Ugly Bunny

Ugly Bunny, a winery, is located in Loudonville along State Route 39. 

ASHLAND — And the winner is ... Chad Marsh. 

Ashland Source has launched a new, monthly series dubbed "Neighbor Spotlight." The project aims at shining a light on a person in the community we'd all like to learn more about. 

To launch the project, we decided to ask you, the readers, who we should write about first. It was a tight race, but Chad Marsh, the owner and founder of Ugly Bunny, pulled out a win with 14 votes.

Marsh left a career in researching soy bean genetics for companies like Monsanto and Dupont for winemaking, a hobby he's enjoyed since the 1990s.

Marsh bought the Loudonville vineyard in 2015. When he opened Ugly Bunny in 2017, the company produced 40 gallons of wine.

Last year, they made 3,000 gallons. The company now distributes some of its wines.

Marsh has plans for a new production facility, a larger deck for outdoor dining (and wining) and he's exploring an expansion into the beer brewing world.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth story on Marsh's journey as a winemaker. It's expected to publish later this month.

The other Neighbor Spotlight candidates will be featured soon. Stay on the lookout for those stories.

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