Lock It Up Storage Oct Auction
Lock It Up Storage will offer the following at public auction on Friday, Oct. 11th as a direct result of non-payment of their account. The undersigned has been granted authority by legal procedure to sell the following but not limited to, at public auction, although the law of redemption applies in the above.
Lock It Up Storage, 260 Ashland Rd., Mansfield. at 11 am
Unit D18, belongings of Angela Kehl, last known address 2264 St. Rt 179, Jeromesville. Dresser, bed frame, toys, crock pot, kitchen pans
Sunlite Laundry/Tanning & Storage, 1081 W. Longview Rd., Mansfield at noon     
Unit 200, belongings of Roberta Fox, last known address 891 Beal Rd., Mansfield. Kids items, computer, chair, dressers
Unit 407, belongings of Frank Jenkins, last known address 630 Ferndale Rd., Mansfield. Computer chairs, game (arcade), tires, bow flex, fish tank
Unit 648, belongings of Andrew Ortolf, last known address 272 Lennox Ave., Mansfield. Stove, fridge, computer desk
Unit 972, belongings of Danielle Anderson, last known address 8059 South Clyde, Chicago, IL. Curio cabinet, mini fridge, totes, computer chair
Lock It Up West, 1201 W. Longview Ave., Mansfield at 12:30 pm 
Unit A114, belongings of Linet Adkins, last known address 142 Glenwood Blvd., Mansfield. Boxes, rack, totes
Unit 3020, belongings of Sheila Crittenden, last known address 60 Grandite St., Mansfield. Toaster, oven, dresser, chairs
Unit 601, belongings of Carrie Erwin, last known address 673 Armstrong, Mansfield. Bike, boxes, ladder, flag
Unit 649, belongings of Fazoli's, last known address 1048 N. Lex-Springmill St., Mansfield. Restaurant equipment
Unit 6007, belongings of Gladys P Judd, last known address 132  Sycamore St., Mansfield. Dresser, boxes, wire racks
Unit 654, belongings of Shawn Moxley, last known address 137 Bartley Ave., Mansfield. Glass table, boxes, dresser, sofa
Unit 841, belongings of Britany Shaulis, last known address 521 Daisy St., Mansfield. Dresser, barbie house
Unit 2022, belongings of Diana Whitman, last known address 305 CR 1675, Jeromesville. Boxes, totes, shelf

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