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Editor's Note: This mini spotlight is sponsored by Kingwood Center Gardens as part of our local giving guide that highlights nonprofits leading up to Giving Tuesday on Nov. 30. To see more nonprofits, click here.

Since their opening in 1953, Kingwood Center Gardens has been a special place for generations of visitors. 

“To honor the vision of Charles Kelley King, the mission of Kingwood Center Gardens is to create beautiful gardens for enjoyment, education, and inspiration,” Director of Development, Brenda Nelson said.

“Kingwood Center Gardens is a public garden offering a connection to Mansfield’s historic past, excellence in horticulture, and opportunities to connect with nature that result in transformational experiences that excite, inspire, and renew.”

Over the years, sold-out events like Christmas at Kingwood, Wine Walk, and the Great Pumpkin Glow have brought the community together, as well as free events like Live on the Lawn and Family Day.

“Kingwood is supporting community initiatives, partnering with local organizations and educational entities and is engaged in community events,” Nelson said.

Kingwood Center has exciting plans for the upcoming year, including the exhibit, “The Making Scents – The Art and Passion of Fragrance” produced by The North Carolina Arboretum that debuts in February.

“Richland Gives donors will be supporting the continued restoration of the third floor of Kingwood Hall. This includes the private bedroom spaces of the King family and the housekeeping staff. 100% of funds raised will assist in repairing and restoring two guest bedrooms and baths plus another servant quarters bedroom,” Nelson said.

Donors contributing $100 or more will be invited to a preview tour of the restoration work before it is open to the public. You can donate here. 

“Richland Gives provides the opportunity for our generous community to join together in unified support of our area nonprofit organizations,” Nelson said.

To learn more about Kingwood Center Gardens, donate, or get involved, click here or call 419-522-0211.

“Kingwood Center Gardens is offering more value to each guest’s visit," Nelson said. "Located in the heart of our city, Kingwood provides a connection to nature, a link to history, and offers moments of renewal, refresh, and reflection that come while immersed in natural surroundings.”