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MANSFIELD -- Richland County Regional Planning has unfurled The B&O Community Project, a new wayfinding campaign, onto the B&O Trail this week.

Eighteen signs dot the trail and its surrounding communities, providing step-by-step directions to tour the areas and locate nearby businesses, services, and parks. The signs contain information about the destination, its distance in walking or cycling time, and a scan-able QR code which sends a smart phone user to Google Maps directions.

In the event that the route is unavailable, the code will instead direct users to pertinent information. The QR codes don’t require a special app; simply opening a phone’s camera and pointing it at the sign will scan the information. 

The project doesn’t aim to endorse or bolster any specific businesses, but rather to bring connectivity between users of the trail and denizens of Bellville, Butler, Lexington, and Mansfield.

Destinations and tours are kept within a reasonable distance of start points, so trail goers should expect to walk or cycle no more than twenty minutes to explore amenities.

The first run of signs, as a pilot program, are scheduled to last two years. For more information or to field any questions, please contact Ricky Mitchell at Richland County Regional Planning.

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