301 Lexington

Two Richland County men are currently working to turn the former Marathon gas station on Lexington Avenue into an auto repair shop. 

MANSFIELD -- Two local men have teamed up to transform the former Marathon gas station at 201 Lexington Ave. into an auto repair shop. 

Mansfield resident Mike Gibson and Shelby resident Kurt Jones anticipate opening 301 Auto Repair later this summer, after completing an extensive remodel. 

"We liked the location. It's a pretty busy street. And it's been empty for so long that I just wanted to see it being used," Gibson said. 

He'd often pass the building when visiting a relative in the area and imagined filling the vacant space. 

According to the Richland County auditor's office, the property was purchased by Gibson and Jones in May for $55,000 from Marathon.

Since then, the duo has been working to renovate the former gas station into a repair shop. They've already replaced the siding and are now "pretty much redoing the whole inside," Gibson said. 

The gas tanks had already been removed from the ground and received EPA approval. 

"It's lots and lots of work, but hopefully inside of a month, we'll have this up and running," Gibson said. 

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