 Willowick Road, Mansfield; Zakery and Norma Eggeman to Michael and Eleanor Molnar; $185,000


4400 Mansfield Adario Road, Shiloh; Charles and Jennifer Smith to Carolyn and Kevin Montgomery; $334,000

1015 Grimes Road, Mansfield; Larry and Mary Whitesel to Bradley and Courtney Lutz; $135,000

2414 Pavonia East Road, Mansfield; John and Linda Shoup to Catherine and Brian Cheesman; $200,000


2363 Snyder Road, Butler; Matthew Page, Carrie Remy and Mary Page to Gary and Ami Smith; $45,000

4317 Brokaw Road, Butler; George and Deanna Rasch to Christopher Rooks; $169,900

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