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MANSFIELD -- Mind Body Align recently promoted two of its leaders just as the company prepares to launch multiple new mindfulness-based educational e-learning products.

Operations Director Jennifer Blue was named president and Linda Snyder was promoted to chief operating officer.

After serving as operations director for four years, Blue will lead the organization as it expands.

"Mind Body Align was looking for a leader who thinks strategically and is committed to transforming lives through mindfulness," said Annamarie Fernyak, founder and CEO of Mind Body Align. "This leader needed to understand each market we serve, education and community, and leverage product growth for both.

"Jen is this leader. She is the shepherd for our global expansion, bringing mindfulness education to every person."

Blue's colleague, Mary Cabrera Kennard, commented, "Jen is living and modeling the mindful company envisioned for Mind Body Align. She embodies the positive impact of mindfulness in the world.

"As a leader, she is operations-minded and has a growth mindset."

Taking over the primary operations responsibilities for Blue in her new role as chief operations officer, Snyder joined Mind Body Align in early 2020 with extensive experience in operations and human resources at other organizations. She is putting these skills to work as this start-up expands.

"From the moment she was hired, Linda demonstrated capabilities beyond our original expectations," Fernyak said. "We navigated a major shift in focus during early 2020, and needed to deepen the administrative and operational skills on our core team to grow multiple ways in parallel.

"Linda does this with ease, and from any locations. She is the perfect individual to lead our operations as we grow."

For more information about the Mind Body Align team, click here.

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