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MANSFIELD -- Mansfield’s Family Video is expected to close its 198 Park Ave. West location later this month, according to signs posted on the door.

This comes a few months after Legacy Commercial Property announced plans to “look for a co-tenant” for the video rental store by posting the building for “lease or sale” in early 2019.

Monday afternoon the reason for closing remained unclear. Calls to determine the reason were not immediately returned.

“This location is open only to sell product, no more rentals of any kind after May 4, 2019,” one sign on the video rental store's door read. “We appreciate your loyalty over the years. Please come in and browse our for sale products. Also ask about racks, fixtures and countertops.”

A second sign offered another “thank you” to customers and announced the hours from “now to close” would be from noon to 8 p.m. daily.

“We are proud to have served this community for years, but this store is closing. Take advantage of our Liquidation prices on everything in the store,” this sign read.

Outside, bright red signs scattered around the parking lot announced “closing sale” and the tall billboard-like sign that once advertised the latest releases, instead read, “Thank you Mansfield!”

Still, on Monday, May 13, customers were scurrying the aisles for a deal and patrons spending their final credits -- some even picking up others’ bills to burn through the dollars they had accrued for their loyalty.

However, the shelves were emptying quickly. Some already sat purposeless in the center of the store, where at least one was labeled “free,” and very few were “full.”

The store is expected to remain open through May 19, unless all its products are sold sooner.  

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