Olive and Oak Company

Owners of Olive and Oak Company (left to right) Jessica, Amy and Sam Klupp in outfits available at the store.

MANSFIELD ─ Amy Klupp wants to make people look good.

“Everyone can look good in something. And that's what we want to do ─ make them feel special and look good,” Klupp said of the family’s new business.

She opened Olive and Oak Company, a boutique focusing on adult women’s clothing, with her two daughters-in-law, Sam and Jessica Klupp, earlier this year.

At 271 Cline Ave., the store offers day-to-day wear such as jeans and T-shirts and dresses for special occasions, according to Amy.

Sam said customers can find her custom T-shirts at the boutique. There is also a plus-size section for curvy girls. Accessories, including hats and bags, are available.

Amy said they started the business online in November while waiting for the storefront’s renovation to be completed. In addition to the three owners, Amy’s niece, Whitney Olson, and sales manager Shannon Donahue, order clothing for the boutique, as well.

That is why Olive and Oak can provide something in different styles and for various age groups, Amy said.

Jessica said they end up liking and buying many of the clothes. They sometimes would call each other before going to an occasion and make sure they won’t wear the same outfit, she said with a laugh.

The store also has a room for private parties with special sales.

“Women can invite their girlfriends. They can bring their beverages, snacks and they can have a private shopping experience if they would like,” Jessica said.

She also said the owners are going to a fashion show in Las Vegas next month, meeting more vendors and bring some more styles back for fall.

Olive and Oak is an adventure for the three owners who all have healthcare backgrounds and limited knowledge in retail. Another thing they have in common is that they all have two sons but no daughters.

Sam said the boutique is something fun for “the women in the family” to do and has been an exciting and fun experience. The owners’ husbands all work at Klupp Investments, which specializes in flipping houses and home renovations.

The business has been good since the opening, Amy said, and hit the owners’ goal every month. She said online orders come from many other states besides Ohio, including California, New Jersey and Indiana.

Jessica said they love seeing women come in and have a happy shopping experience.

“Our goal is to have women come in and feel accepted. They feel liked and they have fun in here,” she said. “They leave here knowing that they're going to look good in the clothes that they have.

Amy’s handmade signs with positive affirmations for women help keep the upbeat vibe at the store, which the co-owner said is something she likes to do. The sign at the entrance says “You are beautiful, girl. Go prove it to the world.”

Amy said a customer once said she never shopped for herself.

“She was checking out and she goes ‘I just want to thank you for making me feel beautiful today.’ And that's kind of what this is all about,” Amy said with tears in her eyes.   

More information about Olive and Oak Company is available on its website or Facebook page.

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