Todd, Isaik, Leann (not shown) and Andra all are skilled at making liquid nitrogen ice cream and other tasty treats.

ASHLAND -- Typically, the process of making ice cream requires constant churning and a lot of ice to freeze the ingredients. Homemade ice cream often comes out soupy or resembling mashed potatoes.  

Ice cream made with liquid nitrogen, however, freezes instantaneously; creating a smooth and creamy texture unlike any other. Priceless Treats, located at 43 E. Main St. in Ashland, is one of the few places in the region to serve ice cream made using liquid nitrogen.


Todd Schoch holds a bowl of Smores Ice Cream, made with liquid nitrogen.

The process is relatively simple. Mix the necessary ingredients together and then pour the liquid nitrogen over the mixture while stirring. This immediately crystallizes the ingredients into what shopkeepers claim is the freshest ice cream on the market.

"The liquid nitrogen is not an ingredient; it is just a coolant," said Todd Schoch, father the Ashland family business Priceless Treats. "The best thing about it is that the fast-freezing process creates a smaller ice crystal which makes a creamier-textured ice cream than regular ice cream."

One of the biggest benefits to liquid nitrogen ice cream is that it's completely customized to the individual's taste and desired ingredients. This includes ingredients specific to people with food allergies or other specific circumstances. 

Temperatures of liquid nitrogen can reach -320 degrees Fahrenheit, so ice cream makers wear gloves to protect themselves from the frigid substance. When poured, the temperature causes clouds of dense fog to billow out as a result of the condensed water in the air.  


Andra tops off the ice cream with a layer of marshmallow cream.

Priceless Treats offers made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream in a variety of flavors.  There is also a plethora of fresh ingredients and tasty toppings to choose from.

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