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This will be the scene shortly as Snow Trails begins making snow on Thanksgiving weekend.

MANSFIELD -- It was pretty hard to miss the season's first snowfall, and the chilly temperatures that came with it last week.

For some that scenario was met with disgust. For others, like the folks at Snow Trails, it was a welcome sight.

So, we checked in with the folks down in the valley on the north slope to see what they could tell us about the upcoming ski season. This was their reply:

With cooler nights forecasted, the crew at Snow Trails has been busy getting ready for its 61st Winter Ski Season with a host of improvements both on and off the slopes. Ohio’s oldest ski resort traditionally starts its first snowmaking campaign during Thanksgiving weekend, based on opportune weather conditions. 

Here’s just a few of the improvements and booking details families can look forward to this upcoming season.

Snow Trails construction

A number of off-season construction projects took place at Snow Trails since skiers last hit the slopes south of Mansfield.

New Lodge Under Construction

Construction is currently underway on a new 3,000 square-foot lodge located at the base of Competition Slope, which will feature a slope side views. The lodge will add additional indoor seating and restrooms to the resort, while accommodating carry-in-food and space for racing program activities.

Skiers can also look forward to heated outdoor patio seating and a race timing and scoring room.

A full photo gallery of the off-season construction projects is available here.

Ski Lodge Improvements

The ski lodge features remodeled women’s restrooms this season. And diners will enjoy even greater efficiency with improvements made to the Last Run Deli Kitchen. Finally, five additional radiant heaters have been added to the Ski Lodge Deck.

Enhanced Glow Tubing Experience

Glow Tubers will enjoy an enhanced light experience this season with the addition of state-of-the-art lighting upgrades, which provide even greater animation timing and control of the brilliant flash colors.

Gravel has also been added on the run to help decelerate the speed of tubers in the Finish Area and prevent soggy conditions.

Increased Snowmaking Capacity

Snow Trails continues to invest in its snowmaking capacity. This year a fifth water pump has been added to increase the total max snowmaking water flow to 5,500 GPM.

For the first time, there are now three SMI Tower Mounted Snow Guns in the Cross-Over Trails, which will help in opening trails faster, as well as in recovery after warm-ups. An SMI Super Pole Cat has also been added to the Alpine Terrain Park and another to the base area of the Rustler Trail. 

Trail Lighting

Skiers will now find 22 LED tower lights on the Alpine Lift and in the Beginners Area. There are also upgraded LED tower lights on the Mt. Mansfield Triple Chairlift for Competition Slope and Mt. Mansfield Slope.

Ski Shop Remodel

The ski shop has undergone an interior remodel and features new lighting and windows.

For a listing of complete resort improvements and details, click here.

To stay up to date on the latest conditions and available terrain, visit the Snow Report.

Season Ticket Advanced Bookings & What to Expect

For the 2021/22 season Advanced Bookings are required online for daily Lift Tickets, not for season pass holders. Walk-Ups are unavailable. All-Day Lift Tickets for Weekends & Peak Days (Saturday-Sunday) of Skiing and Snowboarding is $54 or save an additional $10 and get an Evening Lift Ticket (starting at 4 p.m.) for $44.

Families interested in saving, can purchase All-Day Lift Tickets for a Weekday (Monday through Friday) of Skiing or Snowboarding at $44 or save an additional $10 and get an Evening Lift Ticket (starting at 4 p.m.) for $34. To make an online Booking visit:

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