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It’s not every day that you pick up a national magazine and see a local business on the cover. But for Mechanics Bank, this was both a reality and an honor as they were recently featured on the cover and inside article of Independent Banker, a national industry publication. Recognized for their consumer and mortgage lending, Mechanics ranked third in the nation among banks of similar size and represents the only institution in Ohio named to the list.

Mechanics CEO & President, Mark Masters, noted this recognition is a direct reflection of not only the quality of their team but also the support and backing of the Richland County community.

“We want to take this opportunity to thank our customers for all of the support,” said Masters. “We’ve been in business close to 134 years, and through that time, our customers have always been there for us. We appreciate that kind of loyalty.”

Masters added that this recognition not only speaks to the success of Mechanics Bank, but is also evidence of the strong, local real estate market and economic progress our community has made.

Mechanics Team

Proof of this recognition can be found in the stories their customers tell. Shelby resident, Brad Ruminski, spoke enthusiastically to Richland Source about his mortgage experience at Mechanics.

Ruminski opened his checking and savings accounts with independently-owned Mechanics Bank around nine years ago and has always been impressed with their customer service. So it was natural for him to contact Mechanics to explore options for a new mortgage when his family decided it was time to move.

The mortgage lending team at Mechanics walked Ruminksi through the process and made it easy for him. There was no added stress in his life during what can be a very stressful process.

“My loan officer set the appointment so I could go in and close on my new home and the house I was selling during the same appointment.” Ruminski said. “I really appreciated that!”

For Mechanics, providing a seamless lending experience with a holistic approach that looks at the customer’s complete financial picture is essential.

Masters noted “When we talk with customers about their financial situation, we can find solutions that make sense for them and meet their financial needs.”

The truth is the mortgage lending process can be daunting and intimidating. Knowing this, the mortgage lending team at Mechanics makes a point to explain long-term costs and marketplace options and their respective consequences so the customer feels empowered to make an informed and confident decision.

This process led Ruminski to choose a fixed-rate mortgage when he bought his new home.

Ruminski was fully satisfied with this decision as it was competitive with other interest rates in the market. His loan officer, Greg Mumea, even reached out after the sale, continuing to look out for Ruminski’s best interests, something he appreciated.

This kind of service came as no surprise to Masters. He believes Mechanics’ success comes from above and beyond customer-first service that is rooted in developing relationships with customers across all services offered by the bank.

“We build meaningful relationships with our customers to better understand their circumstances beyond just the transaction at hand,” said Masters. “We have a very strong culture that emphasizes seeing every transaction from the customer’s perspective in order to best meet their needs.”

Ruminski found that to be true. It actually wasn’t the interest rate that puts Mechanics so far ahead of other banks in the area for him; it was their customer service.

Ruminski said, “I thought the world of the man (Greg Mumea) I worked with. He was straightforward and honest with me, and he gave me advice throughout the entire process. I know he’s there to help me and that I can go in there anytime and ask any questions I have. I know he would be willing to answer them.”

Because of his own positive experience, Ruminski recommends Mechanics to anyone and everyone not only in need of a loan but a bank in general.

“Mechanics is locally-owned and managed. They truly do have competitive rates, and they’re willing to do what it takes to earn your business.” Ruminski continued, “You don’t get that in a bank very often.”

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