Lace Barnett of Mansfield is set to open his new general store, One Man's Junk,  in Plymouth.

PLYMOUTH -- When Lace Barnett had the idea to open a general store, he didn’t waste any time. 

Inspiration hit Barnett, a father of five and manager of Mansfield’s Habitat for Humanity ReStore, in early August. His family had owned a storefront in Plymouth for 10 years. Most of that time, it sat empty.

Why not turn it into a shop of his own?

“I’ve always wanted to own my own shop, so perfect time, perfect place,” he said. 

Barnett sprung into action, updating the building’s paint and lighting, addressing a water line leak and establishing relationships with vendors. The shop, One Man’s Junk, will open Sunday, Nov. 24 on West Broadway Street.

The store name is a play on the old refrain “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” but nearly everything sold in the store is brand new. While stocking his shelves, Barnett thought about things he and his family would want to buy. Shoppers will find there’s a little bit of everything; from children’s clothing and toys to small kitchen appliances and standing fans, pool floats and virtual reality goggles. 

It will be one of the few retail options available to Plymouth and the surrounding area.

“All that’s here in town shopping-wise is Dollar General and a small grocery store,” Barnett said. “I wanted to make sure there was a little bit of something for everyone. A lot of people around here ... they have to drive to Mansfield or Norwalk to get items like this.”

Barnett said his customers will enjoy cheaper prices than most major retailers. He plans on marking down the suggested retail value of most items by at least 25 percent.

The store will be open part-time at first, but Barnett hopes to eventually be open all week long. He also anticipates expanding to the neighboring storefront sometime in the future.

Ella Barnthouse, a longtime resident of Plymouth, is excited to see the store open.

“We’re all for that,” she said. “We need more business downtown. With just one store in town, you gotta go out of town to do everything. I’m getting too old for that.”

Her son, James, agreed.

Bullseye Hair & Tanning Salon owner Christie Bruner said she’s looking forward to having a neighboring shop.

“We have a lot of heart in the village, so we’re very happy to have a new business coming on,” she said.

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