Richland Gives: Lucas Community Center

Community members gather at the Lucas Community Center for service, learning, prayer and fellowship.

The Lucas Community Center's (LCC) mission is to provide an uplifting environment that brings hope and joy, while improving the quality of life in the Lucas Community. The LCC is here to serve and meet the needs of the community and individuals of Lucas and the surrounding area through commitment to sharing and reflecting the love of Christ.

To continue to serve the community, the LCC needs the help of community members.

The Lucas Community Center started with an idea which has become a reality through the commitment of the entire community. Years of planning and perseverance have allowed a once-empty building to be transformed into a welcoming place where all may gather for service, learning, prayer and fellowship.

Richland Gives: Lucas Community Center 2

The once empty building now features a small restaurant which currently houses the Open Door Cafe.

“It is through the unwavering support of this community that the LCC exists,” said Margaret Martin, Assistant Administrator of the LCC. “The time, energy, resources and dedication of many residents have helped to build the foundation of this center both now and for future generations.”

LCC’s facility offers many services and areas for the community.

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The Lucas Community Center is making plans to to offer more services to the community including an outdoor band stage and playground equipment.


The facility features a small restaurant which currently houses the Open Door Cafe. Food is served from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. There is a Gathering Room with a gas fireplace that can be used free of charge by anyone in the community. This room includes a lending library with books for all ages which may be borrowed for free. There is also a computer lab with WiFi, which is free to the public during Open Door Cafe hours.

The House of Prayer Chapel is open to the public 24/7, and the local food pantry is housed within the LCC and serves the community on the second and fourth Saturday each month from 9 to 11 a.m. The food pantry serves approximately 300 people each month.

The LCC provides an after school child care program sponsored by the YMCA five days a week, as well as on snow days and holidays from 3:15 - 6:00 p.m. Children are dropped off by a local school bus, and the program provides a snack, activities and homework assistance. 

An adult exercise class is offered, free of charge, on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:30 to 10:15 with a licensed instructor from the YMCA. The LCC also supports a Summertime Fun Program through the YMCA for children ages 5-14. 

In the fall and winter months, the LCC has a coat tree where clean, used coats may be donated and taken as needed. A local family provides a Christmas dinner free of charge to anyone in the community wishing to share the day together. 

But still, the Lucas Community Center is expanding to offer even more services to the community.

It is currently making plans to build an outdoor band stage near the existing pavilion in the grassy area. This grassy location will also have outdoor exercise playground equipment for elementary age children. 

This past summer, the LCC provided a temporary court for Pickleball, and they would like to create official courts for this very popular sport. The restaurant is also in need of new equipment to improve dining options.

“We hope to offer assistance for the needs of the local community such as food, clothing, health, counseling, youth and elder programs,” said Martin. “We want to provide various opportunities to help educate the community on a wide variety of topics - personal finances, computer and cell phone skills, health and domestic relations. Ideally, the LCC will become a home of hope, joy and peace experienced through the act of selfless giving and love for others.”

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