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Imagine losing your vision. What do you wish you would have seen? What visual memories would you want to carry in your mind for the rest of your days? A loved one’s face? A landscape or landmark? 

The Visual Bucket List Foundation (VBLF)’s mission is to provide children facing severe visual impairment or complete loss of vision with unique and personalized opportunities to create lasting visual memories to color their minds before their world goes dark.

VBLF is a nonprofit organization designed to serve children who have been diagnosed with a severe visual impairment or who will lose most or all of their vision in the future due to a condition or illness. 

They create, plan and fund personalized experiences for these children based on their visual bucket lists and abilities. More than simply providing plane tickets or scheduling meet and greets, they help children believe in the impossible by creating individualized VIP experiences that they can share with their families, creating a lasting, shared visual memory.

VBLF is not only helping these children and their families, but giving back to Richland County as well.

“Because the co-founders and all five of the current board members reside and work or own businesses in the Richland County,” said co-founder Christine Myers, “we strive to continually raise awareness of all that Richland County has to offer, support local businesses, and volunteer for and collaborate with local businesses and organizations.”

Visual Bucket List Foundation granting children’s wishes one at a time

Visual Bucket List Foundation has partnered with other organizations to help kids with vision impairments.

Locally, VBLF has partnered with Ohio Eye Associates and Little Buckeye Children’s Museum to create an eye doctor and Braille exhibit at Little Buckeye. Nationally, VBLF has partnered with the Culpepper and Merriweather Circus, bringing the show to Lexington as a fundraiser for the organization and as an opportunity to provide visual memories for children. 

In order to raise awareness for children with visual impairments, they have engaged in other partnerships. They speak with businesses such as Startek, with organizations such as Richland Young Professionals, and at many other events throughout Richland County, encouraging individuals to join in their mission to create lasting visual memories for children who are afflicted with them.

Visual Bucket List Foundation granting children's wishes one at a time

Partners, Ohio Eye Associates and Little Buckeye help make a special day at the zoo.

All funds raised through Richland Gives this year will be used to grant children’s wishes and cross items off of their visual bucket list. 

VBLF has never had to turn a child away, and its goal is to be able to continue to be able to serve every child who approaches them with a bucket list. 

This year, VBLF is serving a family with nine children, three of which have Ushers Syndrome. Their visual bucket list includes seeing: the Italian coast, architecture in Japan, the Egyptian Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. Granting any one of these wishes will be the organization’s most costly endeavor yet. This means donor support is vital.

Help the Visual Bucket List Foundation serve these children and many more with a donation today.

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