Students at Pioneer Career & Technology Center get the hands on experience they need before entering the workforce. Using Community Opportunity will only up their chances.  

Job searches can be an intimidating, challenging and competitive process. For young adults wanting to enter the workforce, it’s more confusing as they navigate through websites and search for job opportunities related to their future career paths. 

In Ohio, there are job portals that display opportunities all over the state. But for many, they aren't looking to work outside of Richland County, and searching for a job close to home can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. 


Richland County joins Crawford and Wyandot Counties in giving local residents more opportunities for finding local jobs.

That’s why in Richland County, the Area 10 Workforce Development Board and Richland Area Chamber and Economic Development have partnered to offer a new, faster and efficient way for young adults to search for local jobs using the Community Opportunity website. 

“With students putting their resumes in (Community Opportunity) they'll be getting those connections,” said Sonja Pluck director of Madison Adult Career Center. “They’ll see local jobs, and so, hopefully it'll keep people in our local area if they're aware of jobs that fit their skill sets and their interest.” 

At Madison Adult Career Center, students work with transition and placement coordinators throughout their training program who help them develop resumes, practice interviewing skills and search for jobs in their market. With Community Opportunity now available, Pluck will have students register on the website, make a profile and upload their resumes. That way they can be easily matched to job postings that fit what they’re interested in. 

Richland County joins Crawford and Wyandot Counties in giving local residents more opportunities for finding local jobs. Visitors to the website not only see job postings, but they also get information about all of the different industries as well as the quality of life in each respective county. 

Pluck feels that with the Community Opportunity website her students will have an easier time navigating and finding jobs much quicker in the area, as opposed to using one of the larger brand name sites.

“It can be overwhelming. You're not even sure where to start sometimes and you've got to really filter and know how to filter to get down to what you're looking for,” Pluck said, speaking about general job search engines. “With Community Opportunity it's very easy to use, there's keywords you can put in to filter the careers or you can look at all jobs. And you already know that by getting into this website, you’ll find local jobs.”


Community Opportunity helps narrow down job searches and keep people in their local area. 

Greg Nickoli, superintendent of Pioneer Career and Technology Center, said that the website couldn’t come at a better time in the fall with students gearing up to enter the workforce. He anticipates a lot of engagement from his students. 

“(Community Opportunity) allows us to identify a pool of available, quality, high paying jobs right in our area that we can connect students to,” Nickoli said. “For those students that are going to go off to college and leave the area for a few years, it's a great tool to bring them back to our area to help them know that when the time comes be it they graduate from college—or maybe even they stay in that college community for a couple of years and start their career there—that when they want to settle down and rejoin our communities (Community Opportunity) is the tool that will allow them to know what job opportunities are available in their chosen career fields.” 

The opportunity awaits. Visit today. 

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