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Mayor Randy Hutchinson and councilman Mark Weidemyre represented Ontario Commerce Park in Washington D.C. earlier this month. 

ONTARIO -- After recently traveling to the SelectUSA Investment Summit in Washington D.C., Ontario mayor Randy Hutchinson and councilman Mark Weidemyre shared their experiences during Wednesday night's city council meeting.

The mayor and Weidemyre, who is the chair of the economic development committee, represented Ontario Commerce Park at the event from June 10 through 12.

“It worked out very well. We had had some good conversations with people who were looking at the United States," Hutchinson said. "They were looking in Ohio.”

He and Weidemyre estimated they had more than 20 discussions over the course of three days with investors and those connected with site selectors and potential marketing partners.  

“Four were actually serious, and I think of those four, two were really serious,” Weidemyre said.

Those representatives were from Vietnam, China, India and Malaysia. And the one from India, he continued, has already expressed an interest in visiting.

In 2015, Weidemyre and Hutchinson attended SelectUSA to market the former GM property, while the Adler Group of Miami, Florida was leading the site’s development. Then, they had also left optimistic with “three or four leads,” but upon handing them off to the developers, the city officials knew of no follow-up communication with those connections.

This time, Weidemyre said, he’s already followed up with those he met.

“We both came away feeling it was very worthwhile,” Weidemyre said.

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