Andy Likes

Andy Likes tells his story of how GROhio has helped him and his family. 

GROhio Community Credit Union is changing the way people bank, one loan at a time. 

No one knows this better than Andy Likes, a lifetime Mansfield resident and longtime GROhio customer. For him, banking at GROhio is a family practice.

Andy could never imagine living anywhere else, and now, he can’t imagine banking anywhere else, either. Andy has used GROhio to take out both personal and professional loans for the past decade. He began doing so because his father, Mark Likes, switched from his longtime bank to GROhio.

Likes struggled to get a loan for a tractor he had his eye on, from every bank he reached out to, including the bank where he had been a lifelong member. Finally, he called GROhio, and was approved instantly.

Likes Tractor

The tractor Mark Likes was able to purchase through a GROhio loan. 

“He called GROhio, and they told him whenever he wanted to come in and do the paperwork, they would be ready for him. They told him the amount he was approved for as soon as he called, and he got the loan just as quickly,” Andy said. “He didn’t think it would be that easy.”

Andy has banked with GROhio because he uses loans for both his home and his business and he prefers taking out a loan with GROhio over using a credit card.

“With a credit card, you might have an interest rate that you don’t even know about. If you miss a payment, that rate goes way up. It’s a lot better to have an interest payment you can see on paper from the bank instead of calling a customer service representative from a credit card company to find out what you’re even paying,” Andy said.

He also prefers GROhio because of their customer service.

“People here are more personable than at other banks,” Andy said.

The ease of taking out a loan, like Andy’s father did, keeps Andy coming back to GROhio as well. Andy also tried taking loans out with other banks, but the process took too long, and he missed out on some opportunities.

“At other places I went to, the process took over a month. There was so much paperwork, and everything had to be filed through corporate offices. It would come back down the chain, and I would have to come back in and fill out a bunch more paperwork, which took even more time,” Andy said.

But at GROhio, he was approved instantly and the funds he needed were given to him very quickly. “It was easy, painless, and so much quicker than I expected,” Andy said.

Because of how positive Andy’s and Likes’ experiences were, they turned their family members on to banking there. All of Andy’s family members now bank with GROhio, and many have taken loans out.

GROhio continues to be the family bank for the Likes’ family, from grandpa all the way down to Andy’s six children.

Some of Andy’s kids are not yet old enough to have a bank account, but they love the candy GROhio offers.

“They always want to come with me to the bank for the free candy,” Andy said.

Whether it’s for loan services, a savings or checking account, or the free candy, head down to GROhio today.

GROhio Team

Andy Likes (left) with the GROhio team, Molly Morino and CEO Scott Donnenwirth.

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