Madison Adult Career Center

There has never been a better time to access funding to go to school! Madison Adult Career Center (MACC) has funding that can assist students in paying for school. Many students are now able to access grant funds that don’t need to be repaid.

Additionally, MACC has funding resources that can assist companies in training their employees. 

“We understand the problem that employers are facing right now,” said Sonja Pluck, Director of MACC. “They’re having to hire low-skilled labor and train on the job. We have different sources of funding that makes it very possible for individuals to receive training and for employers to provide training at no cost.”

MACC also encourages employers to post jobs at the career center for free and can also provide resources to assist with the application process for funding sources.

Grants are available to individuals that could cover most/all of the costs of one of MACC’s ten career development programs:

The following grants are available to individuals:


SHORT-TERM CERTIFICATE GRANT – up to $2,000 per program for programs less than 900 clock hours.  Includes Industrial Electrical Maintenance, Precision Machining/CNC Technology, Medical Assisting Technologies, State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA), Phlebotomy/EKG, Basic Office Support Services (Customer Service), Dental Assisting, Welding Technology.

ADA FORD FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS - Can cover up to $4,500 of the training costs for eligible Richland County residents. 

PELL GRANTS – Federal Student Aid Program

SECOND CHANCE GRANT - Available to individuals who have earned college credit but never completed their degree.

ARP/CARES ACT GRANT FUNDS & EMERGENCY GRANTS – Available to individuals impacted by the disruption created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

For employers, the following grants are available to assist with the cost of training:

ON-THE-JOB (OJT) FUNDING - Funding can cover 50% of training participant's wages

INCUMBENT WORKER TRAINING (IWT) - Funding can cover 50% to 90% of training costs depending on the size of the company.

TECH-CRED GRANTS - Funding reimburses the company up to $2000 per training participant toward training costs.

Madison Adult Career Center (MACC) is proud to be one of the leading adult technical training centers in our area. We have been serving adult learners and employers for 40 years! 

Both individuals and employers are encouraged to give us a call at 419-589-6363 or click here to enroll in a career program or learn more about how we can help train your workforce.

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