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Editor's Note: This mini spotlight is sponsored by the Ohio Bird Sanctuary as part of our local giving guide that highlights nonprofits leading up to Giving Tuesday on Nov. 30. To see more nonprofits, click here.

Since 1988, The Ohio Bird Sanctuary has been offering innovative environmental education, professional care for injured and displaced native birds and operation of an accessible nature preserve and living museum.

"The mission of the Ohio Bird Sanctuary is to create an environment of learning and interaction with nature that generates within people a desire to be compassionate and good citizens of our natural world,” Founder and Executive Director Gail Laux said.

The Ohio Bird Sanctuary provides a number of services. There are outdoor activities including hiking trails that are wheelchair accessible and the Nature Scape play area, as well as professional care for injured and displaced native birds and educational classes for all ages.

Over the past year, the need for the Sanctuary’s services has increased.

“OBS has served as a hotline and resource for individuals needing care for injured wildlife. When many organizations closed their doors, OBS remained open to field calls and offered assistance. Visitors to the Sanctuary doubled as families sought activities they could enjoy outdoors,” Laux said.

A new addition gained this past year is the Treehouse Classroom.

“It has a wheelchair accessible bridge that offers access to the classroom and birding opportunities to everyone irrespective of their abilities,” Laux said.

2022 will be an exciting year. The Sanctuary is currently holding a capital campaign, "Spreading our Wings." This will help cover the costs to complete repairs of the aging infrastructure, as well as make some exciting changes to the visitor center and trails to improve the visitor experience and upgrade the triage area for receiving injured birds. 

The help received through Richland Gives will support daily operations. You can donate here. 

"Nonprofits rely on individuals and corporations charitable donations to help support their operational needs. It is this support that purchases food for the birds and cleaning supplies, puts gas in the mower, pays for plowing during the winter months, and covers utility bills,” Laux said.

"It may not sound as glamorous as supporting the rehabilitation care of an eagle, but it is this foundational operational support that allows our staff to be successful in returning birds to the wild and provide educational opportunities to families and school groups." 

To learn more about the Ohio Bird Sanctuary, donate, or get involved, click here or call 419-884-4295.