Mansfield Cemetery

The Mansfield Cemetery Association focuses on the 65,000 residents resting within its gates while also supporting community impact initiatives.

The Mansfield Cemetery Association focuses on maintaining and developing one of the oldest and largest cemeteries in Ohio. 

With over 65,000 Richland County residents resting within its gates, the cemetery has the constant challenge of actively preserving its historical characteristics, while planning for the community’s future needs.

Being such an integral part of the county since 1845, the historic cemetery is giving back to the community this year by raising funds to sponsor local youth programs at The Friendly House and Mid-Ohio Youth Mentoring. The association chooses to support children so that they can find opportunity, hope and encouragement. 

Community impact is one focus for the cemetery. For the past several years they have been supporting clean up initiatives in the residential area around the cemetery. 

“We are not a tax supported cemetery,” said Pam Bautz, Assistant Administrator, “but we do try to reserve some revenue each year to put back into the community.”

In addition to taking advantage of burial, pre-planning and light genealogy services, community members are starting to visit for other reasons. It’s a beautiful place to walk throughout the year. The office staff works with North Central State College by hosting a day of class at the cemetery on the history of cemeteries and burial traditions. In the future, they plan to work with schools about local history.

“We hope we are making noticeable strides toward embracing our community and welcoming them back to the cemetery for more than just their loved ones’ forever home,” Bautz said.

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In addition to taking advantage of burial, pre-planning and light genealogy services, community members visit the cemetery to walk and learn about local history.

The Mansfield Cemetery Association plans to host public events to celebrate its 175th anniversary next year. The cemetery will also be working toward a historic register status.

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