Clint Knight

Clint Knight

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation on Thursday announced Clint Knight, director of workforce development at the Richland Area Chamber and Economic Development, was selected to participate in the third cohort of its premiere business leadership program.

The Business Leads Fellowship Program trains and equips leaders from state and local chambers of commerce with resources, access to experts, and a network of peers to build their capacity to address the most pressing education and workforce challenges.

“This is an incredible opportunity to learn and work side by side with other workforce-focused professionals to share and develop strategies” Knight said.

“I’ve been focused on education as our key workforce pipeline in Richland, and this event is an opportunity to learn what is working in other communities similar to ours and learn what sort of resources are out there that we are yet to tap into," Knight said.

Cheryl Oldham, senior vice president of the Center for Education and Workforce, said the Business Leads Fellowship Program was created in response to the needs of state and local chamber partners.

“They, better than anyone, see the critical link between education and economic development, and we are glad to be able to support them as they take on this critical leadership role in their community," Oldham said.

After a competitive application and selection process, Knight was selected along with 33 other state and local chamber executives to participate in the third class of this program.

The four-month program, which concludes in September, will cover the entire talent pipeline, including early childhood education, K-12, higher education, and workforce development.

Upon completion, Business Leads Fellows will join the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s dedicated network of 200 chambers of commerce and statewide associations from around the nation who regularly engage on education and workforce initiatives.

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