Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so make sure to keep it up to date. Explore these five tips for giving your kitchen a makeover to refresh your space.

ASHLAND -- So many trendy interior design styles are growing in popularity among Ohio homeowners.

Whether you dream of a rustic living space or marvel at modern home designs, you can do some simple upgrades to take your home to the next level.

Upgrading your kitchen is an easy way to refresh your space without doing a complete home overhaul. Here are five tips for giving your kitchen a makeover.

Update your hardware

One quick way to upgrade your kitchen is to update your hardware.

This includes knobs, handles, faucets, and even major appliances. Swap out old, outdated accents for fresh pieces that bring your space into the 21st century.

Stainless steel continues to dominate the interior design community, so making some simple switches could drastically change your kitchen's look.

Add a backsplash

Give your kitchen some depth and texture by adding a backsplash. Tiles and printed vinyl come in all kinds of colors and patterns, so finding something to fit your aesthetic isn’t tricky.

Most backsplash materials are water resistant and easy to apply on your own.

Therefore, this kitchen upgrade is perfect for DIY enthusiasts looking for a new project.

Refresh with paint

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If you want to give your kitchen a makeover but don’t want to use a backsplash, refresh it with a new coat of paint.

You can do this on your walls or cabinets to bring some life back into your space. Go the trendy route with shades of green or create a clean and crisp atmosphere with some white hues.

Painting your kitchen doesn’t require many tools or much heavy lifting. So anyone can perform this simple renovation.

Install new cabinetry

Are you looking to change your kitchen more dramatically?

Install new cabinetry to alter the look and feel of your space entirely. Homeowners drawn to rusticism can update their cabinets using reclaimed wood in kitchens. This material is unique, eye-catching, and durable.

As a result, your new cabinets will withstand the test of time and always look amazing.

Personalize with accessories

When pursuing any kind of home improvement project, you can’t go wrong with accessorizing. Collect kitchen-themed wall art and counter trinkets to give your space a much-needed personality boost.

You can also incorporate potted plants, light fixtures, and even your cooking tools as kitchen décor. Accessorizing allows you to be as creative as possible in this essential home space.

Updating your kitchen doesn’t need to be a complicated project. Use these tips as a guide when designing the kitchen of your dreams and watch your vision come to life.

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