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630 Lexington Avenue

This office building at 630 Lexington Ave. in Mansfield is the home of oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Christoper Beale.


MANSFIELD -- Dr. Christopher Beale, an oral and maxilliofacial surgeon, is now in practice at Oakwood Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at 630 Lexington Ave.

Beale purchased the property in 2017 for $300,000, replacing retiring oral surgeon Dr. Edwin Farrar.

Richland County property transfers:


118 Chilton Ave., Mansfield; Charles Lambert to Marilyn and Thomas Leech; $39,900.

133 Dawson Ave., Mansfield; David and Denise Radomski to Joshua Arneson; $25,000.

501 Agate Ave., Mansfield; Joshua and Donna Atwell to Curtis Remy; $70,000.

137 Ohio St., Mansfield; Barbara Utlak and Thomas Kramer to Rod Tog, LLC; $18,000.

181-183 Western Ave., Mansfield; Barbara Bolles to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.; $8,000.

32 N. Walnut St., Mansfield; James and Jean Kulig to Aurelio Diaz; $45,000.

358 Springmill St., Mansfield; Certified Oil Corp. to Mame Realty Co., LLC; $25,000.

1090 Larchwood Road, Mansfield; Susan and Charles Gregory to Lance Albrecht; $118,900.

270 S. Mulberry St., Mansfield; Donna Bosko to Timothy Blarner; $14,800.

382 Warren Road, Mansfield; Rodney Mays to Jessica Mullins; $2,600.

757 Hollywood Lane, Mansfield; Kelly Spencer, fka Kelly Heichel fka Kelly Goff to Kevin Stamper; $85,000.

640 Whippoorwill Lane, Mansfield; Patricia Sullivan to Richard and Diane Basting; $127,900.

221 S. Mulberry St., Mansfield; Alexandru and Elena Pataki to Marquis and Teana Sykes; $33,000.

680 Davis Road, Mansfield; Larry and Paula Blankenship to Jerry and Patricia Mabee; $190,000.

179 W. Cook Road, Mansfield; Larry McKinney to David Reiter; $48,000.

630 Lexington Ave., Mansfield; 630 Lexington Ave., LLC, to Oakwood Almagamated Properties, LLC; $300,000.

313 Seventh Ave., Mansfield; Jo Anne Livesay to Justin Liggett; $58,000.

1420 Ledgewood Court, Mansfield; Daniel and Beth DeVille to Thomas and Kristine Nichols; $245,900.

162 N. Brookwood Way, Mansfield; Charles Brooks to S.F.R.&P., LLC; $151,900.

871 Danwood Road, Mansfield; Keith Westler to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB; $26,000.

131 Harvard Ave., Mansfield; Mitchell Gregory to Wells Fargo Bank; $30,000.

53 Brookwood Way South, Mansfield; Blake Burkhalter aka Blake Burkhalter, Richland County Sheriff to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; $26,667.

125 Massa Ave., Mansfield; Rodney Belcher to Sandra Baughman; $35,000.

737 Carol Lane, Mansfield; Raymond Richards to Mark and Paige Wade; $66,500.


135 Clare Road, Ontario; James and Amy Kurtz-Nagel to Eric and Amanda Cook; $141,000.

2491 Ferguson Road, Ontario; Evelyn and Glenn Westfall to Charles and Jessika Smith; $135,000.

2082 Rosewood Drive, Ontario; Robert Grider to Bethany Smith; $75,000.

3510 Oakstone Dr., Ontario; Ontario Properties, Ltd., to Sean and Lindsay Hayes; $279,900.

868-870 Shelby-Ontario Road, Ontario; Jeffrey Arnett to Town Home Properties, LLC; $134,000.

95 Maple Lane, Mansfield; Ron and Cindy Rogers to Roger and Caitlyn Brinegar; $69,900.

1887 August Dr., Ontario; Wendi Nigh to Kayla Cochran; $132,000.


95 Mansfield Ave., Shelby; Troy and Angela Sprague to Zachery and Denise Woodard; $100,000.

44 Mack Ave., Shelby; Chad and Deserae Gray to U.S. Bank National Association; $63,840.

103 Walnut St., Shelby; Sean and Deborah Ousley to U.S. Bank Trust; $10,000.

91 Grand Boulevard Ext., Shelby; Marvin and Cynthia Montgomery to David Moore; $99,900.

14 West End Blvd., Shelby; Lucindia and Robert Powers Sr. to Jennifer and Scott Cain; $69,900.


2349 Noble Road West, Shiloh; David and Candace Shepherd to Paul Currier and Margaret Shepherd; $116,387.82.

Jefferson Township

4511 Rule Road, Bellville; JPMorgan Chase Bank to Grace Enterprizes, Bellville; $65,100.

1021 Bellville Johnsonville Road, Bellville; Vicki and Vincent Knapp to Justin Blake; $174,000.

6280 Renie Road, Bellville; Mary Juanita Knapp fka Mary Juanita Fellure to Aaron Leach; $39,750.

Sandusky Township

1103 Russelwood Drive, Galion; IRA Services Custodian FBO Arthur Butler to Charles Landon; $124,900.

Madison Township

1303 Wolford Road, Mansfield; Robert Holstein to Michael French; $89,900.

1436 Barbara Lane, Mansfield; Cody VanMeter to Nicholas Klupp; $69,000.

87 Illinois Ave. North, Mansfield; The Greater Ohio District of the Wesleyn Church, Inc., to Jeremy Sturts; $220,000.

Mifflin Township

631 Satinwood Circle, Mansfield; Bryan and Debra Gardner to Charles and Amy Deal; $126,100.

638 Impala Dr., Mansfield; Jimmie Norfleet and Jeanette Hill nka Jeanette Norfleet to Melissa Jones; $72,500.

2739 Lutz Ave., Mansfield; Ted and Victoria Fox to Kyler Huss; $122,000.

Plymouth Township

7203 Kuhn Road, Shelby; Virgil Funk Jr. to JPMorgan Chase Bank; $43,334.

Springfield Township

674 Lexington-Ontario Road, Mansfield; Gregory and Beth Mumea to William Mumea; $115,000.

3028 Springmill Road, Mansfield; James Bodiford Estate to James Bodiford Jr.; $189,100.

Troy Township

3433 Whitetail Drive, Lexington; Micah Crouse to Paul Ritenour; $320,000.

3087 Gass Road, Lexington; Shaun and Leslie Robles to Jordann Hire; $140,000.

3990 State Route 42 South, Lexington; Edward and Saundra Crain to Vicki and Vincent Knapp; $170,000.

Washington Township

590 E. Hanley Road, Mansfield; Larry and Ruth Carr to Tammy and Robert Rich; $121,000.

1101 Hathaway Road, Bellville; David Rutter to Cheelie, LLC; $75,000.

2801 Lakeside Dr., Mansfield; Bradley Heater to Oak Wood Developers, Inc.; $90,000.

1895 Banyon Lane, Mansfield; Lorrayne Lowdermilk to Danielle Paskins and Joseph James; $126,000.

Weller Township

Mansfield-Adario Road; TMNM Properties to Tammi and Kevin Kipp; $16,000.

Worthington Township

2208 State Route 97, Butler; Kelly Warner to Timothy and Corinda Michaels; $134,000.

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