Elzy Milling

Donnie Clark, member of the Elzy Milling & Trade ownership group, is grateful for the support his family received after opening their business in 2011. 

BELLVILLE -- Elzy Milling & Trade in Bellville was recognized this month by Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose in his August 2021 Business Spotlight.

Every month, LaRose highlights a few businesses from around the state in a particular industry. For August, in support of agriculture, LaRose chose Elzy Milling & Trade as an example of a family owned, agriculturally based business that has achieved success, received awards, etc.

"It’s a really great honor, particularly in a volatile market," said Donnie Clark, corporate manager for Elzy Milling & Trade in Bellville.

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Elzy Milling & Trade covers eight counties and sells in 16 different states from its Bellville location.

Elzy Milling & Trade was profiled along with Dei Fratelli Hirzel Canning Company (of Northwood), Heimerl Farms (of Johnstown), Baxla Tractor Sales (of Batavia), Village Green Floral and Garden Center (of Wapakoneta), and the Winery at Wolf Creek (of Barberton).

"Ohioans have long made their living off the land," LaRose stated. "Over time, it became our state’s number one industry, and today most of Ohio’s 77,000 farms are run by families.

"Put plainly, Ohio relies on our land and the people who cultivate it."

This month, farmers around Ohio are busy preparing for the harvest, as are small family-owned businesses that support the farm industry.

"From tractor sales to canning tomatoes, Ohioans have built businesses from the ground up that help feed our nation while supporting their local economies," LaRose said. "In fact, the origin of Ohio’s current major food manufacturers can often be traced to small, family endeavors.

"Tomorrow’s food giants may well be seen in today’s startup companies."

Elzy Milling & Trade is one of North Central Ohio’s largest livestock feed manufacturers. Serving an eight-county area from its Bellville location. Elzy also ranks among the top retailers in pet supplies, grass seeds, bagged fertilizers, garden materials, pond maintenance, and more.

Since opening in July of 2011, Elzy Milling & Trade has tripled in size. From the banks of the scenic Clear Fork River and along the popular B&O Bike Path, its historic Mill has been in continuous operation since the Civil War.

Elzy Milling & Trade is also involved in its community and has a passion to give back. The Bellville operation supports its local 4-H groups, the FFA youth, and Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops in the area.

Elzy stated its hopes to enhance its sense of community with the company's products, while also investing in the people who support them.

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