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Editor's Note: This mini spotlight is sponsored by Richland Academy of the Arts as part of our local giving guide that highlights nonprofits leading up to Giving Tuesday on Nov. 30. To see more nonprofits, click here.

“We exist to help all individuals explore their inner creativity and bring arts education opportunities to people of all ages and backgrounds,” Alli Lange, Media & Marketing Coordinator for the Richland Academy of the Arts, a community arts education center said.

For the past thirty years, Richland Academy of the Arts has been serving the citizens of Richland County by providing private lessons in dance, music, theatre, visual arts and martial arts as well as group classes and workshops.

“We have year-round performance opportunities available for students to showcase their talents in the community,” Lange said. “Our curriculum has evolved many times over the years in an effort to provide more arts experiences for students coming from different backgrounds, different levels of experience and to encompass all ages. We have been thoughtful to provide inclusive programming since our beginning in 1991.”

Despite setbacks brought on by the pandemic, Richland Academy has still aimed to be active in the community.

“Our instructional delivery and performance norms shifted, meaning offering more classes and performances through virtual platforms, allowing us to increase our reach to more places in Ohio,” Lange said. “We are reaching students from 10 different counties in Ohio because of the work we have done to expand our reach.”

The future looks bright for Richland Academy, with plans of rebranding, building a new website, and working through strategic and succession planning.

“We know that our preparation for the future will allow for our organization to continue to grow for another 30 years.”

One of the Richland Academy of the Art’s priorities over the years is to provide education to those regardless of financial limitations.

“Funds raised through the day of giving helps us make quality programming accessible to more people through new classes and expanding our financial assistance program. Richland Academy of the Arts offers over $30,000 annually to students and families in need of financial assistance,” Lange said.

“The root of our mission, like many other nonprofit organizations, is to serve our community. Supporting nonprofit organizations through campaigns like Richland Gives allows us to serve our community to the highest degree, making a lasting impact on all who participate in our programs for the rest of their lives.”

To learn more about Richland Academy of the Arts, donate, or get involved, click here or call 419-522-8224.

You can donate to Richland Academy here for Richland Gives through Nov. 30.