Kyle Miller of Miller's Diamond Jewelry designed a local version of the Forrest Fenn treasure hunt.

MANSFIELD -- A Mansfield jewelry store is celebrating its upcoming anniversary with a localized version of the famous Forrest Fenn treasure hunt.

Miller's Diamond Jewelry announced its city-wide treasure hunt Tuesday, July 2 on Facebook by releasing a poem with clues to a deed, which can be redeemed at the 1442 Lexington Ave. store for a minimum of $680 worth of in-store purchases or in-house repairs.

"We at Miller's thought it would pose an exciting challenge for the Mansfield community to recreate this treasure hunt, in a much more safe and contained environment, as a way of celebrating Miller's 68th anniversary, Mansfield's history, and the exciting regrowth of our downtown life," the Facebook post said. 

Kyle Miller, who's the third generation of his family to work at Miller's and the son of the current owners, came up with the concept after learning about the Forrest Fenn treasure hunt last year.

Supposedly, a wealthy art dealer, Fenn, hid a collection of valuables somewhere in the Rocky Mountains and published directions to the elusive loot in a poem within his memoir, The Thrill of the Chase. He's said only a map, geographical knowledge and the poem are needed to find the treasure.

Still, no one has found it. Four people have died in that search, allegedly for a treasure worth $2 million.

Miller obviously has no interest in anyone getting hurt, but immediately realized an opportunity for a unique store giveaway on a much smaller scale. 

He wrote an eight-stanza poem similar to the one written by Fenn and hid a deed in a waterproof bag somewhere on public property in Mansfield. The person who finds the deed is instructed to bring it to the store to win the jewelry store's prize. 

Knowledge of Mansfield, Miller said, is all it takes to find the deed. 

"I think it's pretty challenging. I've had people here (at Miller's) try to work through it, and nobody's been able to figure it out," he said. "Someone could right away know where it is, but I hope it lasts throughout the summer and people get to have some family fun looking for it."

He's hopeful the hunt will last at least a month, which would line up ideally with the store's August anniversary celebration.  He reminded people to be safe while searching and noted that no digging is needed to find the deed.

To redeem the prize, the winner must be 18 or older. Only one prize is offered. 

And though recognizing the jewelry store's dollar prize is pale in comparison to the up to the seven-figure prize hidden somewhere north of Santa Fe, he's optimistic the Mansfield-hunt will spark at least local interest.

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