Village Roots owners

Lindsay Dills (left) and Katie Veletean opened a shop called Village Roots in Plymouth.

PLYMOUTH ─ Lindsay Dills had an interesting spin on the world's state of affairs in relation to her own goals in 2020.

“If we could make something great out of the crappiest year ever, why not try to do something positive?” Dills said.

With that kind of spirit, the Plymouth entrepreneur and her business partner, Katie Veletean, are opening a shop called Village Roots on Thursday. Located at 11 E. Main St., the shop is where people can find anything from cookies to furniture. All made by Ohio artisans.

It's unlike any other store on the street. Village Roots will only open on the first Thursday to Sunday every month. Veletean said they wanted to create an event-like marketplace for people to go, anticipating a little surprise every month. The non-traditional shopping experience has brought success to other businesses.

There are various products at the shop, including soaps and lotion, homemade candles, honey, hot cocoa bombs, clothes and furniture. Price ranges from $3 to several hundred dollars. Dills said they are working with more than 50 Ohio artisans and vendors, mostly based within a 30-mile radius from Plymouth.

Separately, Veletean and Dills have always had a vision of a place in the community that features Ohio-made and handcrafted products. Veletean said when they first talked about creating that space in Plymouth about three months ago, there was an “ah ha” moment because the idea matched their thoughts pretty well.

“We both love supporting local business. And it's really special to us to showcase all of what Ohio has to offer,” she said.

Dills added the business could also bring people to Plymouth. A lot of them drive through the area every day and “think nothing of it”. She hoped their shop could be a place that people would want to stop by and see what they have.

More importantly, the opening of Village Roots might encourage other people to start their businesses in Plymouth and show this village’s possibility.

Veletean said the uncertainty of creating a business is scary. But they have been trying to do justice to these vendors’ products.

“We want to showcase them beautifully. We want to make sure when people walk in, they think that these products are quality,” she said.

Without any retail experience, the two “village girls” have received a great amount of help from their family members from the renovation of the storefront to the display of the products.

“Our husbands keep asking when they're getting paid,” Dills said.  

Village Roots will open at 4 p.m. on Thursday, in conjunction with Christmas in the Village. Veletean said to follow the safety protocols and provide customers a comfortable space to shop, the capacity limit will be 15 people at one time. Masks are required.       

She also said the shop will open some extra days just for December. The dates are Dec. 11, 12, 19 and 20. Opening hours are to be decided. More information could be found at Village Root’s Facebook page.

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