Emerson expansion groundbreaking

ONTARIO -- Emerson Automation Solutions conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony Wednesday to celebrate breaking ground on the expansion of its Park Avenue West facility.

The expansion will allow the Emerson plant to improve its production of rotary vane valves and add a new production line for electro-hydraulic operator valves. Emerson executives stated that the expansion will add 20 new jobs and $960,000 of payroll dollars to the Ontario location over the next five years.

Over the last year, multiple locations were considered for expansion by Emerson’s corporate team. Dave Schneider, president of actuation technologies, said it was the quality work ethic of the Ontario plant’s employees is what made the company choose Ontario.

“You don’t make investments like this in a team that isn’t doing a good job and this is a world-class team,” he said. “The future looks very bright here.”

Ontario Mayor Randy Hutchinson echoed Schneider’s sentiments, inviting the assembled group of workers more than 100 workers to give themselves a hand.

“It is a testament to all of you, the employees of Emerson, that the corporate team has chosen this location for this project expansion. It is your win,” said Karthik Avadhanula, director of advanced manufacturing with JobsOhio. 

The plant was originally built in 1956 by Shafer Valve. Emerson acquired the building and its operations in 1999 along with Daniel Industries.

The plant expansion will consist of two phases, both of which should be completed in the next twelve months, according to Scott Lewis, operations manager for the Ontario plant. 

The first part of the project will increase the building’s manufacturing space by 12,600 square feet. The new space will increase the capacity of the rotary vane valve operating systems division as well as house an assembly area for the plant’s new electro-hydraulic operator valve operating systems division. The second phase of the project will add an extra 10,9000 square feet to the plant’s shipping area.

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