Global Body and Equipment's face shield design.

MANSFIELD -- A small business is looking for volunteers to create equipment aimed at helping hospitals and private medical practitioners across the state.

"I was contacted by a friend from the Cleveland Clinic expressing her concerns for a shortage (in personal protection equipment)," said Scott Gatchall, owner of Global Body and Equipment in Wooster. "With COVID-19, we pivoted very quickly to making face shields."

Gatchall, a Mansfield resident, is looking for volunteers to help him and his company build the face-shields for medical workers.

"We're basically putting together kits -- shield, strap, and a foam strip. I want to crowdsource the assembly to keep costs low," Gatchall said. "I want people to spend about a minute per shield, 100 minutes per kit."


The face shield kit includes foam strip, face shield and strap.

Gatchall said he's selling the shields to hospitals and private practices across Ohio at his manufacturer's cost. 

"We are not making a profit off of this," he said. "We need volunteers so I can keep up other daily operations."

Global Body and Equipment, 2061 Sylvan Road in Wooster, is a contract manufacturer of metal and plastic products. Gatchall said he has made about 5,000 units and wants to continue making the masks.

Gatchall said his masks are more sturdy than what most medical personnel usually use.

"We wanted something a little thicker," he said. "In theory, you can use these shields longer because they are less flimsy. But to be honest we are not in that business, so we don't really know.

"We have also applied an anti-fog material to keep it from fogging."

Gatchall stressed a need for help in completing this task.

"We do need volunteers to help our health-care workers."

Those interested in volunteering may email Gatchall at Sgatchall@globalbodyandequipment.com

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