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At Hummel Group, benefit risk advisors come alongside business owners and provide counsel and expertise to try and save them as much money as possible on their health insurance.

Mary Breitinger moved to the U.S. 46 years ago from Oxford, England. Like most people who move to a different country, there was a learning curve she needed to become well-adjusted to in terms of customs, culture and governmental policies. 

When she became administrative manager of Milark Industries, one thing she had to become overly familiar with was insurance for employees. The company funds over 99.8 percent of employees' insurance, and Breitinger is tasked to ensure they are on the right plan suitable for all.

Milark Industries has been partnered with Hummel Group for 16 years after deciding they wanted something new, affordable and more comprehensible. 

Hummel Group logo

Hummel Group logo

“They've always given very good advice on the best plans available, the best price available, and they oversee our group plan to see if we need to change or if we need to switch back to another option,” Breitinger said. 

Andy Yost, a benefit-risk advisor for Hummel Group became Breitinger’s main point of contact in 2020. Like the past advisors she’s worked with at Hummel Group, she has not been let down. From sorting out issues with claims to physically coming into their office to help someone get on a Medicare plan, he’s been there every step of the way. 

Yost’s primary role is to come alongside business owners and provide counsel and expertise to try and save them as much money as possible on their health insurance. At the same time, he provides a high level of benefit to their employees. 

Recently, Yost helped Breitinger with insurance claim issues. 

“It can provide a lot of confusion because you have to call the carrier or the insurance carrier, you have to pull unnecessary documents,” Yost said, “It can be a painful process. So what Hummel Group tries to do is bring clarity to that and really take on the responsibility of an advocate for the employees.” 

From a personal standpoint, Yost understands those struggles employees go through if not on the best-chosen plan from an employer. For eight years, he worked for a manufacturing company, and three years ago he and his wife brought their child with special needs into the world. 

Yost was instantly thrown into the world of healthcare. He and his family saw several specialists, and while going through that, they were also in a state of confusion about what his job's insurance covered and what they needed to pay out of pocket. 

Due to that personal history, Yost can provide to an employer not only from a knowledge and expertise standpoint but also from a relatability standpoint of knowing what their employees need. 

Andy Yost

Andy Yost is a benefit-risk advisor for Hummel Group. 

“I've walked down that path, and that's part of the reason that I joined Hummel Group,” Yost said. “Because in my opinion, the broker you partner with or the insurance agency that an employer chooses to partner with is getting paid to not only help a management team make decisions but really be the mouthpiece for all employees at that organization.”

Breitinger rates her overall experience over and beyond any limit. Instead of having to figure issues out on her own, all she has to do is call Hummel Group and they will come to her and discuss it. 

“Sometimes I still don't totally understand insurance, but they will sit down with you, they will take the time and they will thoroughly research for you to make sure you’re getting the best plan at a good cost, which is really important in a business,” Breitinger said.

“They're just very professional, very friendly and very willing to help. They go out of their way to make sure that you are a happy client.”

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