Nanogate Jay Industries will add a Research & Development Center to its existing 150 E. Longview Ave. facility.

MANSFIELD – A local manufacturer plans to soon expand with a $7-million Research and Development Center, bringing initially a handful of jobs and potentially dozens more in the future.

Using a $2-million grant from JobsOhio, Nanogate Jay Systems announced Wednesday it will establish a 6,000-square-foot “R&D” Center at its existing facility, 150 E. Longview Dr. in Mansfield.

“It’s not a job-heavy environment, but what we expect to achieve is an expansion to provide the processes we develop,” said vice president and chief operating officer Paul Boggs. “It’s a stepping stone for much larger growth.”

R&D Locaction.png

The Germany-based global specialist currently employs about 400 people to design and manufacture high-quality automotive lighting and interior components for major automotive manufacturers in the United States, Europe and Asia.

The R & D Center will bring an estimated six or seven jobs, but the project carries the potential for future production in Mansfield with “many regional job opportunities,” according to Boggs. 

The R&D center should be operational in the first half of 2019. It will focus on developing the process and equipment to offer numerous applications in the area of chrome and stainless steel alternatives, decorative surface finishes and innovative lighting.  

“Some of the newest and latest technologies will be coming out of Mansfield,” Boggs said.

Without the grant from JobsOhio, the center may not have been built in Mansfield.


The new process will allow Nanogate Jay system to provide some of these looks. 

“JobsOhio was wonderful to work with throughout the entire process. We are excited that our German supervisory board and Corporate management supported our effort to establish an R&D facility in Mansfield Ohio. Without the help of JobsOhio this would have never happened,” said Nanogate Jay Systems CEO Rick Taylor.

Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof expressed his appreciation for the “value they place on our workforce and the opportunity they see in our community,” and Ohio State Representative Mark Romanchuk called the project a “big win.”

“The manufacturing industry in Mansfield makes up an important component of our overall economy in Richland County. Nanogate SE will undoubtedly contribute to the growth that is already taking place in our region,” Romanchuk said.

RCDG’s economic development director Barrett Thomas was also enthusiastic about the news.

“They are intentionally choosing Mansfield, and that speaks volumes to who we are and the people working here,” Thomas said.

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