Lock It Up

Lock It Up Storage will offer the following at public auction on Friday, September 11th as a direct result of non-payment of their account. The undersigned has been granted authority by legal procedure to sell the following but not limited to, at public auction, along the law of redemption applies in the above.

Due to COVID-19 we have changed some rules for the bidding and reviewing of units. We will comply with the federal, state, and health department advisories during the COVID-19 crisis. Social distancing 6-feet apart of each other. No more than 4 to a group, we will give each individual or group time to look in the unit. Bidding will be done with the raising of the card numbers given at beginning of sale.

Lock It Up West, 1201 W. Longview Ave. Mansfield.

UNIT 2046, belongings of Marlon Brooks, last known address 390 Home Ave, Mansfield. Totes, shelf, misc.

UNIT A207, belongings of Barron Senderson, last known address 24 Coastline Dr, Inman.

UNIT 226, belongings of Michael Ray, last known address 1097 River Rd, Mansfield. Totes, air conditioner, tools

UNIT 6007, belongings of Rebecca Reed, last known address 40 East Fir St., Apt A, New London.

UNIT 4013, belongings of Christopher Rhodebeck, last known address, 1092 Herring Ave, Mansfield. TV Stand, vacuum cleaner

UNIT 5014, belongings of Jordan Smith, last known address, 707 W. Main St, Crestline. Hubcaps

UNIT 704, belongings of Richard Spertzel, last known address, 223 Walter Ave, Mansfield. Totes, tools

UNIT A212, belongings of Shakiel Snelling, last known address 543 Bowman St., Mansfield. Bookshelves, cabinet, desk

UNIT 2034, belongings of Ralston Sims, last known address 142 Hedges St., Mansfield. Piano, grill, bike

UNIT 1005, belongings of Dana Shoulders, last known address 1749 Sunrise Dr., Mansfield. Office Chair, pictures, bedframe

UNIT A106, belongings of Michael Neer, last known address 630 Straub Rd., Lexington. Riding lawn mower, shelves

UNIT 6035 belongings of Amanda Price, last known address 331 N. Trimble Rd., Mansfield. Freezer, boxes, totes

UNIT 342, belongings of Misty Brackett, last known address 398 Jade Ave, Mansfield. Chair, totes, trunk, cabinet

UNIT 2066, belongings of Brian Kline, last known address 1214 Bechtel Ave, Mansfield. Bedframe, outdoor furniture

UNIT 2075, belongings of Roberta Zeger, last known address 436 Flemming Rd., Mansfield. Dollhouse, golf clubs

UNIT 433, belongings of Ashland Birdow, last known address 652 Bowman Street Rd., Mansfield. Chair, shelf, bedframe

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