Adena - Rock Wall

Adena’s headquarter building can be seen from Route 30. The unique rock wall structure represents their involvement within the amusement park industry.

Editor's Note: This is part 1 of 6 in a series sponsored by Adena Corporation. This series will look at the local people behind the construction company's projects across the world and right here in our community. 

From roller coasters at Cedar Point to new local schools, Adena Corporation construction signs can be seen throughout Richland County. Over the past 40 years, Adena has successfully constructed over 500 local projects, the first being the VIP Tower at Mid Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington.

The general construction company, which was founded in Mansfield in 1982, works with hospitals, schools, student and multi-family housing, industrial and commercial facilities, and even amusement parks.

Josh Darling, a senior vice president at Adena, stated that Adena prides themselves as an employer that provides “careers in construction” not just a construction job.

Josh Darling

Josh Darling, a senior vice president at Adena.

“The majority of our employees are from Richland and surrounding counties,” Darling said. 

“We live here, our kids go to school here and so we’re invested in making this a nice place to live,” he continued.

Darling too has ties to Richland County. He lives in Perrysville and attended Madison City schools and the carpentry vocational program.

Darling, who is from three generations of a local masonry trade family, is also a mason by trade. He started at Adena as a mason foreman and was promoted to several different positions prior to becoming a senior vice president at the construction company. 

The family-owned and operated construction company, which manages and self-performs projects consisting of concrete, masonry, steel and carpentry, is headed by President and CEO Randy Payne and employs 530 people. 

Furthermore, Adena’s unique mark can be seen on a host of prominent structures in and around Lexington, Ontario and Mansfield. For instance, Adena’s headquarter building can be seen from Route 30 as the unique rock wall structure which represents their involvement within the amusement park industry.

Adena Corporation is currently constructing the new K-8 Shelby School as well as a 160,000 square foot warehouse on Airport West Road. They are also consulting on a project which includes fabricating artificial foliage for Walt Disney World in Tokyo, Japan. In addition, they are presently constructing new exhibits for the Little Buckeye Children’s Museum’s new location in downtown Mansfield. 

The construction company’s portfolio also includes an impressive list of businesses in Mansfield, Ontario and Ashland. Adena has constructed recognizable buildings in the community such as the current Mansfield Senior High School building, the Mansfield Art Center and Hudson and Essex Fine Dining & Winery.  

Plus, Avita Health in Ontario, Ohio Health walk-in clinics (in Ontario, Lexington and Ashland) as well as Akron’s Children Hospital and the VA outpatient clinic on Trimble Road.

Darling further explained that the company stays busy with a lot of local projects. 

“Often-times we'll have anywhere from 15-20 projects in construction simultaneously in Richland and surrounding counties,” he said.

Known for its stellar work at amusement parks, Adena has constructed attractions throughout the country including the states of Ohio and Florida. In fact, they have constructed 20 roller coasters nationwide, with nine of them located at Cedar Point including: the Valravn, Pipe Scream, Gatekeeper, Windseeker, Shoot the Rapids, Skyhawk, Skyscraper, Maverick and Maxair. 

The busy construction company recently completed a “Guardians of the Galaxy” roller coaster attraction in the Epcot Center at Walt Disney World. Not long ago, the company completed construction of a hospital with the highest altitude in the United States at 10,200 foot elevation. The facility was erected as a new replacement hospital for St. Vincent Health in Leadville, Colorado. 

While the company has worked in 18 states, most of their projects have been in North Central Ohio. 

“The majority of the work we do is local,” Darling said. “With all of the projects we’ve completed nationally, we will continue to focus on our roots here in our community.”

The local business headquartered in Mansfield, at 1310 W 4th Street, also has offices located in Columbus, as well as Lakeland and Mulberry Florida. 

Considering the continued growth of Adena Corporation, they have a variety of career opportunities from construction management to skilled trades and general labors.

The construction company offers on the job and workshop training programs for their employees. Reach out for more details here to not just find a place to work, but to make a difference in your community.

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